Best Place To Find Models For Commercial Ad Campaigns

Our studio recently relocated from Illinois to Colorado and have had some trouble finding models and/or people interested in modeling for commercial sports and lifestyle ad campaigns. Our studio shoots for a variety of ad agencies and while we had people knocking down our door back in Chicago to be a part of these shoots, Denver seems to be an entirely different demographic.

Anyone have a suggestion or a good place to start?


Call me at 720-877-1989
Frank Cruz

Modelmayhem works good for my stuff which is low budget. usually you can trade TF. if your not too picky.

Hey, I am friends with a girl out here in Denver who owns a modeling agency. I am not sure if they have experience with ad campaigns but I know that they do a lot of work with event marketing and such out here.

The website is

Hope that helps,


i used to work for vip doing promotions

The Big Agencies in town are Dona Baldwin, Big Fish and Maximum Talent.

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