Best Music To Design To?

I work with everything from jazz to Van Morrison to old school rap.

What's your favorite music to create to?


The most colorful designs would undeniably come from the genre of pop music. As that is most likely where the younger generation would be on, which means that they would be more up for colorful and happy vibe in your creations. And there would be fewer times that you would likely consider a simpler and bland design. That means that you could go out and continue with being creative with everything.

I mostly listen to hip-hop while I design. A few artists off the top of my head are Madvillian, MF Doom, Quasimoto, Aesop Rock, Danger Doom, Madlib, Mos Def, Busdriver, The Cool Kids, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. Occasionally, I'll listen to folksy/bluesy stuff, electronic/trance, and sometimes classical.

My designing playlist changes often but is frequented by a lot of hip hop and electronic (Chiddy Bang, Phoenix, Dre, M83) as well as a lot of cinematic scores.

I agree with cinematic scores. I have been enjoying the playlist at recently.

Depends on what you're into and what kind of work you're doing. I'm influenced by a lot of instrumental bands, prog rock, death metal, hip hop, and jazz.

@Akreuse2112 If that's you jam, have you heard of ES Posthumous? Radical scores. They do a lot of action packed film score sounding albums. They did work for the last Assassins Creed video game too. Epic stuff.

Mostly electronic, Crystal Method, Deadmau5, Justice, Audio Bullys etc. when I am tired I like a MC Hammer station and for "busy work" bad pop music.

Miwon, Loscil, The Field, Marconi Union. Thom Yorke (Atoms for Peace)

Just tripped over this - JSquires03 - a tremendous thank you for the ES Posthumous tip. Absolutely unreal. Exactly what I've been looking for.

I listen to hip-hop, while the design. Some of the artists at the top of my head Madvillian, MF Doom, Quasimoto, Aesop Rock, Danger Doom, Madlib, Mos Def, Busdriver, Cool Kids, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. Sometimes I hear folk / blues stuff, Electronica / Trance, and sometimes classical.

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