Applying for Denver/Boulder Copywriting jobs while living abroad

Hey Denverites!

I moved to Sweden six years ago, went back to school, and made a major career change. I've been working as a copywriter for IKEA for the last two years, but now I'm ready to come back to Denver.

I've never applied for a job long distance. What the current market like? Is freelance the way to go? Any tips or words of wisdom?


I've relocated long distance several times in my career and can say from experience that it's very hard to land a job long distance, especially in this economy. Your best bet is to get people to agree to meet with you once you've arrived.

Send emails to prospective employers (creative directors, head of marketing, etc.) stating a rough date of when you'll be relocating, your background and goals. Ask if they would have time to meet with you upon your arrival to discuss their business, the local creative scene and the types of client in the area (tech, hospitality, etc). Most of your emails will not get a response but some will ask you to stay in touch. Set a goal: the number of meetings that would make you feel confident that you can land a job once you arrive. If you don't make that goal, stay put. If you do, make sure you have 6 months living expenses saved up, then be prepared to run through that in 3-4 months. Relocating is always more expensive than you think it will be.

Once you've arrived, reconnect with the people who agreed to meet with you. Tell them you're physically here (it shows you're hard working and committed) and ask if they have time to meet over the next few days. Be friendly and respectful of their time. Bring your book and discuss your background but also use the meeting to get info about the local scene. Let them know, since you've just arrived, that your time is very flexible and suggest that you could freelance for a day or a project to feel each other out. Make it seem like an easy solution.

This is what worked for me in the past. Good luck.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a helpful response. Very much appreciated!

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