Any advice for a newbie?

I guess I'm not even a newbie because I still live in springs, but I'd like to find work before moving to Denver.

Esentially, I got a degree I have yet to use. (B.A. Graphic Design University of Wyoming) I am best at Photoshop and photography, but I certainly would like to
expand my skill-set.

So, I'm in that lovely "catch 22" of not having experience& I get passed over for people that do have experience. Well, the teeny job market here in springs certainly hasn't helped.

Any advice at all would be appreciated, I know bupkiss about Denver.


An internship is your best bet. There are lots of agencies/talent listed in the talent section.

Or you could try an agency like the creative group, or aquent.

Good luck!


Thanks! Any info is greatly aprreciated!

Aside from internships, you have to just focus on your own designs you care about. Small projects like business cards for family, any print work, T-shirts... anything you can design design it!.

The goal is to get your portfolio as awesome as you can possibly get it to look. Be tenacious about getting a job and It will happen. Good luck! The market is turning around... I hope.

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