Am I any good?

I thought I was alright, but my job hunt hasn't been going so well and I'm really starting to doubt myself.

Any critiques or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Portfolio Link


What kind of job? Your illustration skills are top-notch. I love the Professor Mustache piece. Are you just at an agency and if so, what kind?

Graphic design or illustration jobs.

I'm at working no where currently. Kinda why I made this thread, I'm kinda starting to doubt myself.

Your portfolio is great. Superb in fact. Employers however don't seem to notice fantastic work. They only look for experience. Especially for a print designer. Which is a paradox of sorts - how to gain experience if you cannot find a job? All I can say is keep at it. Get your foot in the door by any means possible - internships, competitions, charity work, etc... Learn web design too. There seems to be more jobs for that.

There is hope for us young designers. I did find a job after seriously doubting myself as well. It was a painful experience and I nearly gave up and went back to school for something else. My advice to you - don't give up. The economy sucks but you don't.

Before I found a full-time gig I was able to get freelance work through these places. Not glamorous by any means but it helped pay the bills.
The Creative Group (local to Denver) -
ODesk (online) -

Good luck.

I think the site looks good, and it does show a range of skills. I have heard success stories of young designers getting jobs because of their book, not necessarily experience.

I recommend doing designs for the fun of it in between looking for work. It is a good break and it will keep your skills sharp. You might even be able to put some of that spec work in your portfolio too.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot for the input. Guess I'll just keep applying and hope something turns up.

its good but you need to include full pieces people are interested in seeing how creative you can be when approaching a design problem. in your identities show applications of the identity instead of 20 separate pieces have like 5 fully developed concepts that each have four parts to them. that is what separates armature and professional.
happy hunting

your portfolio is really strong and you have a lot of samples, however, your resume doesn't exactly show the same thing. hype up your freelance work experience and focus on the design work you did for your student housing stuff, employers don't care that you were on call from this hour to the next.
i think you have a lot to offer and are really talented, just spruce up your resume a bit. remember, employers are only going to brisk through your resume so make sure everything you include is important!
good luck on your search!

network. network. network. you're good. its just tough out there right now. everyone i know thats getting jobs right now are through connections. just be as social as you can and someone will find you.

You do really nice work!
Whatever seems to be the hang-up, I definitely don't think it's a lack of talent.
Your print work is fantastic-- particularly the booklets. I really enjoyed those.

The only snag I can see is that Denver seems to be more web-oriented than print.

I'm probably projecting my own experience here, but when I was working as a Creative Director, the executives above me would *strongly* discourage me from hiring any candidates who didn't have a good chunk of web and interactive stuff in their folio.

Denver's market seems to be geared far more towards hiring generalists -- it mystifies me sometimes, but I've seen some spectacularly gifted individuals get passed over because their portfolio was limited to print collateral, or all Flash animation. Whereas I watched fairly mediocre designers get hired because they dabbled in a bit of everything, including some development.

And from what I've seen of the pickings in the freelance market, to be brutally honest, most of the folks looking to hire print or straight-ahead illustrators and graphic designers base their decision exclusively on price. Talent seems to be a total afterthought.

It's messed up, but you're stuff is highly polished and professional, ergo, you look expensive.

I wouldn't stress too much, though-- you've clearly got some very well-developed skills working for you. My bet is that someone will recognize that sooner than later.

Hang in there!

Your work is great. Keep at it.

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