Agencies with in house video/editing/motion graphics teams?

In Colorado, which Ad Agencies (including marketing & branding) have in house video production & post production departments? It seems a lot are heavily focused on web, which is obviously a booming industry for video content. I'd like to assume more agencies are taking in video jobs, or integrating video content into their services. Are they taking on work themselves or hiring out the few post production and motion design houses that are local?

I know Vladimir Jones has Riposte in-house. It seems that Factory does or at one time did have an in-house video department. Who else?


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A lot of the web is turning towards video advertising and content creation to help with marketing efforts. The reason is the change in Google's algorithm calls for rich good content like videos and pictures, etc... As far as where these people come from, we have a head of video production and a 3D/2D graphics illustrator. We typically like to keep things in house so that we can make changes and also so that we don't have to rely on outside agencies or contractors that may not as much invested in the project as we do. That and I have a BFA in Film Production from CU Boulder and know the jokers out there in video and graphics production.

Hope that helps, if not, call me out. I love the discussions on here.

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