Advice for New Designers?

You you look at my profile, you see I'm not actually in Denver. I'm currently in Milwaukee, WI, where I recently graduated with a BFA in Communication Design at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

I work as a design temp for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but alas this job is temporary. Denver is where I want to live. It's been my destination goal for four years now. That was the short version of the story.

The Denver Egotist network is a great resource for me to research agencies and design work being produced in Denver. I've been tracking posts, job listings, agencies and designers that sign up...

So my question is... What advice does anyone have for a new designer on trying to move to Denver and finding a job? How can someone like myself make myself look appealing all the way from another state?

I appreciate the help. I also am debating planning a trip to Denver to visit agencies, if anyone would like to suggest agencies that are open to such visits!

My work is available here:

Have a great day!


hey april. its nice & ambitious to plan a trip and visit agencies out here and you may still want to do that but honestly you just have to move first. either save for the move or find a job making ends meet once you get out here. i dont know anyone that hires out of state (or even looks). we dont have to, especially for entry level. have to remember that there are a lot of people doing the exact same thing as you. and the best way to get a job here is networking. so move out and start making friends-contacts asap. those connections will lead to a job. good luck. there's work out here.

also with your background i would start with publishing out here. its quite a jump from publishing to agency work.
check out the openings

make sure to mention you will come to colorado in your cover letter!

Hey Day. Her beauty, travel, access to facilities here, the ambitious plan, you can, I'm really the first step. Saved both ends to find a job to make ends meet when you move like you come here as soon as possible. I do not know (or do not believe) any person who employs another State. For the entry level in particular. Please keep in mind that there are many people like you. The best way to get the network to work here. Came out, I started to make friends and contacts, as soon as possible. These compounds. Luck. I do not work here.

April, very nice work and portfolio.

Like everyone else has said, move out here first and your chances of getting a job will drastically increase. Additionally, you need to get involved and network with people. Join the Colorado chapter of AIGA or the Art Directors Club of Denver (ADCD). Making connections and getting yourself noticed will land you a job here. Best of luck to you!

- Kevin

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