Accountant Recommendation

Hey guys, hope this is an appropriate place to ask this.

Anyone... especially you one-man-shop freelancers have any recommendations for a local accountant.

I figured it would be ideal to work with someone whose familiar with working with folks in the creative field.

Particularly, I'm looking for someone who can help me with the process of incorporating and setting the books up for that.



I too would love to hear some recommendations, since I just moved here and have been in the process of negotiating contract work.

Hey Rob, (and anyone else who chances across here in need of this)

I asked around with some other folks, and Hartfield, Sonnier & Johnson come well recommended by more than a few.

I'm aiming on giving them a ring tomorrow.

No, no, no! HSJ was recommended to us too and they totally screwed up our books and our taxes. They may be cheap but it's not worth it.

For accounting, call ASAP:

If you need a CPA, call Hanson & Co. CPAs.

My firm uses Rich Garcia of KRDTax.

He got us switched over to an S-Corp for more tax savings and setup our payroll with direct deposit and all that. The guy knows his stuff and always makes sure to find us ways to save money.

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