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I just have a real quick question: is it possible to get a creative job, either Art Director or Copywriter, and only have to work 40 hour work weeks at any agency in Colorado?


It is. This is a tricky question for creatives who may have real-life issues that just cannot take the backburner. Being a single parent with a child who has a disability, for example. For those people aspiring for a work-life balance, in-house is a more likely route.

But for agencies? Creatives hired at shops coast to coast think of time as irrelevant (except for deadlines). They craft, craft, craft, and craft until they get it right, am or pm. If you think it's a horror story to work past 40 hours, then ask yourself: do I have the passion to want this? I mean, REAAALLLLLYY want this? If not, pursue other creative endeavors. This is a demanding field, where anyone looking for shortcuts is not doing themselves nor our industry justice.

Best of luck. I hope you find what will be creatively rewarding for you.


in my experience: agency - no. internal creative/marketing - yes. that's why ive been internal for over 10 years. ive got it down to 37 nowadays :) nothing beats standing tee times and yoga classes at 4pm. priorities i guess.

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