Dear Me, On My First Day of Advertising #29: Andrew Price

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“Please, stop talking.”
That's how the conversation begins with my younger self.

The day I started I was lucky, I knew it all. I was steadfast design ruled the world. If it looked amazing, it was amazing. I believed the day began with a hangover and ended with blurry vision. I believed that we worked all day, dialed it in all night, and in the end a hero would be named. The one who stuck it out to the bitter end. The one who will save lives with this pixel masterpiece. The one whose presentation begins in 10 minutes and there is still one comp to bang out.

Since that day, how much have I learned? Too much to measure.
How much do I have still to learn? Way more.
How different am I from the day I started? I know each is day is an opportunity to learn.

The question is, how would you teach this experience? Even to yourself?
How do you know, what you do and don't know?
How do you learn to identify a good idea? A concept?
How do you create a campaign from a strategy document?

When do you understand pressure and timelines make your work great?
When do you grasp your profession is not defined by your first success?
When do you become truly grateful for what you currently have?

You don't. You can't. You aren't. You never will be.

You only know what you know.
It's the journey that teaches you.

So I would say to myself, “Please, just listen."
Because when you take the time to listen, to your peers, to your clients and to yourself.
That’s the day your career truly begins.

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sounds like just yesterday.

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