What We Learned This Year 2012 #20: Legwork Studio

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Not to sound cliché, but 2012 was an amazing year for us. We saw new challenges and accepted new opportunities. We grew our staff, but not too much. We became very aware of our capabilities and pushed them to the limits. We hit the skateparks during lunch, formed Andrew WK cover bands, did kegstands, and worked our asses off. We think of ourselves as a family and we thought it made sense for each individual Legworker to share a lesson learned, check out our little retrospective at this link.

To read the entire 2012 'What I Learned' series, click this.


amazing. far & away the best yet.

These are great!

You've blended your two disciplines beautifully with this retrospective! You guys make me proud to call this state home. New site launch this year?!?!?

This doesn't suck in the least. Thanks for making my day duders (and lady).

You guys are awesome. Seriously. These are great and so are you.


god-damned genius of a crew. brilliant. real, real good stuff.
agreed. Best retrospective yet!

Should have a list of all the tracks featured. Some goodies in there, I'd like to hear the full versions.

Clearly had help from Ana Bogusky

^ +1

Hey guys,

We just added captions for all of the songs.
(You might need to clear your cache to see the changes.)

Thanks for all of the love!

Freakin sweet as usual. Nice work fellas (and lady) and cheers to a happy and productive 2013!

You guys know you rule.

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. You are fine individuals and collectively beautimus maximus.

Creative response to the question. Really well done.
Don't mix politics and social media: I give that a 'like' for sure.

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