What I Learned This Year 2012 #22: Josh Wills

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No. 1 : Lucky Number 13

People change. Learn to love them for who they are just as much as you loved them for who they were. My wife and I are celebrating thirteen years of marriage this New Year. Four children and a few knife fights later we have both changed a lot. I’ve enjoyed the great pleasure of falling in love with the same lady a few times over. She has and continues to change my life.

No. 2 : Work Harder Than Everyone Else

A strong work ethic will take you a long way. A wee bit of talent, hard work and perseverance mixed together is an unstoppable force.

No. 3 : Be Uncomfortable

Seek out experiences that offer opportunities to learn/do something new.

No. 4 : Learn The Bidness Side of Design

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with an account director who knows our clients business / industry inside and out. This has proven to be invaluable. Trust works both ways… clients have to be able to trust that any creative ideas, strategies, etc. presented are for the greater good of the brand and their business.

No. 5 : Chase Rainbows

Create, champion, and defend work that you believe in all the way through to the end. See No. 4.

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wise words mr. wills

Denver is lucky to have you sir!

Good stuff! :)

This is excellent. Well done.

You had me until chase rainbows. That one was a little Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship Game. Soft.

Love and miss you Boss.

I may have not met a better person my entire career

You are a wise man Mr. Wills. And congrats on 13 years with your wife. She rocks too.

Good stuff.

Smartest beard I've ever met.

Definitely glad to know you dude. Keep doing what you do best.


You kill it again and again, and I know #2 is a huge part of that.

You and Tran are local treasures man. We love you guys and miss you. It's been too long since we last hung out. Our kid needs to me the Wills crew.

You'll do well always wherever you are Josh. Keep lifting up our creative scene and thanks for being there to help wedge the door open.

I've never figured out how you have the energy to do all of what you've done and it's always inspired the hell out of me.

Nice words old buddy!

You are amazing sir!


I've not only known this man, but I've known his beard.

And I'd like to buy them both a strong drink.

Well said Doctor. You inspire us all.

The truth will rise!
As will the cream. You are proof of that.

Good stuff from a great guy.

Beautiful thinking.

Maybe you could take it a little easier though, and only work twice as hard as everyone else.

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