Dear Me, On My First Day of Advertising #12: Steve Babcock

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SENT BY: Google FluxMail
TO: July, 1999

Dear Steve,

Today is your first day as a Jr. Copywriter at EURO RSCG DSW Partners in Salt Lake City, Utah. You did it. You graduated from the mailroom. You’re officially official!

And now, some advice. It’s a quote from David O. McKay.

“No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”

What does this have to do with advertising, you ask?

As you’ll soon discover, the advertising industry is funny. It’s not just about making ads that drive results for clients. For many, it’s largely about creating work in hopes of gaining recognition. Whether that’s winning an industry award, being featured in an article, impressing the boss or outdoing a coworker.

Everywhere you turn there will be opportunities to pursue recognition – all for the sake of feeling important.

And by all means, please pursue these opportunities.

But never let the desire to be important in the workplace outpace your desire to be important in the home.

This doesn’t mean you can’t desire to go to Cannes. It just means that desire can’t be stronger than your desire to attend your daughter's piano recital.

Definitely strive to impress your boss. Just make sure you never let up striving to impress your wife.

Bring home all the trophies you can. Just make sure you bring them home in time for dinner.

Get the idea?

You’ll find that the advertising industry is a constant struggle to achieve balance. But an emphasis on home and family is an emphasis worthy of your pursuit. Home is the sure foundation. You’ll experience many jobs. You’ll get laid off a few times and even fired once. You’ll have ups and downs. Wins and losses. Times of happiness and times of utter insanity. It will be tempting to dabble in workaholism. None of which will truly bring happiness. Even the shiniest of titanium trophies will pale in comparison to the smallest of moments in the home.

So go be great. Work hard. Be passionate. Earn recognition. Just remember that if you make your family your priority, regardless of what’s going on in your career, you will always be successful.

Take care homie,


PS: SPOILER ALERT: The band never ends up making it big. Sorry. But it’s a fun ride anyway. Enjoy it.

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Thanks, Babco™.

Steve - A powerful statement of who you are as a person. I hope that many will read this and be inspired (as I have), to be a better man. To chase those things that really matter. Well done my friend. p.s. Can we trade jobs for like a week?

"You’ll find that the advertising industry is a constant struggle to achieve balance."

Here, here. Keep fighting the struggle.

Way to go Babco. Hear, hear.

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