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To our sixth annual Colorado Agency of the Year poll (which is coming next week), we're offering the opportunity to acknowledge the best campaign produced in the square state this year. We've culled our entire year of posts on The Egotist — more than 2,000 in total — and chosen 13 of the most applauded campaigns. They're listed below, with a selection of executions from each campaign to remind you why they've been picked.

After you've voted for one of the following, tell us the reasons why you think it deserves the honor — and throw in the reasons others may not deserve the throne while you're at it. Let's keep things constructive.

UPDATE: This poll is officially closed. The results are below. Thanks for participating.

1. Domino's Pizza - Agency: CP+B

2. ParaNorman Movie Website - Agency: Legwork

Paranorman Walk Through from LEGWORK on Vimeo.

3. Man Therapy - Agency: Cactus

4. Colorado Tourism - Agency: Karsh Hagan

5. Callaway Golf - Agency: Factory Design Labs

6. Denver Zoo - Agency: Cactus

7. Wild Fire Tees - Agencies: CoPilot, Fixer, Design Rangers, Magneti

8. FirstBank - Agency: TDA_Boulder

9. Kraft Mac n' Cheese - Agency: CP+B

10. Denver Water - Agency: Sukle

11. Sir Richard's Condoms - Agency: TDA_Boulder

12. Chipotle - Agency: CAA Marketing

13. Jackson Hole - Agency: Cactus


Colorado did some solid work this year.

Tough call. In terms of effectiveness, probably CO Tourism.

Although I love the new work for Domino's as well, and Sir Richard's as a whole idea is fantastic.

Can't ignore Chipotle's brilliant spot either.

The wildfire stuff is also just plain badass.

So hard to choose!

Isn't Legwork just an agency vendor? Pretty sure W+K did all of the Paranorman work.

yeah it's odd that legwork is in this list.

Vendor or not. Paranorman was one of the best sites I've encountered all year and definitely the best piece of work I've seen come out of Colorado in 2012. Say what you want about them, but Legwork is worthier than being called a "vendor."

Strong showing this year, Colorado. Whether we belong on the list or not, the folks here at Legwork are totally stoked to be represented here and to be mentioned among some of Colorado's finest agencies. This list is pretty hard to ignore when brands are considering bringing their work to Colorado, and that is totally awesome. Our strengths are in supporting each other and working together to crunch out a list like this every year!

Wild Fire Tees. Because instead of hocking a product or service it actually, directly, helped people and organizations that really needed it. Plus the creative was great and a collaborative effort.

You think the best work that has come out of Colorado this YEAR is a t-shirt campaign... Fuck you. People read this blog you know.

Who gets your vote?

Rightly or wrongly, the t-shirt campaign has been vote-bombed to the top with a ridiculous surge over anything else. Weird.

The T-shirt thing was in good spirit and great decorative collaboration. But seriously, best "campaign" means you have to have an overarching concept. Wildfire tees is a very successful tactic. Any of the other contenders are far superior.

I smell something fishy about Karsh's CO Tourism tally. It's an okay campaign, I'm not going to bash it, but no way it got that many legit votes compared to the other stuff. The Wildfire t-shirt total seems a little more believable because they were cool designs that were effective in generating $ for the victims.

But overall, I'm honestly shocked Man Therapy isn't crushing this bitch.

Ability to milk a crisis for all it's worth? check
Shameless self promotion? check.
3.8 thousand facebook followers? check.
T-Shirts? check.
"Actually, directly, helped people blah blah blah?" :/

Four out of five ain't bad. Wildfire Tees, without a doubt; Colorado's best campaign of the year!

The Chipotle spot is awesome, but CAA is not a Colorado agency. I know Chipotle is a local client, but still. I don't think we should be comparing apples to Adam's apples here.

Wildfire T's and CTO are the best pieces of work up here.

Agree with much of the thinking here.

T's is not a real campaign...but nice tactic.
Legwork should not be on here as they are a vendor - you are recognizing the campaigns and those that really seeded the entire platform. Assuming this is simply becuz they have an in with y'all.

Water Campaign - same shit different year

Zoo - beautiful work - not really a campaign.

Think the Egotist needs some schooling on what campaign means.

Let me guess: Legwork - agency of year - LOL

Man Therapy has received some incredible press and rightly so. It's not just an ad campaign, it's an entirely new strategy for dealing with a nearly impossible topic. The guys at Cactus stuck their necks way way out on that one and they deserve some praise for it. That gets my vote any day.

I just looked at the current poll standings and snorted coffee out my nose. So the tee shirts appear to be overwhelming favorites. That's funny...and embarrassing.

Come on guys, the Colorado work is beautifully shot, but not a big conceptual campaign of the year. The wildfire tees is smart, and well designed and powerful, and maybe the idea of the year seeing our state was on fire.

BUT in terms of pure campaign, conceptual thinking it's a toss up between the Jackson Hole work and TDA's Sir Richards work.


If you look at the poll results it explains why Denver is not respected as a smart ad community. Simply put are wildfire t-shirts as complex as a campaign like Kraft, or Calloway, First Bank or resort marketing? Solving a big problem is where respect is earned. Problems where you have to navigate budgets, clients and the market. While the t-shirts have a lot of heart and was done for all the right reasons and design wise are well done they are what they are.For what it's worth I like the Calloway campaign. Big client is a fairly uncreative category. It got some national buzz and stood out when you see it on air. Yes Factory is led by an egomaniac douchebag who does not understand creative because he won't get personal credit for it and doesn't respect social or strategic planning because it challenges his own personal opinions. Thinks if it's painted white it's modern design, etc.... we all know all of this, however it doesn't mean the people who worked hard and created a smart well produced campaign shouldn't get their work recognized.

I agree with Chris on this one. Man Therapy was a game changer, a new approach to a complex problem, and a comprehensive campaign worthy of praise.

Embarrassing indeed. Why is wildfire tees even on the list?

Sir Richard's. Effective use of the words vagina and sluts. An all-around great campaign and guess what? I totally bought their product. I did not buy a wildfire tee. 'Course, one offers a much better chance of getting laid than the other. The Sir Richard's campaign worked on this slut.

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