What I Learned This Year 2011 #54: John Gilbert

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I learned a lot this year. More so about how to do what we do better and to trust the people around me. I feel lucky to be working and living around the people I do. Here are a few of the year's highlights for me.

Pivot or move out of the way
There are times to keep on keeping on and there are times to look at how you do what you do and head the other direction. I did this in a big way with development @LRXD this year and it's turning out great.

Experimenting with all elements of your work can be therapeutic and lead to better ideas. Don't let experimentation be limited to what you produce. Experiment with how you do what you do.

Trust your instincts
There were a few times this year when I didn't go with my gut and things were screwed. There were other times when I just went with my gut and things worked out pretty good.

Sleep does have some benefits
I used to go to bed every night around 2 or 3am and get up around 7-ish to start the day. I now get up around 5am and go to bed before midnight. I'm 10x more productive in the mornings.

Be creative in any way possible. Don't forget why you started doing what you do.
I started out in computer science, became bored, switched to graphic design and somehow finished school. I have this weird internal fight to code something or design something. This year, I have felt more at home trying to combine them in different ways. It's me getting back to my roots a bit more.

Learn to code
I did this a long time ago when in school but it never stops. Recently, I've been learning a new language and it's still a blast.

A great team is worth a lot in the long run
You might read this one and think "No shit!" It's important to look for the right people and not just someone who fits the bill. You don't notice you have an amazing team sometimes until it hits you in the face. It hit me in the face this year. I work with great people.

Worry about the important stuff
Don't get caught up in the day-to-day when you need to be looking at what's going to happen in the coming months.

Change can suck
When things don't go how you think they should, it can be a good thing. Sometimes the unexpected is awesome in the end.

I can learn from my family.
My family has a wealth of life to share with me. I have not taken advantage of this in the past. Saying goodnight over FaceTime sucks.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. JFDI


Awesome job Johnny. I'm so glad things have gone the way they have.

well said. well said.

Nice John. I think our team is pretty great too. I learned that $2 burritos might taste good and fill you up, but ultimately the leave you feeling empty.

Sweetness! Good job, man!

John Gilbert was such an amazing actor, I like his romantic roles so much http://www.fampeople.com/cat-john-gilbert

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