Shingy Hits Denver. Karsh Hagan Idea Series Part I.

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When you read about what CMO’s want, or you talk to clients about what they want, or even just talk to your team around the office, you soon discover that we all want the same thing–ideas. And we all know by now that ideas don’t appear automagically when requested. AdAge calls today’s marketplace the Relationship Era while some are still stuck calling it the digital era. Eras aside, nothing has changed about the power of a truly great idea. To stoke and inspire some new ones (and get around the “I don’t have enough time to think” lament) Karsh Hagan kicked off the Idea Series last Thursday 2.23.12 at the Denver Art Museum to underscore not only our commitment to ideas but the reality that you have to consciously curate time to feed the process of discovering them.

We invited a speaker named David Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet.

(Q) Can anyone live up to that job title?
(A) Prophet=Inspired teacher, proclaimer. And he was, but not an in-your-face-brash version. Instead he was more of a thoughtful here’s-what-I’ve-seen-what-do-you-think-?-way. Wicked cool. His energy was kinetic and his interest in who we were and our clients was genuine. We heart Shingy and now count him as a friend of KH.

(Q) AOL?
(A) We salute the image-pivot they’re in the middle of and he did address it. Content is a good play these days and they’re in the middle of it.

While everyone undoubtedly left with something different (there was more than enough topics covered) what I took away was a bit meta–but hey, that’s my job. With massive fragmentation taking place and people’s lives becoming more connected, yet disconnected, the ability to create brands and campaigns that have interconnected bridges built-in to enable seamless consumer experiences is the epitome of mission critical.

The misstep on that mission, however, tends to surface as an infatuation with likes and clicks and a singular idea or creative look blasted across media vehicles. Instead, the truth serum we have to take reveals that experiences aren’t that simple and who cares whether they’re “digital” or “traditional”? (I predict, sometimes plead, that we stop delineating something that most consumers don’t anymore.)

They just have to work. They have to answer the consumer’s question, provide the right utility, a smile, an opportunity, a way to be remembered in consumer’s hectic, frenzied lives. It takes a diversified team (Agency and Client) committed to ideas and gutsy enough to say “yes” to the big ideas, the new experiences to succeed. Creating an experience is far more nuanced and layered than creating an ad. Great experiences along the path to purchase are like leaving tasty bread crumbs that can be found and shared when someone is ready to make a purchase and tell someone about it. It takes a commitment to great experiences + great media + data to make that happen, and oh yeah, it takes guts, intuition and trust in each other to pull it off.

So here’s to nurturing, and fighting for, great ideas that are expressed in dynamic and powerful ways that make our jobs amazing, exciting and fulfilling.

Ideas Series Part II? TBA…

Post by: Rachael Donaldson, VP Account Strategy @MrktFrsh


It sounds like David Shing got his zany job title at


His songs really speak to me:

I'm sure that he had a lot of great insight
and this is why he's called the prophet

because he is your destiny:

such a great song, i was really touched


So good. Never stop fighting for good ideas or the thinking you know is right. Pray you work with folks who can handle standing up for what you believe in.

great share.

Finding a creative environment or influence is a big defining factor of idea productivity, the culture of those inwhich you surround yourself, and where your persona coincides well and not forced, hopefully. Culture of the ego network within other Internet platforms. As online realities and resources become more advanced and overall integrated into the widest reaching mainstream.

There is a comedic parallel between those with an inherent seamless media technology intelligence and those who it disorientes from the manual experience without tech, and the brains hopefully to be not zinged or oozing to accept and acknowledge the schism between the functioning difference:

I look forward to more livestreaming of these idea series and concepts in addition to writers reflections. The capacity of who it reaches for advancement in groups, institutions, and continual self advancement is unprecedented. Moving past some of the most basic both traveling or online conferences, to the more specific from different offices and clubs. It's as good as the highest education online. Hopefully more involved individuals and more intune connections.

Very encouraging and inspiring for more articulated nuances and interactive experience as a positive journey! Not just focusing on the huge mass connections and numbers? The picture of Shingy in the audience says it all! Can't wait for TDA.

I enjoyed your reflection of the conference as much as your last on small agency at The Brown Palace!

Every company, marketer and business person is looking for innovation and ideas. If they're not they're going to get stale and behind the competition. So glad to see K/H is staying in front of innovation with this series. Kudos for bringing in someone (from a different city even) to give a whole new perspective.

So if I am reading this correctly, this is an editorial about an internal training or speaker series at Karsh. Wow. Great. Really useful news guys. I heard that Crispin does some cool stuff too. But why not focus these editorials on things that the ego community can actually go to, like the Ad Club's speakers series. A story saying, hey check this thing that you can go do is way more useful than a hey, check out this thing that you didn't get to go to because it wasn't for you anyway.

Being such a young studed Internet aficionado, you know that the Internet is a larger source than that basic concept of physically going and doing and advertising yourself. This article is about being interactively intune with consumers and rising overcoming disconnectivity mostly by the rare to non user majority in the senior demographic to the misstargeting agency between concept utility and product when using media and 'social' media. It is a fresh market admist tired old agencies to try a new strategy and be very successful.

From the photo, looks like there was a hell of a lot of people there (one). Good job Karsh...way to keep the Denver Creative Community buzzing.

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