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After a year in which Colorado produced some very noteworthy work, we proudly present our sixth annual 2012 Colorado Agency of the Year poll. Our criteria for the most deserving agency is as follows. Feel free to add your own when you cast your vote, along with the reasons you voted as you did.

1 – Authenticity, creativity and consistency of output.
2 – Success in retaining clients and winning new business.
3 – Strength of billings.

Who gets your vote?

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How was this list compiled? There is a whole heap of other quality agencies out there. Factory, opening an office in Europe and an office is Asia...seems like a pretty big deal. Motive, they always seem to pop-up in AdAge and they were acquired by project worldwide. Gyro, doing global work right here in Denver. Victor and Spoils, Moxie, Berger and Fohr, Good Apples, Tenfold Collective, Vermillion and so many more. No offense to Made Movement, but they haven't even done any real work yet.

I love this blog, but I wish you guys would stop playing favorites...definitely putting the ego into Egotist.

Totally agree with Anon. The blatant favoritism of this site is contradictory of their mission, helping Denver suck less daily.

Yeah, Made Movement hasn't done anything yet (but I'm sure they'll do cool stuff) and even Goodness Works has done more work and should be on the list but isn't. There are a ton of places not mentioned at all... Interesting.

Cultivator? Factor? Victor and Spoils? Integer?


but yeah. i hate to post hate.

but made? seems to me, all they've done is talk...and promote.

TDE will take money from anyone to advertise job postings but can't put out a more comprehensive list than this?

Last year, people were upset it was kept too wide open. This year, we decided to keep it restricted.

i have to agree with the comments. Legwork isn't an agency, no offense (you are badass) and doesn't seem to sell themselves as one. They are a vendor that does amazing work, but did they invent the idea of the website for paranorman? i think that goes to their client, no? define agency. If you are opening up vendors or productions studios there is even more of a list.

That's fine keeping it restricted from every mom-and-pop shop out there, but neglecting shops that are doing national and global campaigns, and adding a shop that hasn't done any work yet, and another one that is an agency vendor? Come on now.

Restricted to ... who? People you like better than others? So you're saying Integer, Cultivator, V&S, and Factory deserve less attention because you just decided they shouldn't be on the list out of personal reasons? Huh, that makes sense. Maybe not on this planet, but I'm sure somewhere out there it makes sense. I truly doubt anyone is going to care anyway who "wins" this, these things are widely popularity contests and in the grand scheme of things they don't matter at all. This is literally just a big opinion. Whoever has the largest company could demand that all their employees vote for them, then it's pretty much decided who will win. Again, it's also just a matter of opinion because the ads that one person might like, could easily be considered 'complete rubbish' by another person.

Yeah if you're going to have legwork in there, where is Impossible, or Definite, or Citizen Pictures?... Vladimir Jones?

Admittedly, the list is partially built on work we've been exposed to while running the site over the last year. So agencies who send their work or do well with PR garner more attention. Why did Integer not make the list? We have no idea what they're doing. That goes for a lot of the agencies you've mentioned. How can anyone judge a shop objectively (except for employees of the agency) when they've never actually seen any of the work the shop is generating?

Where's the love on the studio side of things? Studios are bringing in a hell of a lot of national work to this city on a weekly basis AND we work collaboratively with all these local awesome agencies. Turn on your TV, Im sure in any given hour you see something done by one of these studios. (insert furniture commercial joke here)

(btw I call bull shite with the comment about people paying for TDE for press as they are always more than happy to post great work, at least with us)

-not anonymous: not hating. just a plea from the studio side:) you are missing out

We'll add a 'best studio' category next year, Ryan. Good call.

you rock! Denver has an amazing studio industry here and its getting exponentially better! thanks!

According to HuffPo, Made just bought a bigger workspace somewhere in Boulder and they have a roster including New Belgium & Seventh Generation. Sounds like business is growing over there. Good for them.

Interesting you say it's because you don't know what's going on - you guys post about Factory pretty much every week but yet you "don't know what they're doing?"

No, in that case, we didn't think they deserved agency of the year consideration.

Hey TDE, isn't the whole purpose of a public poll is to get their opinion. It's not as if Factory was listed they would win.

Egotist, could you give rational for the chosen agencies? If Factory wasn't deserving then I'm curious why the others were. For example, Sukle. I haven't seen anything they have done recently except a amateur-at-best goodwill spot. The Denver Water stuff is great, but it also been the same year in and year out for the past 6 years, and the recent "water less" has been maybe the weakest execution out of the entire "Use Only What You Need" campaign. Hate to say it, but there seems to be favoritism going on here. The Denver ad community puts too much emphasis on reputation, experience and the past. I wish we could focus on the present and quality output rather then all of this brouhaha bureaucracy bull-shit. It's not a elitist boys club...we are just making ads.

We looked back at everything we posted over the last year and these shops stuck out. Again, it's through the filter of what we've been exposed to. If you didn't send us work to post and think your shop should be in consideration, well, why'd you hide all the great things you're doing this whole year?

On the other side, by listing everyone in town, we'd be getting just as many comments right now saying, "Why you'd you include so and so? They don't deserve to be on this list."

It's the first time we've structured the poll this way, by choosing who we think should be in contention. In years past, we left it open for people to choose whomever they wanted in the comments. It went catywampus in a hurry and turned into a shit show. We didn't want to repeat that.

Next year, we'll structure it differently. We'll ask for nominations in advance from the community and list the agencies we all agree should be in consideration.

We're a work in progress and appreciate the opinions everyone's offering.

Have to say that while I agree and disagree with more than a few of the comments on this post, I definitely respect TDE's candor and respect with regards to the issues here. As someone who's only just starting out in this business, I rely a great deal on your website for information and inspiration. So it really bolsters my commitment to this site when I see you guys argue and defend your point so succinctly. Thanks!

And yeah, before anyone else says it...I guess I just put myself in the running for Brown Noser of the Year...oh well, felt it should to be said.

Great to see Factory get left off.

I've been following this blog from the beginning (as most of you have) and do see some favoritism for sure. It was nice working at one of the favorites because we were always getting promoted on her. However, I have to agree with TDE post on some of the responsibility falling on the agencies to send them material and content. Agencies need to manage promoting themselves locally and nationally as another client and all to often I've seen agency objectives for self promotion get pushed to the side to handle some new print ads or OOH boards. Promoting your agency externally as well as internally is important and its up to us as a community to provide content or else TDE is going to take what they get and what they regularly look at. I don't like the list either but there are still some great options there.

I have an idea but it's too late to do it this year. I think you should do a 'Top 12 Agency Hot Body List' next year. Agencies can submit who they think their hottest top creative or account person is. They can attach a little bio also. Something like 'Hip coffee guzzling Copywriter by day, uncomfortable girl-jean-clad bearded man wolf on the prowl by night.'

When the list is tallied and the votes are cast, you guys can do a calendar with the winners that you then sell for charity. Kinda like the fireman's calendar. It's a viable idea. There are a lot of hot people in advertising.

Then you can also put that up for campaign of the year.

Just a thought. Happy Holidays everyone.

This is my favorite column of the year. Navel gazing at it's finest. Thanks for always proposing a vote but never settling on a winner. I look forward to more entertaining posts from you. For my vote, I'd like to say, we're all winners. Gold stars for everyone on the list and not. You deserve it!

Nothing like a good ol' fashion dick measuring contest to get us all in the holiday spirit! HO HO HO! Merry fuckin' Christmas!

PS I get a write in vote. My vote is for the agency that did the teeshirts. Suck on that candy cane.

How about Grit? They haven't done anything. But they're hot. And cool. Hot and cool the same time.

Just sayin'. From one employee's FB feed:

Kathryn T. S. Bass
Vote for Karsh Hagan, will ya?

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