What We Learned This Year 2012 #18: Quick Left

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2012 was a dynamic year for us: we changed the make-up of our executive and leadership team, grew (and shrunk, and then grew again) our sales and marketing teams, penetrated new markets and created new revenue streams (training, expansions to other markets). We continued to find out what's in our wheelhouse and (maybe more importantly) what isn't and refine our emphasis on customer service. We took risks, made key hires and acquired some big-name clients along the way. We contributed more open source than ever and continued to stretch our legs in our fabulous office space in the heart of downtown Boulder. We put a sign on the window with large, bold type explaining exactly what we do in a single sentence. Most importantly, we've set the table for even better things to come in 2013.

Here are a few other observations:

• There can be a kids table and an adults table–everyone ends up having more fun that way anyway!
• Unfortunately, we had to part ways with a co-founder. We learned that growing up is hard, but pushing through difficult times leads to even better things on the other side.
• Presentation is just as important for internal communication to your team as is for external communication for your customers and partners.
• Apropos to that last point, gray area and ambiguity can undermine even the best efforts.
• Learning from your mistakes and staying positive will always get you further than pointing fingers or promoting a doom & gloom attitude.
• It's important to figure out what you are really good at and staff accordingly to fill in the gaps, rather than trying to "hero" it through because you're "supposed" to.
• As we grow and get more smart problem solvers, better process and become scalable, it's important to remember how we got here, by being scrappy and taking risks, and having a passion for the craft.
• We love doing this, we love working together and we've got a lot yet to learn. We are excited for 2013!

Happy New Year, Love, Sam (@wookiehangover) and Ingrid (@electromute)

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smart words. thx

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