What I Learned This Year 2012 #13: Haley Turner

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A friend once told me “A comfortable life is not a life worth living.”

At that moment, I knew exactly what she meant. While my life was pretty easy-going, I was in a rut. There was no challenge to anything I was doing. I felt like I was just existing. I hated it.

So two years ago I picked up my life in the Deep South and moved out to Colorado. I had a pretty steady freelance career in Atlanta, but I was bored out of my mind in my personal life and something had to give. Why Colorado? The cooler, drier weather, the down-to-earth attitude of its residents, the adventurous lifestyle, and the enormous mountain range that perches like nature’s cathedrals on the horizon. (They still take my breath away.) Everything about this place was exactly what I needed.

I know people thought I was crazy to give up my cushy Atlanta freelance connections for the wild frontier. However, I’m still taken aback when people tell me “You were so brave to do that.” I wasn’t being brave. I was propelled by my restlessness and a need to get away from the predictable. I think, as creatives, we need to constantly challenge ourselves and strive for something better. Otherwise, that muscle between our ears atrophies.

So far, moving my life out here has been good for me. For my creativity. For my soul. I have found plenty of opportunities to get outside my comfort zone and I’m never bored. Has everything been perfect? No, but I didn’t come out here so life would be easier. I came out here to see what I was made of.

If anyone else out there is looking to shake things up, move to a new city or even just change jobs, I say go for it. Fear is a self-imposed feeling and you have control over that. Even if you stumble, you’ll find the fortitude to pick yourself up and keep going. It’s the scars from those stumbles that make us interesting. And give us great stories to tell.

I’m so glad to be out here in Colorado. Thanks for reading.

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So true. Great article. Colorado is a bigger treasure now that such a talented, genuine soul like you is there.

Well said Haley. Shaking it up a bit is good for the soul.

Great article, Haley! We're glad you're here. Here's to the adventure of 2013!

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