What I Learned This Year 2012 #12: Dave Schiff

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I learned that there's no substitute for good old fashioned give-a-shit. I used to think it was possible to manufacture a pretty good facsimile, but there's nothing quite like the real thing. Call it what you want. Expressing shared values. Aligning around a cause. Believing in what you do. It's all give-a-shit, and there is nothing more powerful when it comes to connecting with consumers, forming partnerships with clients, and attracting top talent. There is no fee or line item on a scope of work for giving a shit, but all the "core competency" in the world is useless without it. As an organization or an individual, it's the most formidable thing you can have, and the most valuable thing you can offer.

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amen, schiff. Give-a-shit is the shit.

This is so refreshing. I'd take a "give-a-shit premium" pay cut to work with folks who live and work by this motto.

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