What I Learned This Year 2012 #11: John Winsor

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2012 has been a crazy year. V&S has added a dozen new clients, grown the team by 50% and taken on Havas as a new investor. Likewise, I’ve added a new role of Chief Innovation Officer at Havas along with being CEO of V&S. The dual role has given me some wonderful insights as we all try to figure how to build an agency in a world that is constantly being shaped and reshaped by technology.

Here are 14 guiding principles that I’ve been thinking about for 2013:

1. Identify what wants to happen and help it happen

2. Serve the people

3. Be a social business with a purpose

4. Ask forgiveness not permission

5. Prototype don’t present

6. Open systems beat closed systems

7. More transformation less innovation

8. Do less with less

9. If you’re going to fail, fail spectacularly

10. Architecture is more important than execution

11. Learn how to code

12. More signal less noise

13. Small ideas are better than big ideas (thanks @garethk)

14. Bottom-up not top down

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Concise yet insightful meta thoughts on important emerging patterns. John's finger seems like it's on the same pulse many of us are feeling.

Best "What I Learned" post so far. Thank you, John.

Good stuff man. And it's all true too. Thanks for writing it down. This is a good list to print out and hang on what I like to call 'the visualization wall'. Thanks for this.

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