What I Learned This Year 2012 #10: Wade Paschall

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I learned that opening your own agency is simultaneously the happiest, scariest, most inspiring, worrisome, hardest-working, funnest-having, soul-crushing, fulfilling, greatest thing you can do. I’ve learned that every agency the five of us have ever worked – good and bad – has provided lessons to prepare us for starting Grenadier. I’ve learned (thanks to Rob) that while almost everyone in advertising dreams about starting their own agency at one time or another, the biggest obstacle is being in the right place at the right time with the right people to make the leap with, and I’m very lucky to have had those stars align. I’ve learned that I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed working with Jeff Graham. I’ve learned (thanks to Randy) that we have no excuses now; Grenadier will be what we make it, good or bad. I’ve learned (thanks to Mark) that anything I can write, he can make funnier, and that anyone, including me, can become addicted to fantasy football. I've learned that when you dream of setting up shop, you're so focused on the big things – i.e. mission, core beliefs, clients, revenue, office space – that you rarely consider all those little, but crucial start-up-ish things like, "Who's buying the toilet paper?", "Do we want yellow, pink or green highlighters?" or "Who's on trash duty tonight?" Lastly, I’ve learned that I should never do these ‘What I’ve Learned’ things while on the road and away from my family. It makes me sound like a sentimental wuss.

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