What I Learned This Year 2012 #9: Mike Sukle

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It was an incredibly busy year for our agency and with that come a lot of lessons. Here a few thoughts from 2012.

The industry may be losing a bit of craftsmanship but it’s innovating at a phenomenal pace. It’s an exciting time to be in this business.

Momentum is awesome. Inertia sucks.

An optimistic fool does more good than a pessimistic genius. There are millions of really good reasons why something shouldn’t work. And too often, not enough good reasons why something should. Trust your instincts.

We’re happiest when our hands are dirty and we’re creating things. That’s why we all got into this business and what will keep us in it.

Laughter leads to better work.

No matter how big or successful your business is today, there are hoards of talented young people trying to do it better. Stay hungry.

I scoffed at Twinkies. I laughed at them. I even used them as the butt of humor in ads. And now I really miss them.

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