What I Learned This Year 2012 #3: Jeremy Seibold

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Babies can pee in their own mouths but don’t like to.

My wife is a lot tougher than I am.

My OCD goes away when I’m dealing with dirty diapers.

Baby pee on my shirt is not enough reason to change.

Only other people’s babies are always happy.

Wipe warmers and video monitors are awesome.

My wife is an amazing mother.

I need more patience.

I wish I thanked my Mom more often.

How much double ACL surgery on a dog costs.

Taking vacations can make you a better employee.

Cancer fucking sucks. (I already knew that, but I learned it again.)

My wife and I have amazing friends.

Neither my father-in-law passing or my son being born made me cry (for the most part), but “We Bought A Zoo” made me ball.

I repress emotion.

Repairing drywall is now one of my few man-skills.

Old people call anything cordless a cell phone.

A final thought: The Egotist doesn’t help Denver Suck Less because Denver doesn’t suck. I like Denver and I love Boulder. New shops are opening in both places and I wish them all the best. Collectively it will raise the bar and force us all to get better. What suck are the anonymous critics with their petty comments who frequent this site. Instead of telling everyone how much better you could have done it, prove it with your own work.

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well said.

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