What I Learned This Year 2012 #2: Blake Ebel

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This past year has been a very interesting one for me. Here are a few things I learned in 2012.

1. Giving is the antidote to greed.
2. Surround yourself with good people and good things happen.
3. I should have started an agency two and a half years ago.
4. Tell the truth.
5. Believe in the unbelievable.

To read the entire 2012 'What I Learned' series, click this.



Awesome, #1 is the best.


Hi Blake. Did you ever know that you're my hero, and everything I would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Love Always,

Uncle Lee

oh Lee.

This is not helping Denver suck less, daily. Come on Denver Egotist, Blake Ebel is considered top Creative talent? I just threw up in my mouth.

Hi Alex,

You would be the type stupid enough to throw up in ones mouth. Blake is very talented and a great creative leader.

I'm sure you wouldn't know this, probably because you have never worked with him.

#6. I wrote this while taking a huge ass dump.

Tell the truth, right?

if we are debating his creative talent, i encourage you to check out his website and the new qdoba video he just posted. thegoodnessworks.com. see for yourself.

and he blocks comments from his posts on the egotist as he wouldn't really want to hear the truth about his work from the public.

A few people on this comment chain need a Christmas hug.

I'm unimpressed with the effort some of these "best creative visionaries" put into this series. I'd rather hear from the passionate creatives in the trenches that put their soul into it. There have been some great ones so far, but I imagine it will be partially like this from the too important folks.

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