Actually, Guns Do Kill People

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Every time some complete fucking nutball opens fire on a bunch of innocent people, we get the usual “this is not the time to talk about gun control” bullshit from the NRA and the right wing. Well, when is the time? Never, really, because it’s a right that most red-blooded gun advocates will only see pried from their cold, dead hands. Which, ironically, could happen because of their belief in their beloved firearms.

Advertising does play a small role in this, which I’ll get to later, but first, the gun issue. We need to talk about it after what happened in our own backyard. If The Denver Egotist’s goal is to help Denver Suck Less, I think less dead innocent people would be less sucky. Yes?

The usual arguments are out there, always, about the reasons we can’t have gun control. It’s in the 2nd Amendment, which was written centuries ago (when people had to own a gun to stop someone stealing their land and raping and killing their whole family).

The 2nd Amendment seems to be untouchable, and that’s horseshit. We have impositions on our first amendment rights. We’re not allowed to say whatever the fuck we want, whenever we want, to whomever we want. But you dare restrict firearms, and you’re some lefty communist faggot. I guess I am.

Then there’s the whole protection issue. Let’s take the recent tragedy in Aurora, which is obviously why I’m writing this piece. The guy who opened fire on the theater was dressed from head to toe in SWAT gear, armed like Rambo, and had the added bonus of a gas mask (which came in very handy when he tear-gassed the whole audience). The yahoos out there are saying “if there’d been someone there with a gun, it would have been a different story. So don’t go takin’ our guns away!”


First, as far as I know, Colorado allows you to carry firearms with a concealed weapons permit.

So…where the fuck were all those gun-toting people?!

Here are two facts for you:

1 – It is completely legal to conceal a firearm in a movie theater in Colorado, as long as you have a license (which is easy enough to obtain).

2 – You don’t need to know how to operate a gun, or demonstrate that ability, in order to own and carry a firearm.

So, let’s recap. The current laws ALLOWED there to be a slew of heroes “packing heat” in the audience that day. The fact the there weren’t any proves one thing: it means fuck all to have a gun if you’re not actually going to carry the damned thing. And who takes a fucking gun to a movie theater anyway? If you saw a gun tucked into someone’s belt as they were in line for The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow, you’d shit a brick and call the police. Unless you had your own gun, which could result in a shootout and two dead “heroes.”

But if there actually had been a hero there with a gun, he or she was outgunned and would have had no way to combat the tear gas. Basically, firing a gun blindfolded into a crowd in the hope of hitting the target.

Think that would have helped?

What if 10 people there had been carrying? Oh the joy of all those bullets going back and forth in a crowded place filled with innocent families. Maybe James Holmes would have been hit, but how many others would have been shot in the process.

Tell me I’m wrong on any of that. Tell me you, with your gun, if you’d been there, would have made a difference.


Because we also have to realize that no one, not even you Mr. Tough Fuy, knows how they will react in that kind of situation. You could be a dead shot at the range, but those paper targets don’t fire back. That movie theater was a night and day situation. You’re under fire, unexpectedly, and the maniac has way more ammo and armor than you.

He’s ready. You're not.

When was the last time you were at the range? When did you practice? Have you ever taken a life? Could you? Would you freeze? You don’t know. Not unless you’ve had real training or seen combat, in which case, you’re not an average Joe anyway.

There’s this little gem.
Guns don’t kill people, people do. (Had to be an ad exec somewhere behind that one.)

“Cars kills thousands of people every month, cars aren’t made illegal. Smoking kills, that’s legal. Alcohol kills, that’s legal.”

Blah blah blah.

So here’s a question. What is the purpose of a car? Is it to pile into a crowded bus stop and wipe out everyone? Is alcohol designed to give everyone cirrhosis of the liver? Are cigarettes designed to destroy anyone who lights up? (Well, maybe, but that’s not what the manufacturers say.)

Conversely, is a gun designed to hold a flower in the barrel, or to be used as a prop in family photos? It can be, but the primary use for a gun is to kill things. People, animals, silly paper targets, the gun is designed and manufactured to maim, kill and destroy. So that old “you wouldn’t ban cars even though they kill people” is a bunch of crap. 99.99% of us buy a car as transportation. People who buy guns want something that fires bullets. True, they may also want to look cool, impress someone, or compensate for other areas in which they are sadly lacking, but first and foremost, they want a killing machine.

So can we please put that one to bed? Thanks.

We also have people saying “criminals will get hold of them regardless, so why punish good, law-abiding citizens?”

I agree. Hardened criminals will always find a way to get a gun. They have connections in the black market, ties with drug cartels, or underground networks that make them available. James Holmes was no hardened criminal. In fact, most of these nutjobs who kill dozens of people are not hardened criminals. They’re crazy, insecure, and wouldn’t know where to start if guns were made illegal. I couldn't tell you how to get hold of a pound of pure heroin, or $1 million in counterfeit bills. That’s not going to stop a major criminal.

But I can tell you exactly what to do to acquire some major firepower. If it was made illegal, those stores were shut down, the Internet sites removed, and mainstream access was denied to the public, I wouldn’t have a clue.

And how about the final argument? Guns are for hunting.

Fuck you.

Sure, a shotgun or a rifle can be used for hunting. I don’t see the need for hunting anyway, but if you must shoot a fucking deer to make up for the fact you have a tiny penis, go ahead. It’s your right, I guess.

But who needs an AK-47 or AR15 to go hunting? Who needs an Uzi to shoot a duck? Who needs a .44 Magnum to kill a rabbit? The damned thing is so big, and so hard to control, it would be useless for most people anyway.

If we must have legal guns (and America must, it seems, because the guys who owned slaves said it was a good idea) then there should be SEVERE limits placed on gun ownership. The type of guns available, the caliber, the training required. Shit, you need a license to drive a fucking car, but a gun, you don't have to prove anything to own one.

Why is it such a horrible idea to limit gun sales and usage? Shouldn’t it be really, really hard to buy a big-ass gun?

And the ads for guns, let’s talk about those as this is an ad blog, after all.

You don’t see a lot of them, blatantly anyway, although if we’re honest Hollywood is one huge ad for the gun industry. They make them as cool as riding a Harley while Kate Upton is riding you.

But when we get our hands on a brief to do something for a gun store, we do the kind of juvenile crap that would get us kicked out of creative school. And it works, which is the tragedy.

Ads featuring scantily clad models shooting machine guns.

Guys ducking and weaving like James Bond before firing off hundreds of rounds from his phallic firearm.

And awful tweets (which are really miniature ads themselves) from organizations like the NRA that try and be clever and relevant, but fail miserably.

Let’s turn our back on these ads and do something positive, shall we? How about we, in the ad industry, get behind gun control? We’re smart enough; we’ve got the brains and the means to do it. How about a kick-ass series of posters rallying against guns and the NRA, who have more money than God and Bill Gates combined. Well, enough to buy all the members of congress anyway.

Submit your best anti-gun poster designs to and we’ll create a gallery. Maybe we can even find a local printer to churn a few out for us and we can sell them to raise money for the victims of the Aurora massacre.

Guns may be necessary, but only in the hands of trained professionals and the military. A society free to carry guns is a society living way in the past, and we should be better than that. The fact that we continue to crave them, and many more people die in this country from gun related injuries than any other civilized country, says a lot. OH, and I’m talking percentages of the population, before anyone says “that’s ‘cos ‘Merica has more people in it, dumbass.”


For the record the whiney bitches complaining about guns on this page are the ones that think guns are icky. Listen grow up go buy a gun learn how to use the gun and maybe you wont have to hide behind the guy that does have a gun and saves your sorry titi baby ass from getting shot one day. Oh guns are so bad yet the swiss dont think so and they have the safest country in the world. So when crying know what your crying about so people like me dont think people like you are ignorant ok. I think when you turn 16 in this country the government should mail you a pistol an ar-15 hunting rifle in case you ignorant people dont know what an ar-15 is its simply a a hunting rifle not a machine gun. But yes they should mail you a pistol and an ar15 for your 16th birthday with a free training cert inside so you can learn how to ise your new weapon. Also i sell many guns if you need a gun i will sell you an ar-15 from now until jan1st. An ar-15 for 500.00 and i will even throw in a new case to keep it protected. I also sell hand guns for 150.00 to 300.00 all makea and models so please have a great chistmas and buy each of your family members a gun there is nothing that says i love you more than a gun. Dimonds are for loosers. Oh ya i have the new lady s&w its in pink nice holiday gift. I do not sell to people under 21 unless you have lots of cash. free shipping and we dont do back ground checks your personal bussiness is for you to know not me. So all you none gun people its not to late to own a nice gun for christmas. Remember . . . . . Free shipping and free case ships next day air. No background check required. . .

Well your in good company, hitler, stalin, mussolini, and just about every other dictator favored gun control also. We know why they wanted it, why do you want gun control? And dont give us that lame pathos psycho babel you did before, since it has no basis in fact or reality, The facts are easy to find if you bother to look. the second amendment is about citizens protecting themselves from a government gone wrong, not a burglar, although it certainly is handy for home invasion robberies which are on the rise by the way, how would you protect your family from one, harsh language? The statistics are very easy to find, and in most cases the right to bare arms has little to do with murders violence or crime, and some of the highest murder rate countries dont have armed citizens, even Australia after having banned guns saw an increase across the board in violent crimes and suicides. So you start this topic off with an obvious fallacy saying "actually guns do kill people" we all know this isnt true, including you, Your contention that a carry permit or license is easy to obtain is ridiculous, licenses to carry are scrutinized heavily by in most cases the sheriff and extensive background checks are done, Your analogies are the worst diatribe ive ever seen, trying to make the claim that if i had a gun in that movie theater it wouldnt have made a difference, you have no idea what could have happened, and in most cases it would have made a difference, you claim guns only have one purpose to kill people, thats wrong also, there is no intent in a bullit, or a gun, the intent comes form the person using it and defense, saving lives, and survival are what most legal gun owners buy them for. personally i think the right to free speech is much more damaging to society, your a perfect example, why dont you try going to colombia south america and tell the people there having a gun will decrease their murder rates and the violence that plagues them.

Most of your comments are baseless and biased. You sound as if you're angered that YOU have a criminal background and are unable to carry concealed. I do know one thing you just sound extremely frustrated that your insignificant voice will do little to change anything(get used to it). Your points on concealment are wrong. I conceal everywhere just about, even legal in bars barring drinking.. if that guy entered with that gear I am not going to fire on him, but wish someone had the balls to because it would keep him occupied for a small while. Concealment teaches to find exit to problem and very clear on it. In this situation if the exits were blocked off I would have fired and ducked because I would have no choice. I would much rather leave the situation though because firing on him makes him makes you an immediate target. 2nd amendment will remain. I only know responsible people with guns, criminals can't get them legally. Even if your tyrant style restrictions were true then the criminals would have them. Ok well I think its time for you to get off the parents insurance and on Obama Care. I guarantee he's a lib, which sounds gay just saying it. One thing I have noticed... start to take note of self proclaimed libs, usually irresponsible, very little money, and still a major child at heart. Everyone better than them or more successful is the devil and become envious. What a loser.

learn to spell!

Or get a better editor!

I kept reading, trying to figure out where you stood on the issue: was it satire, or thinly veiled condemnation of guns?

Then I got to the part about people buying guns because they want a killing machine. Then I knew: "Yep. This guy's a pussy."

Egotist? You bet, on a frightening level. The fact you're allowed to write a column for public consumption is appalling.

a gun is a tool. no better or worse than the person that uses it. you say guns are for killing things- people paper animals etc. the same could be said for knives. are they next? scissors after that?

I have never seen this post before... I just stumbled across it...

I am amazed by several things that I have read.... First, how many people don't realize what the second amendment was actually about. Tyranny! The police are not relevant, crime is not relevant, other peoples actions are not relevant... The ability to have equal protection FROM our government is what its about! The rest is just bonus'

Second, I am amazed how many people spew opinions as fact.. this is not rational discourse about the use/ownership of weapons.... this is opinions (not fact) from people who do not like that guns are in our society. That in itself is not a problem, the problem is that those people seem to not be content with choosing to abstain from ownership and use of guns but rather they feel compelled to force their personal choice on everyone else....

Simply put "What give you the right to decide for me and what makes you feel so morally superior that you cannot possibly fathom that you may actually not be right? Let me make my choices, I don't care if you like them. Then you can make your choices and if you actually read these posts you will find that the people you are opposing you just don't really give a damn what you think but they are willing to let you think it!

Think what you want of me.... but don't stop me.

Hate me all you want..... but keep your righteous indignation to yourself.

Until you have "Banned" the real killer inanimate objects like automobiles and alchohol don't even bother with guns. The other are not constitutionally protected. oh wait, you like the others..... hmmmm

I just bought my first pistol. Can't wait to teach my family how to shoot it. This article confirms my decision. You can decide to not have the ability to defend yourself. I prefer to fight. Against any and all intruders. Including my government. Next purchase: An AR15. My family will be trained to defend what is ours, and kill anyone who wants to take it. I also have chosen not to defend you.Good luck!

The majority of the comments are retorts to this ridiculous article and it is clearly not long enough even though the comments section is 60 times longer then this stupid article. The message is still not loud enough even though it has been repeated a billion times.

Criminals are not obeying any of the laws! Why in the fucking hell are they going to start to if the Government starts to make even stricter gun laws????????? Please answer this question before you start making your stupid liberal asses sound even more idiotic!!!!

Want to know the most crime free country in the world? Well I don't fucking care if you want to know or not because I'm going to tell you!

It's Switzerland!

You want to know why? I'm going to say it anyways!

It's because their citizens are not only given lenient gun laws, their citizens are actually required to have military grade weapons/firearms (long range and close range) in their homes and they're also required to train with the weapons in target practice on a yearly basis.

Gun restrictions will only lead to eventually attempting to disarm the good law abiding citizens while criminals will still get all the guns they want.

you pepole are morons to think to ban guns lissin if guns were banned and the way american culture is you whould have some fool throwing knifes at pepole you know how many throwing knifes you can carry just as much as bullets you can carry in a gun and if wasint guns it whould be rocks with spikes on them so dont tell me about baning guns just becouse some idiot runs amok if you dipshits whould look past the bs and take up arms and learn to use them when something like that happens you can smoke the fool down and save countless lifes! or just disarm him with a shot to the leg or something but no you're the type of pepole who think they should life in a perfect world well guess what thats a illisuion you live on planet earth 3rd dirtball from the sun in the milky way galexy. were humans are dangerous speices reguardless of what weapons they use. its the culture that makes guns good or bad and all you pepole want to do is make it worse.

wow! you sure are a special kind of stupid! after pearl harbor and after the war an interview was conducted with a couple japanese generals. they were asked why they didn't invade the west coast knowing they had destroyed our pacific fleet and pretty much left the coast free for the taking. they replied "yes we knew the coast was vulnerable, but we also knew every other home in the united states contains firearms and every state holds shooting championships. we are not big enough fools to go into such a scenario." i'm sure these generals wish there had been more idiots like you back then

Great Britain has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world, and still suffers mass shootings from time to time. After each shooting, more gun ban laws are enacted. Currently there is a move to outlaw ownership of deactivated firearms (guns rendered useless by sawing holes into the mechanism, plugging barrels, etc.) on the theory that criminals "might" steal them and "might" be able to reconvert them into shooting weapons. As one left-wing exponent stated, "A gun is a gun is a gun." Result: no change in the overall violent crime rate, and mass shootings as recently as 2010. Currently Britain is enduring a wave of gang-related knife murders and stabbings, and the left is calling for - guess what - a ban on knife sales to the general public. When it was pointed out that this would make it difficult to separate legal knife sales for kitchen food prep and other legitimate uses, one extremist replied, "A knife is a knife is a knife!"

Wow! What a badly written article. The author can't be taken seriously. Pathetic excuse in opinion writing.

You're a retard ! Then lets see cars kill people, knives kill people, bicycles kill people electricity kills people, a hockey stick could kill a person so could a baseball bat. Does that mean we should do away with all that stuff. No because people kill people and most of the ones doing that just happen to be nut jobs sort of like yourself. do you think by making firearms illegal you will stop criminals from killing people with them ? Let's see making drugs illegal didn't stop people from using them. I know all you Liberals just have some misguided fantasy about a Utopia on earth that will never happen. Why because people are people and I think I'd like to keep my guns and my Constitution - Thank You.

Yes i am a NRA member, yes i hunt, yes i own alot of guns to protect my house and property, Christian, a right wing extremest, active tea party member. People own guns not to cause terror on other people but to protect their own lifes from burglurs, rapest, and anyother crimminal like people. Everyone has a right to own a gun and to not own a gun, some are smart and own one to protect their family and their self. And we all know not all guns are weapons, they are a way of life, a tool, and a way to feed your family during hard times. Hell even a screw driver can be used as a weapon and, you dont want them to go away do you? So what im trying to get to you a gun is not the only weapon that are used. Rember to always to fly your American flag and your Dont Tread On Me flag above your land and dont have to call the police if you got a gun for the next time some crimminal breaks in your house.

Keep your gun clean, powder dry, fly your flags, protect your home, and have a good day.

God bless.

Am I the only Egotist reader who wishes they would shut down this thread?

I'm with you Felix, 100 fucking percent. Those gun toting idiots are obsessed with their beloved death machines, which I guess isn't all that bad if they kept it to themselves. But for crying out loud, don't try to justify having guns with things like "It keeps the government in check!", or "It gives people a way to defend against violent criminals!" That's just not true, and frankly, it's horse shit.

I wish people would stop calling every semi-auto rifle an "assault rifle". According to the media and every ignoramous out there they see all long guns as AK-47s and all handguns as Glocks. Next purchase, IWI Jericho 9mm, plus 10,000 rounds.

Switzerland has national service still. So although there are more guns than people there, all adults have served in the military and are therefore trained on how to properly use, store, and manage weapons.

This is not true of the states, where 300 million guns in a population of 360 million people, and the ability to get a 'gun license' without any proper training on how to use, fire, store, or secure a weapon makes the whole thing a bit ludicrous.

More people are killed by guns in the US every year than anywhere else in the world, including places like Israel, Pakistan, Iran...the list goes on.

As Ozzy Osbourne said, "If guns don't kill people, then why does the army carry them?"

Guns are meant to do one thing - kill. That's what they were built for.

20 children dead. Because of gun availability in the US.

Stop talking everyone, it's giving me a headache.

Felix, thank you!!! Unfortunately all of those fucking gun nuts and religious fanatics are the most vocal in this country. It is sad. They are not even prepared for any kind of discussion, they are so paranoid that the government will take all the guns away from them. They are completely stuck in their caveman mentality... And there will be more mass shootings at schools, movie theaters and shopping malls. In the United States, we had 9,000 people killed with guns last year, in similar countries like Germany 170 (killed with guns), in Canada 150. Hell with all of you, fucking retards!!!

Everyone pointing to other countries with high rates of gun ownership and low rates of crime is correct. Guns by themselves do not cause crime. Of course guns are just tools.

The problem is Americans live in a culture that has become excessively violent, self absorbed, depraved and indifferent. So when you combine the worlds highest rate of gun ownership per capita with such a violent culture, there is naturally going to be an extreme level of gun violence.

You hear about gun violence on the news and you become immune to it. It starts to become background noise. Maybe it's human nature but you just start to accept insanity as something normal.

And then there comes a point in life where you think you've already seen every fucked up thing imaginable - but wait - now we have see to 5 year old kids being massacred by a crazy bastard with guns. How fucked up is that? And still some of you selfish animals are still more worried about having your fucking guns.

So enough about the right to own guns! We also have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And twenty innocent children had that taken away from them today. I realize you gun crazy nut jobs are already indoctrinated to your way of life. I realize you can't imagine getting out of bed in the morning to face the day without your pistols and revolvers. But please, for once, just shut the fuck up about your right to own guns. It's time for all the selfish, asinine bastards that think that way need to realize that your rights are not any more important than anyone elses rights.

Looks like the NRA showed up. This was a good and sensible article. Our forefathers would have worded the constitution differently if they could have seen into the future. There is no earthly reason to own automatic weapons. Period. None. "Because I can" doesn't count.
It is sickening that in America anyone with a hundred bucks can buy a weapon. Couple that with the misinformation and hysterics of Fox news and you've got a dangerous combo.

I live in the UK, where the state took away our guns many years ago. We don't have lots of gun crime, we have a wave of knife crime instead, people getting stabbed instead of shot. Now the state is working hard to punish anyone who carries a knife, so in a few years we'll have cricket bat crime, hammer crime, shovel crime, or walking stick crime instead.

The government's actions shift the focus from one weapon to another and the victim's chances of surviving an armed attack may increase as a result, but the problem does not go away, it's not a cure.

I firmly believe that guns do not kill people. Never once has my gun taken a shot at me while hunting or target shooting. It is an American tradition and for those who live off the land or simply seek protection, it is quite important. It isn't guns that kill people. School shootings didn't exist 100 years ago.

It sounds like most of the detractors of this piece are very sensitive to the fact that they don't know how to support their own ideology. I didn't read a single comment of that kind that provided any semblance of a rational explanation for their views.

Yeah guns don't kill people, people kill people. We've all heard that gem of logic before. Only thing is when people decide to kill other people with guns, they have a much greater chance of success and the results are usually more devastating.

Don't take my word for it. We saw two tragedies involving attacks on elementary schools yesterday. The one in Connecticut where the killer was armed with guns was devastating. 27 people dead including 20 children. The other was in China. The attacker used a knife and managed to injure 20 kids, but no fatalities.

If the intent is to cause massive casualties and deaths, there's really nothing close to the combination of a gun and a crazy bastard. And unfortunately here in America, we seem to have an almost unlimited supply of both.

Please forward this to Steve who wrote:

"On average about 17,000 people die a year from all gun related instances in the u.s.! On average 6 million people die a year in the u.s. from car accidents! "

steve (not verified)
October 3rd, 2012, 11:29pm

There were 52,447 deliberate and 23,237 accidental non-fatal gunshot injuries in the United States during 2000.

~("WISQARS Nonfatal Injury Reports". National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Retrieved 2006-11-10.)

The majority of gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides.

~ ("10 Leading Causes of Injury Death by Age Group Highlighting Violence-Related Injury Deaths, United States". National Vital Statistics System. National Center for Health Statistics, CDC. 2003.)

With 17,352 (55.6%) of the total 31,224 firearm-related deaths in 2007 due to suicide, while 12,632 (40.5%) were homicide deaths.

~ (Xu, Jiaquan; Kenneth D. Kochanek, Sherry L. Murphy, Betzaida Tejada-Vera (2010-05-20). "Deaths: Final Data for 2007" (PDF). National Vital Statistics Reports (CDC) 58(19): 11. Retrieved 2011-04-07.)

Approximately 40,000 people are killed in the US each year in motor vehicle collisions.


I live in an area where law enforcement is less accessible to me (from 911 dial to arrival of a Trooper/Sheriff is around 16 min) than I am to criminals. I own guns. They are to protect my livestock from predators and if necessary to protect me and my family from predators. They are tools to protect me, just as my fire extinguisher protects me from fire. Rural crime is common, brutal and often goes undiscovered for days or even weeks. They are often perpetrated by local residents who know the lack of law enforcement and the isolation of residents. I am not able to physically battle someone twice my size and half my age so a firearm gives me the ability to even the odds. I don't know why these people do what they do, maybe there are some that are just wired wrong. It didn't take long after a tornado in a small town a few years ago for people to start looting and assaulting, most would have shared what they had if they'd been asked but they weren't asked. People just came in and took and left you on the floor bleeding. I understand your fear when people like this do these things. I'm not posting this to change your minds. I just wanted you to know where I was coming from. Not all of us are NRA/religious nuts. We just want to be safe too.

If you carry a gun among unarmed people you are a fucking coward.

Perfectly stated. All of it. I was shot at and my sister murdered and my mother shot and wounded with a legally purchased gun. Enough is enough already.

And how about the final argument? Guns are for hunting.

Fuck you.

Allow me to retort in kind.

Fuck you too!

"Is alcohol designed to give everyone cirrhosis of the liver? Are cigarettes designed to destroy anyone who lights up?"

I laughed out loud on this little opinionated piece of ranting. Why yes, yes alcohol is designed to give everyone cirrhosis of the liver and, yes cigarettes are designed to destroy anyone who lights up. I love how you make a little remark "well maybe they are. . ." just so you can justify how the huge difference of deaths in comparison isn't "REALLY" (Oh and I am laying the sarcasm on thick here) that valid. However I have a newsflash, there is not a maybe about it. I can't stand extremely biased people like you.

"But who needs an AK-47 or AR15 to go hunting? Who needs an Uzi to shoot a duck? Who needs a .44 Magnum to kill a rabbit? The damned thing is so big, and so hard to control, it would be useless for most people anyway."

Oh please do not get me started. Have you ever been hunting? An AK-47 and an AR-15 is a completely practical hunting rifle. I prefer it at the semi-auto setting as opposed to the fully auto myself anyways - which makes it COMPLETELY practical. An Uzi to shoot a duck? A .44 Magnum to kill a rabbit? Oh hell with a gross dramatization like that lets just use an atomic bomb to kill a flock of seagulls, because people do that ALL THE TIME (again I am using sarcasm, can you tell). And by the way, .44 Magnums are not the meanest handguns on the market and they have a huge role in wildlife protection. However, you know nothing of guns because if you did you would not have chosen that weapon to mock.

I cannot stand people who have no moderate standing whatsoever in issues.

Lets look at the facts 43% of the population are firearm owners,with although no one knows for sure an estimated 250-300 million firearms in the population. There are upwards of 20 million assault style firearms in americans hands. The ar-15 ak-47 types of carbines. Semi automatic high capacity hand guns are in the 10s of millions I'm sure. Despite all the rhetiric as to the baning of automatic weapons, it is already illegal to own an automatic firearm in the US unless you have a special permit. This is what is the option for the president to do along with congress. He could ban the resale and sale of all high capacity firearms in existance today,Bring back the brady law in essence. For all the talk of confiscation that these pinheads are talking it is virtually impossible to enforce such an effort. There are only 700,000 law enforcement personel throughout the country. Even if he did get such legislation thru congress which he wouldn't he would be faced with a very daunting scenario. Of the 120 million gun owners in the country lets say 50% turn in thier guns. Of the remaining 60 million half of them try to hide their guns leaving 30 million people to say FUCK YOU! COME GET EM! Do the pinhead demonrat obama loving idiots realise that they are out number by 42 -1? Are they going to kill and incarcerate 30 million people ? He he do you see what i mean an impossible task can't be done. Part of me really hopes they try it, it will probally be our only chance to save this country from these evil men and women in the federal government trying to enslave us all simply to enrich and empower themselves. Its going to be very interesting to see what happens. I bet they are thinking along the same lines and they realise that if they try to do something along the lines of confiscation it might very well be the end of em .

Yeah with this kind if mentality there is no hope that our kids are going to be safe at schools. I wonder if canadian, german or english people consider themselves enslaved by the government?? Of course, not. USA ranked 4th in murders due to firearms after South Africa and Colombia. Your level of paranoia is what makes you think you need a gun. That and the ongoing fear you seem to all enjoy living in is what justifies your need to have a gun. I cannot begin to think about living like is just too short. It frankly would just never occur to me to own a gun. If I have to be afraid of my shadow, what's the point in living? What you have to understand, is that when you all live like this, and promote this, things like what happened yesteday happen, and until we all learn to think differently, it will continue to be this way.

This argument that "anything can be used as a weapon- so should we ban hammers?" is pure BS. Try murdering 30 people with a hammer or a knife! That Chinese psycho who sliced 33 kids a few days ago- NONE of those kids have died!

The points is- you have a chance against a deranged person with a "cold" weapon. You have no chance against a person with a firearm bent on killing you and direct line of sight.

Yes, more people die from car crashes than from crime. Does that mean we have to stop fighting crime?

That's what firearms are designed for- to kill quickly and efficiently. I my opinion (which should be the opinion of any reasonable/moral person)- a person should NOT have a RIGHT to end the life of another person that easily. Argue as much as you want- deaths from firearm violence in US is multiple times that of Canada or Europe. That's because these countries do not have an antiquated murderous amendment in their constitutions that entertains a warmonger minority at the expense of the majority's safety.

Hi!!! Wow all those small minded people hating on you right there...I can't believe that. I 100% agree with you, and for all those idiots out there (including my father) I say: TAKE A LOOK AT EUROPE! Where we have gun control (I live in Switzerland) while we have at least the same amount of gun owners here -> this CPU try is way bigger than the USA, and STILL, WE only had 11 school shootings while there were 61!!!!! In your country. Are you telling me there are more psychopaths, criminals, idiots running around in your country than in Europe? Really? I guess that's true, because all of your comments are idiotic, immature, ignorant And not thought through. While this person who created this post actually did some research, proved his point, had arguments for almost every stupid sentence I hear when I say I'm pro gun control - you morons just say the same things over and over again, because sadly, that's all you've got.

CPU try is supposed to say country

Very informative, great argument and unbiassed viewpoint. You summed up exactly the problem,

the simple fact that gun nuts cant see the reality of your argument, is why they should ot own a gun!

The rest of the civilized world like Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand can attest to the value of rock solid, and tight un ontrol. The only peole with guns should be law nforcement, who deal with criminals for us, and armed forces, who will protect ou from the English, you huge bunch of retards

I really get tired of uninformed people spreading lies purported as fact. The city of Aurora actually does have an ordinance preventing the carry of a concealed weapon, discharging a firearm within city limits, and even carrying a firearm in your vehicle unless you are a law enforcement officer or a member of a shooting club-you failed to mention that during your fact filled diatribe against gun ownership. Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country-they also have the highest amount of gun related crime in the country. Any guess as to why? I'll help you-criminal don't obey the law. Pass a law that takes all the guns away from law abiding citizens and the criminal will either keep theirs, steal them from police and/or military (happens all the time) or smuggle them into the country, again, happens all the time. Then what do you have? An entire country that is unable to defend themselves against the most petty criminal. You also stated that the first amendment has several restrictions and that the second has none-again, full of fail. A private citizen cannot own certain weapons, and some types (machine guns, for instance) can only be owned by people who are very wealthy due to the restrictions for ownership. If the automatic firearm was not built and already in 'circulation' prior to 1986, it is illegal to own. Therefore, the guns in that category have gone up in price exponentially-like classic cars-because the ones that are out there are all there will ever be. Everyone who legally purchases a gun has to have a background check done by the FBI before they can walk away with it. Was your little article cleared by the FCC before you posted it? You stated that when the second amedment was written, you needed a gun to keep your family from being raped or killed-I think the relatives of the people in the theater may be thinking the same thing. Rape, murder, carjacking, robbery, etc happen several times per day, everyday in this country-maybe we should pass laws making those acts illegal so people wouldn't need guns to defend themselves. The next bandwagon comment is that you don't need an 'assault rifle' for hunting-newsflash: the second amendment wasn't for hunting. It was part of the whole defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness thing. Did you notice 'life' was first? I find it rather comical when people try to say that they didn't have high powered rifles, high capacity magazines, etc when the second amendment was written. They didn't have the internet, computers and twitter either, but you have no problem exercising your first amendment right using modern technology, why should the second amendment be limited to 18th century technology? By the way, a .65 caliber ball from a couple of flintlock rifles and half a dozen single shot pistols-all of which can be carried by one person-are just as deadly-and can be reloaded by an experienced blackpowder shooter to create just as much havoc. In the future, try getting an education instead of just having an uninformed opinion. And I expect your response to be delivered via horse riding courier on homemade paper and handwritten from an inkwell using a goose feather.

It doesn't matter what you think. I have a right to own a gun. If you try to steal it (personally or via government stooges), I have a right to shoot you.

From the fucktard above: "The only peole with guns should be law nforcement, who deal with criminals for us"

That worked out well for Germany, the USSR, China, etc. The cops often are the criminals. Yeah, they'll deal with themselves.

The USA is not Switzerland. I'm OK with the Swiss system because it has worked. The US system has not. In business if you continue to do something that fails you go out of business. In politics you get bigger donations and get re-elected. We have more gun violence then all the advanced nations put together.

In a study in 1998 of fatal and nonfatal shootings in Memphis, TN, Seattle, WA, and Galveston, TX it was found that for every time a household gun was used for self-defense, there were 4 unintentional shootings, 7 criminal assaults or homicides, and 11 attempted or completed suicides.

Overall, guns kept in the home were 22 times more likely to be used in unintentional shootings, murder or assault, and suicide attempts than in an act of self-defense.

The study concludes that: “Guns kept in homes are more likely to be involved in a fatal or nonfatal accidental shooting, criminal assault, or suicide attempt than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense.”

I'd like to slap the piss out of the moron that wrote this blog. Oh, and screw the rest of of you damn Democrats that don't like it !!!!! Fine for you all to vote for ones who like to kill innocent babies via abortion though HUH!!! I'am sick and tired of you whining assholes!!! Grow some balls!!! Until then, shut the Hell up!!!

Who the fuck wants to steal your fucking gun? Keep it to yourself but don't leave it around your children! I wish all of you gun nuts were so responsible in this life. There is no need for anybody to hear your stupid threats after so many innocent kids died from a shooting. The law can be changed too.

Absolutely correct, the Swiss method does work; as does the Israeli and numerous other 'systems'. Probably because the average criminal is a coward and they know that if they go into a house with a gun, they stand a pretty good chance that they will not make it out alive. Why do you think most of these scumbags go into schools, or malls or other places where it is illegal to carry a gun? In the latest incident in CT, the shooter stole the firearms he used-in fact he wasn't even old enough to own the two pistols he used, a lot of good all the laws did. In fact you need to take a class and have a permit to even BUY a pistol in CT-sounds kind of restrictive to me, but as you have seen, it didn't stop a criminal intent on breaking the law. I would like a citation to the 'study' used for the numbers in the above post. As for suicide, you do realize that there are many more ways to accomplish this, and the removal of guns from the planet will not change this number. Assault and other crimes can be just as easily committed with other 'weapons', such as a baseball bat, knife, screwdriver, broken bottle, or even just the threat of physical violence against the victim. But I'm sure none of this will change your mind because you obviously know better than everyone else. Lets just call the police and wait for them to come save us when violence happens. After all, an average of 14 people are injured in these type incidents prior to the arrival of the police. That number is about 2 per incident when armed, private citizens intervene. In fact, the only time in recent history where more than 3 people were killed by a shooter when 'civilians' stepped up was in AZ. Jared Loughner was subdued by two unarmed citizens and held until police arrival-just imagine if one of them was allowed to carry a weapon to this event, it's very possible that even more lives would have been saved. I'm sure you remember the shooting at the mall a couple of weeks ago? You wanna guess why only two people were shot before the gunman ran off and killed himself in a back hallway? Because he saw a private citizen aiming his gun, that was legally owned and that he legally carried in a concealed manner to the mall, at him. But again, you're absolutely right. Let's just make having a gun illegal because then the criminals will follow the rules and not use guns to commit other crimes anymore, and we'll be a much better society when we are completely disarmed and the criminals know there is absolutely no risk of them being shot while performing their nefarious acts. I feel safer already just knowing I have people like you looking out for my best interests and realizing that all I have to do to protect my family from these scumbags is dial 911 and patiently wait for the police to arrive, and all will be well.

Everyone who has a firearm for "protection" is more in danger from that weapon than they are from any stranger. This is just one example, but there are thousands. The roommate who comes in late, only to be blown away by a trigger-happy and frightened "friend" who should have known better. Darkness, fear and firearms are not a good combination. Actually, it is hard to find a good application for firearms. Hunting is a sport long valued by rural America, but it is an atavism nonetheless. We are being held hostage once again by the most regressive elements of our society, who insist that their rights to own military-style weapons outweigh our rights to safety and security. There should be a five-shot limit to any weapon except for those issued to law enforcement, and ammunition for military-style weapons should be heavily restricted and taxed. Any "sportsman" who needs a semi-automatic with a 15 round clip should rethink his "ability". Real experts like to use a single-shot weapon, a true test of ability, not just purchasing power.

What a sick society! Guns or no guns...? Only now they started talking about gun control. Too late already. Ammunition is not regulated. No one should be allowed to purchase that much ammo. If you purchase a gun for self defense then you shouldn't be able to purchase anything more then lets say one clip with five rounds in it. I also support the ban of assault weapons. Why are we just calling him, " gun man", he killed innocent should be labelled as "terrorist".

Banning guns will solve nothing. Timothy Mcveigh used a truck full of easy to obtain materials and how many people got hurt? Sept. 11/2001 no guns just knives and our own airplanes. I wonder what would have happened had there been air marshalls on those flights...We need to stop breeding retard psychos in the U.S.

"I'am sick and tired of you whining assholes!!!..."

How dare you call it 'whining'. That is an insult to the memory of these poor victims. People are angry, frightened and disillusioned and WANT ANSWERS. This will not be swept under the carpet. You are not a responsible gun owner or activist if you can't face a little regulation in the name of safety. Watch your words. They mean things sometimes and people will take it the wrong way. Nobody is whining, They are crying in pain over this, you insensitive ignoramus.

Our present society, US in particular, trains children to hate, harass, and to kill people, adults and children, and also animals.

The disgusting videos, movies, games are the training aids.

Young people spent hours and hours isolated on their computers and absorb these secenarios.

Since there is at these families no one to direct or discuss the viewing, this becomes reality.

The lewd programs on all channels via Direct TV cheapons the respect and value of values.

Where can a young person find a value for his or her life if it presented so cheaply?

Put a censorship on TV programming.

We have now the result of this menace.

Simple Solution:
1. Ban assualt rifle/weapons
2. Ban any magazine/clip that can hold over 10 rounds
3. Ban sale of ammo over the internet
4. Firearms safety training requirements before any sale of firearms
5. All firearms sales including private be completed by a FFL dealer
6. A complete background check with at least a 3 day waiting period.
7. A complete check of medical records for any mental disorders.

I own firearms target shooting and home defense. The amount of firepower civilians can have is ridiculous. I see no need for an assault rifle/weapon in the home. I'm for civilians owning guns, just not these particular rifles.

Libby's have needle dicks.

So many of the comments on the defense of guns and the freedom to bear arms sound as though they are coming from an old outdated archetype that is motivated by fear. There are many people like myself who do not want to live in a society surrounded by people with guns. We also have a right and we will fight for that right to become law.
Thank you Felix for posting. It is a very important issue that needs to be addressed. We should not be held hostage by ideas of the past that do not serve the whole of society.

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