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ManCub is a Denver-based electronic band comprised of 20-something natives, Danny Stillman and Alex Anderson. Their name, initially an affectionate term coined by Anderson’s old girlfriend, now operates as a little twist of the knife following her unceremonious dumping of Anderson for another guy.

Vendetta aside, ManCub creates an addictive drone toned buzz of beats and reedy vocals springing from a pile of 80’s synths, drum machines and mics obtained from incessant Craigslist trolls.

Their arts and crafts packaging uses hand stitched scraps of denim marked with a “MNCB” gold spray paint stencil. In addition to the five track CD, the pocket contains a handmade sticker as well as an assortment of upcoming gig flyers.

According to Boulder-based music analytics company, Next Big Sound, ManCub is still virtually unknown, logging just over 1500 fans. This can all change on Saturday, July 9th as the band hosts their “official party” at Hi-Dive alongside a handful of other locally emerging acts.

You can download a free copy of their album here.

Kate Lacroix is a Boulder-based restaurant publicist, music critic and mother. Kate is covering bands that have a high design element to their work for The Egotist.


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