So, Are There No Scary Black People Any More?

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This could be my most incendiary post to date. I don’t care at this point, as someone has to say it and it may as well be me. I am done with the political correctness that is running wild in advertising these days. It seems to me that the only stupid people in ads are white males, followed by white females. And as a white male, it gets right on my tits.

This is a racial post by the way. Not racist, racial. Big difference. You can say what you want of course, no doubt the deafening yells of “racist pig” will fly around, but hear me out…before you throw me out.

Now I was watching a few awful ads for Broadview Security (look them up on YouTube), scratching my head and not knowing if I should laugh or cry, and I noticed a strange phenomenon. All of the intruders were white males. Now I’m not saying that there are no white criminals, that would be ridiculous. But ALL the villains in these ads were white guys. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as odd? In one ad, the guy who worked for Broadview Security was a black guy, so they got their racial mix in there. But so far I’ve seen five different spots and EVERY intruder was a white male. Please, let me know if you see one that’s different. Sorry, but crime stats would suggest a different story.

Want to talk dumb instead? I’m reminded of a recent spot for a medicine, where these idiotic white morons were trying to figure out how much of one medication to take daily. All of the white folks were dumber than Simple Jack. I swear some of them started drooling. Then, a black lady walks over, finds the perfect product and walks away looking smart. Hmm. I’m not saying she’s not smart, but why the imbalance? Would the ad have been any worse if one of the white morons had been a moron from a different ethnic background?

Thinking again, I remember an ad for a financial company. It was for loans, I think for WaMu. All of the old, white guys with monocles, double chins and mothball-smelling suits were “harrumphing” at the idea of giving loans to people. Enter the smart, young black guy to say that at WaMu, they do things differently. In fact, they’re cool. Real cool. And by the way, they were a part of the whole financial meltdown anyway, so maybe they weren’t that cool after all. But that’s besides the point. Once again, dumb white people, smart black person.

And that’s just scratching the surface. So many ads these days come with this formula that insists we’re all a part of an enormous melting pot in our everyday lives.

Apparently, we’re all part of a social circle that includes someone from all of the main ethnic minorities. If you’re a black guy, you have a white friend, a Chinese friend and a Hispanic friend, and you have both male and female friends. And you always hang out together at dinner parties and sing Kumbaya.

If you’re white, you have black friends, Hispanic friends, Japanese friends, American-Indian friends, hell, why not throw in a Russian and an Aborigine just for good measure.

The fact that most of us have a circle of friends made up primarily of our own race and sex is neither here nor there. I’m sure for some of you that’s not true at all, but for the majority of people, it is. I’m not saying that we don’t have friends of different races, colors and creeds, I know I do. But we’re not all walking ads for the United Colors of Benetton. Superbowl parties are not filled with people from the United Nations. And by the way, I have some black friends that have done some REALLY DUMB shit in their time. We all have. It’s not racist to say that by the way. It’s just true. But in advertising, political correctness wins every time. I’ve done dumb shit too. And my sister has. And her friends have. We’re human. Get it, human. Humans are dumb, they’re smart, and they’re all races, sexes, and colors. In advertising, it’s not the same story.

Here’s another fact. The actors and models getting the most work these days aren’t white, and they aren’t black. They’re of “mixed race,” meaning that you can’t quite tell what their ethnic background is. Hurray, that means we’ll all identify with them and go and buy an Old Navy shirt, or a Gap jacket.

I know that advertising is supposed to be an idealistic view of the world, and that perfection is usually the name of the game. If you’ve ever worked with a hand model, you’ll know that the guy who would actually hold the chainsaw would not have a perfect manicure. He’d be lucky if he had nails at all actually. But we can’t see the flaws, and we can’t admit to them either.

What are we teaching people with this ongoing trend? Is it ok to make fun of white people because, for so long, Anglo-Saxon males have had the run of the planet? And at the same time, do we have to patronize the rest of the population by saying that they never do anything wrong, they’re never dumb, and they’re always on the right side?

Oh, I did forget though…it’s ok for a black guy to be an idiot if it’s in the context of his own family. Why? Because then, the racial card is no longer being played, and now we’re on the anti-sexist bandwagon. Dumb black guy + smart black wife = winning ad. The same smart guy from a previous commercial will become a buffoon in the company of his own family, and his wife will tell him the correct way to do the laundry or wash dishes. Even though she won’t actually be doing it because that’s a stereotype and she’ll be off to work while he stays at home and takes care of it.

This bullshit has to stop, and it’s all down to scared clients. They’re the ones who put the bug in the ear of the ad agencies. “Hey, our brand manager thinks we need a more ethnic mix in this ad, too many white guys right now.” And we comply. And then we add more women. And maybe a kid with a handicap. And a dog with three legs. Before you know it, you’re trying to appeal to everyone, or rather, not piss anyone off.

So, where do we go from here? Is it racist to say “enough is enough, on the next ad Broadview ad, we’ll have a black guy break into the house?” Maybe. I know I’ll get flack for even suggesting it. I just want things to be realistic, rather than sugar-coated. There are black and white criminals. There are Hispanic members of M.E.N.S.A. There are women who stay at home, there are women who have careers. And the same goes for guys. But can we be a little more balanced about it?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

And for all you haters of the last post I wrote, well, now you have a new reason to spit venom in my direction. Proceed.


I happen to like the new post, Felix. Why? Because it's true and because it relates to advertising.

It's just like those Kool Aid ads I used to watch on BET. I always wondered were no white people that enjoyed the great taste of Kool Aid?

And how do advertisers know when I am watching a "black" TV show to run the black ads for a product?

Also when you have a black family in those said ads why must one of the kids be obviously biracial when both parents are black?

we're not haters...we're just dumb white guys looking to break into your house of blog.

Felix, I don't think you're racist. I think you are a very typical pampered, privileged white guy who, apparently, thinks the worst suffering in the world is for your race and gender to be portrayed stupidly. I assure you, every other race in this country would shout Hallelujah to the heavens if that was the most negative thing they experienced in society.

I really suggest you take a look outside of your whiteboy snark-palace and observe the way minorities are badmouthed, marginalized and mocked every single day of their lives. Especially in advertising, where apparently every hiring manager in the country for the last 50 years fails to even consider that maybe they should consider hiring or mentoring an African-American.

You, my friend, need to wake the fuck up.

yeah lets not forget how hard it is to be a white man in 2010. stereotypes suck huh. but you have a cush job, time to evaluate characters in adverts, actually you probably get paid to do that. lets not forget that white people are writing and casting alot of this shit. and white actors are getting parts even if they are stereotypes. i don't have as much of a problem with your observations as the way you are framing your if you work in advertising just don't do this shit or find a way to make your client see how stupid it is period.

Typical reaction, too. Someone says "hey, this isn't quite realistic" and the response is "think of all the suffering." I suggest, in the nicest possible way, that you fuck off and find a new argument. Dave Chappelle did some of his finest work making fun of all races, not just whites. And I know absolutely, intimately, how minorities are bad-mouthed and portrayed. Some of my own friends and family tell me this on a regular basis. Just because I'm white, doesn't mean my partner is white. So please, before you tell people to "grow the fuck up" at least try something other than the "black people have struggled" argument. Yes, they have. And do you think pandering to them in a few crappy ads is going to make it all better? Really? I think they want equality, not bullshit.

What is your solution Felix? What would make sense to you?

How about a scientific solution? Would you like advertisements to conscientiously represent the demographic of the region they are trying to persuade to buy their products?

US Race/Ethnicity (2008)*
White: 79.8%
African American: 12.8%
Asian American: 4.5%
Native American and Alaska Native: 1.0%
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander: 0.2%
Multiracial: 1.7%
Hispanic (of any race): 15.4%

* Wikipedia - the most trustworthy source ever

Because you construct your argument in terms of Black and White, would you like too see 79.8% of ads portray Whites as victims or perpetrators? Or, 12.8% of African Americans as victims or perpetrators? By my calculations, either way, Whites end up in more ads as perpetrators... 39.4 % White vs. 6.4% Black.

But which would you prefer?

The Broadview ads are among the worst I've ever seen. You can run a checklist of things that make no sense in them, so I'm not sure they're a shining example of anything. People have their alarms on in broad daylight, doors are ferociously kicked down by wild eyed psychopaths only to run away from the loud noises, nobody seems to know that the response time on house alarms is about 40 minutes (if ever), the phone rings and a comforting black man (or asian woman) with a headset magically makes everything calm again, etc.

I understand not wanting to be considered a racist, TV spots seem like a bad place to bridge the racial divide in any meaningful way. All we get is the idealized perfect rainbow. But I think things like this are the reason everyone's so scared:

It's so subtle it might have been an honest oversight, but probably not. We're being asked to believe that an affirmative action worker is keeping his job over the white worker. And he's a good guy! Did you see the way he touched the black guy's shoulder? Aw. Something this subtle caused a lot of bad press, and I can see why people would intentionally avoid it.

I often think I'd be offended as anyone if I watched enough TV. I'm embarrassed FOR women when everyone is blissfully kicking chocolate in their flowery yoga pants and awesome-working tampons. I shake my head for black people when I see a Popeye's ad with a little too much smiling and dancing for the debilitating caloric content. It's all a lie. That's why it feels like a lie.

Looks like Felix has been taking cues from John Mayer.

Stop apologizing for your post guy. The dipshits who invariably fall back on the argument of last resort, i.e. the privileged, rapacious Caucasian male pillaging and plundering his way through this world has nothing to complain about when juxtaposed against the tremendous suffering of blacks, Latinos, Jews, etc. are the same buffoons who try and formulate smart ass responses using Wikipedia thereby exposing themselves for the ignorant shits they are. It's all exactly as you've described - PC bullshit. To the last moron above, I would ask him if his formulaic solution EVER included blacks, er, African Americans as the criminals considering they comprise approximately 13% of the wider population.

The notion that minorities are gregarious, racially blind people just trying to grope their way around in the dark age of racial hostility is a common theme but unfortunately has the distinction of being completely false. Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Indians, Japanese, Chinese - all as racist as the most hateful white man.

"Felix, I don't think you're racist. I think you are a very typical pampered, privileged white guy who, apparently, thinks the worst suffering in the world is for your race and gender to be portrayed stupidly. I assure you, every other race in this country would shout Hallelujah to the heavens if that was the most negative thing they experienced in society."

Methinks someone doth protest too much. I love when angry little trolls frequent my blog. Wanna guess if this turd would be on the verge of a psychotic break if -GASP- a black man was actually portrayed as a criminal in the Broadview spot. It would be "hummina, hummina - get the Rev. Jesse Jackson on the phone - black man being accused of attacking the virginal white woman again". LOL. You've got some pretty mentally challenged posters here.

Since when did ads start representing society accurately as you are presuming them to? You as a white male are actually experiencing the phenomenon that all other races and genders have experienced with television, movies and the media since the beginning of television, movies and media - that we women/blacks/gays/etc are not portrayed as anything remotely approaching accurate.

It actually is funny to hear someone saying "But can we be a little more balanced about it?" in 2010. The only person left who would say that at this late point in American society's development is a white heterosexual male. Everyone else has pretty much been screaming that for decades and has already grown hoarse from it through generations. Welcome to the club.

CKiffney: Maybe, and this is an ENORMOUS assumption on my part, just maybe society should be aiming for a racial pendulum that doesn't swing too far to either side. Ya Think??? This weak-ass argument (you know - we've endured it so it MUST be your turn in the barrel) is perhaps the most irrational of them all, as if to say racism + racism = right. Stupid, but I'm quickly gathering that "intelligent" is hard to come by on this blog.


Lloyd Blankfein

P.S. - Just how are White Women being treated unfairly by the media these days? LMAO!!! Moron

Wow. The egotist hit a new low.

I can always identify a thoughtful, intelligent person by his or her liberal use of CAPS LOCK, exclamation points following words like "moron," and phrases like "LOL."

What a breath of fresh air! Points well made.

I can always identify someone lacking a credible argument that will withstand scrutiny by their decision to sidestep the argument entirely and attack someone's choice of punctuation, grammar, caps lock, etc. Welcome back to your Freshman year of high school. You're missed at

(Just to clarify, the above is not referring to Felix and his ranting.) Let's see if any more playground name-calling comes out of this...

'Oh, burn!' If it was all grammar.

Although the way you communicate does say something about you outside of English class, so, something to think about. Those are things a lot of people will see as trademarks of someone who isn't so credible. It definitely doesn't make you want to listen to them.

Paints a picture of you as being unwilling or unable to see and understand multiple viewpoints. More than one camp can have a valid point, to be considered.

For instance--not that I am one--but I see white women stereotyped and over-sexualized in the media plenty in 2010.

Debates don't need to end a la "poop-head."

@Lloyd Blankfein:

Well maybe you have a point about someone's comment, but it's not mine, because I never claimed that all white people were pillaging savages or all minorities were pure as the driven snow. But I can tell you have an axe to grind about that, so keep it up if it gets you hard.

What I did say, very clearly, is that white people must indeed have it really great in our society if their only complaint is that only white people are portrayed as stupid in commercials.

Black men, for example, may not be portrayed as criminals in an ad but they are very much portrayed as criminals in society, given that they are under constant persecution from police, distrust from potential employers, and threats of hanging from the teabaggin' GOP.

Felix, the challenge here is to make all this white guy/black guy shit relevant in 2010.

The (hit) Cosby Show of 25 years ago portrayed a black man as a gynecologist, and his wife—I might add—a black lawyer. Neither of them dumb or criminal.

Advertising clients don't want to appear bigoted any more than you do. They have a different challenge but I continue to empathize with you both.

But to counter your argument; I'm proud to say, "Some of my best friends were white criminals. Now they are white inmates."

So it's about advertising, how about making the conversation current?
Incendiary in 1984, a little sleepy for 2010, but maybe defending the honor of smart whites guys is what needs to be done, I wouldn't know.

This seems like a spin off from your last post on Tiger...(not scary black (mixed-race) guy)

Rick Griffith

Hey Felix,

Let me get my bias out of the way first:
Black male
College student
PR major
Not from Denver

Now I understand you aren't racist, neither am I. But the argument posted above, that "we've endured it so it MUST be your turn in the barrel" isn't completely an inaccurate read of the situation. I mean, usually when something is noticed, it is because it is outside of the norm. So you notice white guys are the intruders, because normally, or perhaps the norm in real life, is for black guys to be the intruders, or hispanics or whatever.

Your post is true, it's completely disproportional in the Broadview ads. And other races are disproportionally represented in other ads, like black people in McDonald's ads. Doesn't make it right but it doesn't make it totally wrong either. Maybe this is the balance you were looking for all along.

You said black people (or all people for that matter) want equality and not BS, but truthfully, a little BS wouldn't hurt either. Ignorance is bliss right?


you watch way too much tv. dont you know that shit rots the brain! your comparing apples to oranges w chapelle and advertising. all advertising is is sales. theyre trying to sale you something. their is a specific target. and as most likely being the ONLY 1/2 Flilpino 1/2 Latino in this colorado market... you completely left me out of your target audience. your obviously talking to your white brothers. and not your brothers in the industry.
your right about seeing white people not only portraying the victim, hero and villain. not much has changed. white people will dominate the media. Most of what we are fed are half truths, lies, and sales tactics.
I've been on plenty of shoots where indirect or unconscious racial decisions have occurred. instead of taking a defensive stance like " black people are the real bad buys" I'm inclined to say " lets get more minorities as positive roll models so that when my kids turn on the boob tube they're not bombarded with just white people doing white things.".. there is culture out there. deep rooted culture..

i think those broadview commercials speak to who the target is. plus their just shitty commercials and a vehicle to get your "felix" opinions across.

one more comment. commercials come in many different forms. sparking a racial post off of a security commercial makes no strides in pushing forward humanity. or even the conversation of where we are at in society. seems to me yall should be watching more espn and the nfl network. sports through out history has had deep seeded controversies with racism. it's def still alive and there's def no pussy footin around the subject.

here's a link that can be inspiring.. it's the human element.

I enjoy your rants by the way.. dont let a commercial give you a hernia.

Isnt that what CNN is for? or any of the local news affiliates across the country. If you've lived anywhere but here, I would say by watching the news you know there are certainly a large number of criminals that are black/asian/latino/white on a daily/hourly basis. Do you really think these commercials make anyone truly believe that white people are the new threat to themselves? Ignoring history and sterotypes in the advertising world happened for how many years? not to mention Hollywood. You take for granted how hard people have worked to make up for all the crap stereotypes that were fed to billions of people for years and years. Visual mediums for the masses certainly have their racist and un-PC roots. I don't know you Felix, but I wonder how old you are. I don't think someone who lived through all the social injustices and all the political incorrectness of the last 50 years, as a non-white person, would ever say the things you are saying with the tone you're using in your post. Your question is valid, but not understanding the answers for why we dont show black people robbing a house- is ignorant. It's indicative of the attitude of a lot of spoon in the mouth generation nexters. (apologies for coining such a terrible term). Spoon in the mouth not so much referring to how hard you work, but more so - the inability to understand that life as we know it today is not at all how it was for older generations. NOT understanding how hard people have worked to reshape a fundamental
public conscience is ignorant. Do you think an Obama type candidate wins in any other decade? (Jesse Jackson is not Obama-like)

When you're citing Chapelle like he's some really important luminary for minorities- that kind of says it all: spoon in the mouth generation nexter.

Simply put, ads aren't meant to reflect reality or be "teaching moments" and they have no obligation to. They are fairy-tales to build a message around a product, service or brand. Period.

It's about minimizing distractions. There is no pet-hair on the sofa, or piles of unsorted mail on the tables in those ads either. Big deal. Reality is insignificant to the message. If the security ad had a black intruder, it pokes that corner of our brains that's aware of the ugly history of racial stereotyping, profiling and demonization in our culture. Now you're not thinking about how Broadview Security will keep your family and your stuff safe, you're thinking about white guilt, your one black friend, or whatever. It's a distraction from the message. White guy? Nobody (besides you I guess) is much bothered or distracted.

Not saying any of this is right or wrong. Just stating another truth.

Ot could be that he's trying to articulate the point that we need to chill the hell out on the political correctness. Or, simply pointing out that by painting the world as some United Colors of Benneton utopia all advertisers are doing is patronizing everyone.

Colorado is pretty damn white. As are a lot of other states.
Makes sense to me that Broadview who show whitey robbers running around. If white is the majority, why wouldnt you show white robbing white? If I saw a black dude robbing a house in boulder, that wouldnt sell me anything. On the other hand , when I see some frat boy/meth head breaking in and stealing the silverware, hells yes im calling broadview to protect me from all those crazy white kids.

White people looking stupid on TV? Cant have that

you didnt mention the Meth ads, those are all white folks made to look like compulsive criminals. If it was Crack in NYC, probably not the same approach. But the folks blowing up their apartments are all white.

Maybe its like Seinfeld episode where Elaine was mad at the Deli for having nothing but busty waitresses. The white guys are all the producer's nephews..

Thank you for stating this, Felix. I completely agree, and am somewhat "mixed" myself, having a Nordic pa and a Mediterranean ma.


In the spirit of Evan Roberts, here's my bias:
White male
College grad
Web and Graphic Designer
Not from Denver

You're right when you say your post is racial and not racist, but more than anything this post is lazy, and the laziness of the post reveals your ignorance and ignorance is the breeding ground of racism. Your outrage is so narrow-minded myopic that while it may not be racist it's so plainly ignores the facts of race and media that it very nearly does come off as racist, and is certainly racially insensitive. My feeling is that the goal of this entire post on is not, as you say, to "to be realistic, rather than sugar-coated," because you're not realistic in your editorial. If you were being realistic you'd be able to acknowledge that the history of media and advertising in the US has been incredibly unkind to women and minorities, especially Blacks, much more so than it ever has been to Whites folks and White men, and that a few ads making White folks look silly isn't nearly the same thing as the systematic pattern of negative racial stereotyping that's plagued the history of media in the US.

When held up to the light of scrutiny the ads you've chosen don't even display an "ongoing trend", other than possibly "putting White folks in a negative light," and even that's stretching it. In your first example, the Broadview Security ads, the White folks are criminals. Well, 46% of the prison population of Colorado is White (pp 10), so at least three of those five ads you saw were correct in representing White folks as criminals. In the second ad that you can't even cite, the White folks are represented as dumb, which is not identical or really even similar to being criminal. In the third ad series, the WaMu ads, White folks are portrayed as powerful, stuffy old men who have old fashioned ideas about banking. Well, banking is for the most part controlled by old White men, so this is a caricature more than it is a stereotype, and resembles the first two ads in now way at all. The ads that you've pointed out are not a trend of any kind because there are no striking similarities between the ads.

Lastly, even if there had been a trend in the ads you've chosen, the major difference between a self-proclaimed white male complaining about white stereotypes and a minority complaining about minority stereotypes is that whites have total control over the way they're being stereotyped and minorities don't. If minorities are stereotyping themselves then they are the ones who get to decide how they're represented, they have control over their appearance and promotion to the general public, but minorities don't have that control and they've never had that control. In fact, according to a study done in 2008 "only 5.3 percent of managers and professionals at agencies in 2008 were black." So, yeah, when minorities gripe about the way they're represented in the media they have a substantial and relevant complaint, since they're being (mis)represented by people who do not know what it's like to live in their culture, to be in their skin; they have no control over how they look or how they're represented to the world in media and advertising. When White folks get (mis)represented in media they have no one to blame but themselves.

By all means, let's address the racial imbalance in advertising and do it by addressing the huge racial gap in the advertising industry. But I don't hear you advocating for this. All I hear you doing is saying, "Stop making fun of White people!" which just comes off as whiny, lazy and myopic.


I appreciate the time and trouble you went to Adam. Here are a few more facts though, that you didn't point out.
First, if we're going to go to the prison route, which I didn't want to do, then your representation of the facts is a little myopic, too. This, from a recent report:

Racial Disparity in Prison
• According to the U.S. Department of Justice, a male born in 2001 faces the following odds of going to prison during his lifetime:
1 in 3 for African-Americans; 1 in 6 for Latinos; 1 in 17 for Caucasians.
• Latinos/as account for 17.1% of the population in Colorado, but 31% of the state prison population.
• African-Americans make up 3.8% of Colorado’s population, but represent 19.4% of people in state prison.
• Anglos are 74.5% of the state’s population, but only 46% of the prison population.
Sources: Colorado Dept. of Corrections, Statistical Report for 2007 (2008). Census Data,, U.S.

You do with that what you will, but those numbers give a bigger picture of Colorado prisons. However, those ads are running nationwide, not just in Colorado. Are you saying that when the ad runs in New York, which has an overwhelming majority of African American prisoners, they change the race of the guy breaking in?

Of course not.

Look, call it myopic, I really don't care. I don't think that having the pendulum swing the other way is going to help anyone either. Ads may be a utopia, but how far do we take it? We do, last time I checked, have an African-American holding the highest office in the land. One I backed fully by the way, and still do. But is it now taboo to even imply anything negative about a minority? Where does all this go? That's the question I'm asking.

Thank you for asking the questions, Felix. What I get is that you're questioning the whole PC mentality—a mentality and way of communicating which doesn't change the actual problems minorities suffer, it just hides them—not the notion that treating people fairly is right.

Please keep asking the questions. You don't necessarily have to have the answers right away, but the answers won't come if the questions aren't asked...

So what to you want to see in ads? More black criminals? More stupid Hispanic men? More white men swooping in saving the day? Don't sit here and tell me how you have black friends or voted for Obama. I don't care. I have white friends. I didn't vote for Obama. Your qualifiers don't mean anything thing other than you are too scared to voice your opinion on its merit. It makes me think of the armchair bigot who says a racist slur but quickly follows it up with how they smiled at their black mailman yesterday.

I am not one for being PC though many think since I'm black I must have a deck of race cards I am itching to use, but I also hate this crying of how being PC is so unfair. The fact is they are both symptoms of larger problems that are being ignored. For advertising, the problem lies with not just clients as you try to put most of the blame on but the agencies also. The problem is there is a lack of diversity and no, I am not just talking about race, but lets face it there are very few faces of color. There is an extreme lack of diverse perspective. If met one ad person, I have met them all. There is little innovation being created, and even when you can find innovation it's ridden until it's sucked dry. So you get shit like the Broadview ads and I get McDonalds that have me believe that black people communicate though song and rap.

It's safe to make fun of white people, to portray males as dumber than their wives, and friends as ethnically diverse. Keep bitching about it and pretty soon we won't be able to fuck with anyone.

Brinks home security is now Broadview security, and by broad we mean narrow.

All the posters who believe "whitey" has nothing more to worry about than being portrayed as a rapist/burglar in these silly commercials are precisely the people who should be asking themselves this simple question:

Why are so many white men with EVERYTHING going for them breaking into homes?? Oh right, cuz they're would be rapists. That too is the sole provenance of white men, too, don't you know . . . .

OMG...I laughed so hard when I saw husband has said the exact same thing, especially about ther Broadview Security system, as a matter of fact, he called the company to complain about the commercials.

Everything you say is correct about the way they portray whites and blacks in commercials, as it is all done for political reasons. The only thing I would have left out is explaining your reasoning in case someone calls you a racist...WHO CARES! let others say that if they want... as the only reason they mark someone a racist is because they have nothing else to say or call you because they know you speak the truth, and if another white person calls you a racist it's becauuse that's what they have been taught to say and somehow it makes them feel like a real good person inside when they say that. We know they are lying to themselves, so who cares.

You are by far not the only one who sees and feels the way you do. It's gotten ridicoulous, almost every commercial has a black person or people portrayed as having a real good family life...mother, father 2 kids, nice home. Notice how all the black people on these commercials don't have their jive accents? like axe me instead of ask me. Ya, everything you see in the ads is the total opposite of the real life and maybe people need to start sending e-mails or calling these companies to let them know, we are aware of their bs.

I went to a small NE college. Let me tell you, every time they planned a photo shot they called the black and asian kids (we literally had less than 10 of each).
"Hey would you guys like to come and walk across the quad for a couple photos?"
They all thought it was hysterical. Roll with the punches man, roll....

Wow, you must have a lot of free time to sit here and complain about something as stupid as this (:

Actually, I spawn this kind of shit in mere seconds. I'm a very busy asshole.

I think until more prominent figures step up to the plate to address this issue of kissing all the races' butts this kind of crap will go on. My fiance is black and she laughs at all the butt kissing done for black people. To quote her "the more you pamper them, the more they will act helpless". I think the real question is, "when will the wounds of the past heal"?

We keep hearing this crap about the hard times all ethnic minorities went through, and it was a horrible thing. But enough is enough, get a damn job and stop blaming whitey for all your problems. Otherwise, eventually welfare will dry up, you'll get left behind and no one will listen to you anymore.

To me ethnic minorities who complain about racism are the same as homeless people. In public we ignore them and try to avoid them. Behind closed doors we are pissed off that we have to support their butts.

You know I want to just say to the whole country, grow the hell up! Stop expecting the world to give you healthcare, money, attention and validation for living. That's your job! I run a major a company and I get so sick and tired of supporting the little children out there (of all races), who are too stupid to do any rational thinking for themselves. Your ancestors must be ashamed of you.

Felix - you've been doing an excellent job ruffling feathers lately. Keep up the good work.

To cut to the chase, any of us working with clients large enough to fund a tv ad, especially a nationally-distributed one, knows how marketing execs think when they agree to casting decisions. It's so simple - never hurt animals, never make yourself look like a racist. It has nothing to do with accurately depicting the world as we know it - it's all about clarity of message and Protecting Thy Ass...

We know that if we show a black guy breaking into a house we can expect a call from some reactionary race-baiter, or possibly even the local chapter of the NAACP. Last I checked there was no such thing as the NAAWP, unless you plan to form one. Everyone knows a media accusation doesn't have to be true to do damage, so why take that chance?

I'm not defending the train of thought, I just understand it. I find advertising that "tells the truth" and doesn't speak down to its audience is what attracts me - but then again I work in the business. Ads that go out of their way to be "PC", to me, are bland. And we've got better things to rally against than bland.

The comments complaining about how they are sick of supporting minorities are just as useless and pathetic as minorities blaming white people for all their faults. I say this as a black woman, everyone needs to stop scapegoating others for their failure or why they aren't doing better. The reason why everything has to be PC is because these mental midgets can't get beyond crying about how [insert race] people did you wrong, took their jobs, etc. Is there an island we can put you all on so you can blame each other to death?


I actually agree with you but I wish you didn't allow this to turn into a huge bitch-fest for bitter internet trolls. Half these comments have little to do with what you said. What you raise goes beyond just how races are reflected in advertising but gender, religion and even geographic regions. It's a good debate to have.

I am white and I think making fun of white people is quite entertaining. We are quite a hilarious bunch of self absorbed assholes who need a little cutting down, in my opinion. I sure hope this 'anti white idiot' movement you seem to be championing doesn't take hold, because I'd sure hate to not be able to make fun of myself in ads and other visual communications.

My bias:
I hate this fucking site. That being said, I hate most of the women I fuck. So, yes, I'm a hypocrite, and yes, I read the egotist.

But seriously, and this is just my interpretation, Felix isn't upset that white males feel unfairly portrayed in advertising. It's not about equality as a society, it's about equal representation. Its unrealistic to have proper proportional representation in terms of population, crime rates, even fast-food customers; not to mention how difficult that would be in local broadcasting markets. So we are left with the problem that accurate representation is too complicated or controversial. How do we fix this? Fuck with everyone.

Everyone needs to be fair game. Advertisements need to have dumbshit white customers and stupid black customers. Have clueless, completely inept housewives and multitasking home security commercials need to portray aliens as the real threat, because they are clearly the ones breaking into homes and abducting innocent humans, not just across the nation, but worldwide my friends. And seriously, what's so bad about showing an ethnic family that's struggling? Sure, we have a black president, and yes that's a great breakthrough for all races and all ethnic groups. But fuck people, let's start telling it how it is, right? Maybe, just maybe ethnic consumers might relate to whatever dumb fucking product or service you're shilling this week.

The simplest answer is just make everyone a raging asshole- that's as accurate of a societal microcosm we'll ever see in ads for the next decade(s). Undoubtedly, the status quo needs to change, but as it has already been stated, it's all about the sales numbers and we, my advertising brethren, just perpetuate the cycle of misconceptions. This prevalent political correctness and reverse racism only set us back as a nation.

We (advertisers) are a link in the chain that is the problem, we are why racial equality and progress have been for the most part, stifled for the last decades. We do our clients biding, they give us money, we give them what they want, we are whores. Until we change the minds of corporate strategists and management, this shit is never going to end. You all have every right to bitch about it, but there is never going to be change you can believe in for this advertising bubble in which we live and work. And since we influence, if not to some extent, control the thoughts, perceptions and desires of Americans across this great nation, a greater societal change may never come to fruition.The dollar rules. If you honestly have a problem with these subtle lies, find another fucking profession. There are far nobler ways to make a living.

I didnt take to much time to read all of the responses but its really as simple as its just business. Advertisements target specific people and or groups, if they didnt than its as simple as they wouldnt be pulling the specific numbers of sales needed from specific people. Thats it no racism no discrimination just business. If advertisements only showed white people driving a specific car, or black people eating at a specific restaurant than you would say, either "i dont want to eat there because alot of black people might be there or eat there" or "i wont that car because all the other white people have it". Simply because that's what the advertisement portrayed attracting who they where targeting. Whether positive or negative they're only doing business.

And also you should look deeper into the fact in why 85% of prison inmates are black, or why they cant go to college or work before you start making judgements. Reality is a bitch, and it wont hesitate to slap the shit out of you.

It would be safe to assume that a major reason the US incarceration rate is so ridiculously high is too few people contest it. The lack of outcry is tied into the lack of empathy towards the PIC’s target population; blacks. Due to the success of some of the most idiotic laws in the world, we have an exaggeratedly high amount of black inmates that were arrested for non-violent crimes. Back in the ‘90’s even when there were an overwhelming number of blacks incarcerated I saw the prison boom with the onslaught of conservatism. A lot of people failed to understand what the 1994 mid-term Congressional and Senate elections were all about, but I heard the proclamations of less higher education and more prisons form a new wave of politicians; the "Angry White Males."

Its as simple as cause and effect. White people are the cause and the blacks are the effects. Once you push that boulder down hill its very hard to stand in front of it with your hands raised and stop it with brute force.

You gave birth to what they are today. You stop complaining and how about you go help fix it.

Wow, the anonymous from 3/4/2010 at 3:00 pm and 3:24 pm must be the president of the Victimized of America club.

Come on, those posts are at least as racist as any of the crap you're railing against. Not all white folks have oppressed or are oppressing black folks. Even "back in the day", there were a lot of white abolitionists, and later, white civil rights marchers and white folks who have offered free legal help to truly oppressed black folks.

Jim Crow laws were repealed a long time ago. Ike sent in the National Guard to make sure that rat bastard Faubus had to integrate the schools. We have had generations of Affirmative Action.

Yet this particular "anonymous" rants on about how we haven't fixed anything. Hey, are we putting guns to the heads of all the teenage unwed mothers having kids they can't give emotional and intellectual support to? Kids who often grow up to be gangsta thugs? What is the black community doing to stop the hip-hop nation from its misogyny and celebration of prison life?

I guess it's so much easier to blame "whitey", isn't it...

Great post! I agree 100% and I was wanting to write the same article. You will never see a commercial where the black person looks stupid towards the white person. It really is sooo ridiculous and the sad truth is, I don't think this trend is anywhere near about to stop. Everyone is to scared about what the black person is going to do or say. Fuck that!!! Just like Obama says "time for a change"!

Nino sez: "What is the black community doing to stop the hip-hop nation from its misogyny and celebration of prison life?"

And I gotta ask: What is the white community doing to stop the rock 'n roll nation's celebration of violence and misogyny?

Hey! This stone-throwing is pretty easy!

Jor-El-Six-Pack prefers throwing stones instead of finding solutions.

The degree of misogyny and violence in hip hop and rap is far beyond anything in all of rock, and our culture's degradation is related to hip hop and the acceptance of thuggery and prison life/culture in everyday life.

LOL! Are you my grandad?

You kids get off my dirt!

Honestly, even within some segments of the black community, hip hop/gangsta culture is (rightly) seen as a major detriment to society at large, and the black community specifically. A long time ago folks like the Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy may have had something to say, but the genre has been so much more overrun by thuggish elements than jazz, blues, rock, punk rock, or speedmetal ever were...

Rock and Roll revolutionized positive free-thought movements and protests. Sure, some might argue that R&R ruined society with drug use and promiscuous sex, along with a total disregard for authority. These concepts, for better or worse, are what inspired the great art, culture and political movements of the last 50 years. Rap, for the most part, produces or promotes a culture of misogynistic materialists that advocate violent crime, perpetuate the rapidly declining academic standards in America and the increase in the correctional systems already disproportionate ethnic ratios (Although, I agree that legislators and federal officials perpetuate the latter as well, and certainly don't do shit to correct the prejudices and ridiculous possession laws that have plagued the system since its beginning and account for a great deal of incarcerated individuals). Sure, that's worth some nice beats they stole from great funk, soul, jazz and rock artists of decades past.

"that's worth some nice beats they stole from great funk, soul, jazz and rock artists of decades past."—message

WELL SAID, 'message'. That's another thing about rap and hip/hop. There is so little "new" or "creative" about it—most of the practitioners of that "style" lifted directly or semi-directly riffs and beats from true artists (of color and otherwise)...

Nino and others -- What the F does rap/hip hop/Rock N Roll have to do with this post?

I have seriously seen less bitching from a room full of women with PMS. I can believe this is the Ad community of Denver.

Why don't you just go ahead and say it. There are all of a sudden too many blacks on tv.



Now that the screaming is out of the way. The only way a black person can be considered african, is if they were born in Africa. Want me to prove it? Okay

Get your nearest "black" person and take them on a trip to africa and leave them for 1 week

Next week fly a group of white people to africa, and the "black guy" will tear ass running towards them hugging them.

Rock on Denver Egotist. I got your back.

I have read your article and I personally think it is bullshit. I am a Black female and do not relate to your opinion. I have watched television for many years and have always asked why do we as black people have to play the role of criminal, in any sort. Why do we have to be the caretaker for white people and most of all, why do we have to look at the ground when speaking to you. You complain about the dumbness of the white actors in these commericals, but we have played those roles for years.

Why do black men and women have to be scarey? why would you want the world to continue to look at us like ignorant, angry people. We have for so long have been working to get those images of our people removed from the minds of non black americans and now you think it should come back.

I think it is good to show that black people are not the only people in this world that do messed up things. I live in a town that is majority white and every night on the news they still try to find a way to expose black people for crimes, but needless to say white folks stay on the news here from jumping in the mississippi to kill themselves because they lost their jobs to shooting someone because the were high on meth and their girlfriend left them for what,,, a black man.

White people are criminals, yes, white people are some of the most notorius criminals out here on the face of this earth. You all have been hiding behind the shadows of black america for years and just because some advertising company replaces blacks with whites you are having a hissy. hell those white men and women are getting paid to look and act dumb. hell we were getting paid also, but we have never gotten paid the equal share as white americans, yet we still had to walk in through the back door, famous or not.

White america has labels us as stupid, slow, criminals, drug dealers, drug users, crack whores and the list goes on , and some american think this is what we really are and can not see past the stereo types. So yes I am glad that the industry has changed its outlook and placed us in some more positive rolls, that can give the children of our race roll models other than football and basketball players.

So, get off your soap box full of hate and open your eyes to the reality of events that are going around you. Thanks for the read. if you feel free to comment please do so.

Anonymous at March 8, 2010 9:33 AM asks why we want the world to "continue to look at us like ignorant angry people". Then she goes on to vent her spleen against the "criminal" whites.

While she may not be ignorant, she doesn't seem to posses the sharpest of critical thinking skills, as her perception of Felix's "rant" as a "soap box full of hate" shows either a lack of reading comprehension on her part, or the aforementioned lack of critical thinking skills.

ha ha ha, i'm not sure how this turned into a rap v RnR convo, but it's really comical.

America is separated by a single belief. The long held teachings and ancient secrets of each side. Rock and Roll vs. Rap, the battle of the bands. This is how it all ends. Cats and Dogs, Thugs and bikers, taking it to the street to decide the fate of the American dream that our forefathers fought and slaved for generations to build and protect. Ya'll better watch out when the classical music crew rolls up on ya.

Here is another example of this...


I worked for this place in NYC for 8 years and I collected the statistics on domestic abuse. Over 90% of all the domestic abuses were committed by Black men-Followed by Hispanics in a distant second. Less than 2% of these domestic abuse cases handled by this agency were committed by white men. Yet, this commercial shows the evil white man and the heroic black and Hispanic people coming to the rescue. The atmosphere at this place was/is very bigoted against heterosexual white males and when they produced this commercial I wasn't surprised at all. That being so-What is it they are trying to do by reversing the reality in this commercial?

@ Nino, Let me make this a little more clear for you. I read his post and do not agree with what he said. I do not wish to turn on my television and see black people as the usual crime bandit, maid or anything else that is shading a bad light on us. I think that it is wonderful to show other races as the bad guys in commericals, tv shows or skits. I completely understand, but my answer was not just to him, but to others as well. I did read every post on here including the rap and rock & roll post.

If you chose to comment to my post please read all of the post then comment, don`t just answer one and try to fight the good fight. Now as far as your perception of my skills, I thank you for that, but again if you would have read all of the post and not just one then maybe you would have used your critical thinking skills a little more and flexed your knowledge with a more positive response rather then trying to insult someone, but Nino, you did do the best you could do and for that I applaud you. by the way thank you for not calling me ignorant. lol

Anonymous, I have read each and every post since Felix's "rant" was posted. I was actually refraining from insults in my response to your post, though I was being honest. In your more recent post you have toned down the vitriol and "anti-whitey" sentiments of your original post, which is more conducive to actual conversation on this matter.

You'll note, earlier on, I mentioned to Felix that while he may not have the answers, it is important to ask the question. Shouldn't we in a free society be able to question things without expecting nothing but emotionally charged language such as "White people are criminals, yes, white people are some of the most notorius criminals out here on the face of this earth. You all have been hiding behind the shadows of black america for years and just because some advertising company replaces blacks with whites you are having a hissy."? Believe me, if I'd wanted to play that game when discussing my perception of rappers and thug society perpetuated by rap, I could have. I chose to try and keep it neutral. Hopefully going forward you can too.


@ NIno, your response is well respected and yes I`am able to move forward on neutral grounds. I can admit some or the majority of my post was emotionally motivated, but sometimes people need to hear the emotional part so they are able to get a clear understanding of what is really going on in the minds of others. I am glad my response prompted you to respond back, so maybe others will see that regardless of how emotional or off balance a person may appear, there is always room for improvement.
Responding to:
You'll note, earlier on, I mentioned to Felix that while he may not have the answers, it is important to ask the question. Shouldn't we in a free society be able to question things without expecting nothing but emotionally charged language such as "White people are criminals, yes, white people are some of the most notorius criminals out here on the face of this earth. You all have been hiding behind the shadows of black america for years and just because some advertising company replaces blacks with whites you are having a hissy.

You are correct you should be able to ask a question without getting an emotional response that depicts another race or culture of people, but sometimes it happens and in this case it did. I am not going to apologize about the statements I made, but I will next time collectively submit my response in a more adult like manner, but seriously, I do not like turning on my television and seeing black criminals on every station, just to get you to buy a security system. Some images do stick with people more.

As far as the rap, I think that we are making ourselves look bad, we continue to put down the women in order to make a buck. I careless for rap music and do not listen to it. I dont allow my child to listen to it. So I can honestly say that your perception of rap is very close to mine or the same.

Thank you NIno, I enjoyed our conversation and look forward to moving forward with you in future responses.

Cicero -- I have done a lot of work on national campaigns for Domestic Violence organizations and please stop trying to make the numbers fit your dubious point. It's a problem that reaches almost equally across races and someone like you misquoting statistics only hurts.

The numbers are higher among black and Hispanic women victims because they are more than likely to report it to police but it's only slightly higher than white women. Native American women tend to have the highest victimization rate. Asian and Pacific Islander the lowest. You have to keep in mind that only half of all domestic violence incidents are reported each year but experts believe the numbers would remain consistent.

Sadly white women are more likely to be killed by domestic violence than any other race. Between 80-90% of all victimization is done by member of the same racial group and of opposite gender.

Cicero maybe you should do some reading.

Didn't mean to go off topic but this is an issue close to my heart having my best friend (a white women) die at the hands of a boyfriend. She believe that sort of thing didn't happen to women like her and refused to report it.

Cheers, Denise, I'm glad we were able to resolve our discussion in a civil manner. All the Best.

If I were a member of any minority other than African-American (and I hate that term by the way, unless one is actually born in Africa, and then should be identified by the country not the continent, ie Botswanan-American) I would be complaining to the ad agencies of the total lack of presence of Korean, Mexican, Japanese, Bosnian, Russian, Indian, Native American, Illiut people represented in television. A Martian (hey, there's a minority!) visiting America would think this country is 40 percent African American and 60 % European American, and other ethnic groups are non-existent.
My other comment has to do with the non-stop pity party that the "victims" attend. The Black issues of poverty, misogyny, poor education and unemployment will never end while the illegitimacy rate is 70 percent. Black males need to be held accountable for their poor performance as fathers. And it isn't color related- it's the sub-culture of irresponsibility. Uneducated whites have the same issues because the men won't step up to the plate and take care of their children. Don't have children if you can't support them. I'm tired of my money being taken from my kids to support others because they are too lazy and stupid to do it themselves. For God's sake, finish high school, learn a skill, and protect and support your women and children. Otherwise get a vasectomy and shut up.

I see where you are coming from. But at the same time, balancing how every race should be portrayed is almost unrealistic. I think the solution really is a fair balance of rationality and human sensitivity. I say rationality because the race that you show in your commercial should reflect your target audience. This being said we should show some type of HUMAN sensitivity when portraying these particular people (of that certain race), by placing them in humorous situations, to make it obvious that the commercial should not be taken seriously (although this should already be understood). I say human sensitivity and not racial sensitivity because regardless of race don't want to be thought of as stupid. Case and Point.

I don't understand your frustration. Is it too much too fast. Are you scared to see women in the work place. Are you scared to see black in the workplace. I think your problem is that you want a more gradual change into this "new society". For me these ads are not a problem. Sometimes you have to over-exaggerate to level the playing field.

I feel sorry for you, it's sad that you think what you're saying is OK.

I think the best ads are any ads and at least to date, I’m not aware of a perfect ad or campaign. It’s our jobs as clients, consumers, and competitors to be judgmental of work. Ultimately it is the client who decides and gambles what level and category of controversy that will be displayed in their ad spot. Advertising isn’t doing its job if it doesn’t leave someone out or hurt some feelings. Everyone should be allowed a turn to use the chopping block like a pillow. Show me white person pushing a black male sporting gang colors in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs. Broadview, show me a Asian American ex-girlfriend breaking into a house, stealing all the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms box, pissing into the pickle jar, eating a leg from what used to be “their” dog, and smashing the boyfriends TV., but then rebuilding it super fast because let’s face it Asians are great at Math. Show me and ad of an Arabic Male purchasing a shotgun at a sporting goods store and jokingly have him ask the cashier “Do you know where I can also find the ski masks?” Because only white people in Colorado seem to participate in episodes of “Keeping it real gone wrong” we can run the same ad here but with a white male because it will be even more effective.
Overall I’m pretty sure Bellview accomplished their mission with their TV spots. Their target audience which I’m assuming is most likely “White America” and would you believe it? They have managed to get of all things, white people, talking about their ad spots.
Hey Joe Francis isn’t it about time you shot a Latino “Girls with low self-esteem and daddy issues Gone Wild?” As for The Colorado and Montana Meth Project, I’m finally ready to see a Ginger in one of your captivating “This wasn’t supposed to be your life.” Spots. Fellow crackers and honkies, we all deserve to be offended as we are consumers.
Now let’s all go out and buy some shit we don’t need.

And that’s why I should no longer rant off with my pants off. Typo, I prematurely typed Bellview and splattered it all over Al Gore’s Web, sorry, Broadview Security.

Those are just examples of playing it very safe is it not? Put a minority in a "questionable" role and immediately everyone is up in arms about it.

You brought up a valid point though Felix, and coincidentally in the timing of reading this I just read a blog post about Fox New's reaction to Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video. Apparently some transgender groups reacted and were offended by one, very small, part in the video.

This goes back into my first response, sometimes it's easier to play it safe, especially in the sense of a boring, typical advert. This is a direction most things seem to be going, either cause a reaction because that is intended, or, proceed while minimizing any possibility of offending any minority or group of people.

That is the world we're living in, unfortunately. But too many people get angry, and nothing's worse than a group of angry, scary blacks/butch lesbians/overweight republicans.

Scary people come from all backgrounds. This blog has gone on for way to long now. The original poster will feel how he feels & probably feel that way until death. Move on with your lives people.

Simply put: Political correctness has become society's greatest dysfunction. End of story. Distorting the truth does nothing to bring about the kind of change that all desire.

Felix, your original question and concerns are both very well made in spite of some of the rhetoric that followed from a few. However, so many have been brainwashed by the PC school of thought over the last few decades that they deny the reality that lies right in front of their own faces. It's a phenomenon synonymous with the old Emperor has no Clothes syndrome.

Blacks (no, I don't use African-American and won't) need to be reminded whilest hurling their usual accusations about whitey as the root of all of their evils, that many, many whites have fought tooth and nail for their causes for a few hundred years. Some have given their lives. However, you never hear any appreciation for such selflessness do you. They spit in the faces of these heros savious every time they blame whites for their unique struggles.

Still, even in this sickeningly PC era prisons are teeming with blacks. The stats are overwhelming and speak for themselves. Problem? White mans law don't ya know. It's always our fault.

No white in this day and age enslaved ANY black yet we are expected to endure this constant imposed guilt. It's a facade. I feel none. I see it as a crutch, an excuse to smoke screen the truth. I'm tired of it as so many are.

If these thoughts be simply from the mind of a racist (as certain types will no doubt imply) why then do I not see the same behaviour from most Asians and other visible minorities? Why do they bitch so much less while working so much more to better themselves and others in their communities? In a word: Civility. They possess the civility necessary to success in this day and age and do not make excuses or blame others for their short comings. End of story.

There is most definetly something to be said about evolution here. Everyone knows it. To deny is to perpetuate or even worsen the present and future. Ask yourself: What has all of the PC doctrine accomplished thus far? The big lie must die. It will one day anyway.

Personally I think that we are confronted with problems that trump issues of race: global warming, national debt, corporate greed. In fact, greed is the root of all our environmental and social evils. Greed propagates nationalism and racism, which in turn take our attention away from forthcoming disaster.

This is an issue that I've never seen addressed as directly as this spirited, honest, angry, informed and misinformed discussion does.

Those Broadview ads are scarier on more levels than the racial alone. Who on earth told Brinks, a solid name with a century's reputation if there ever was one, that they should change their name to something that sounds like a GPS product.

Years ago I directed a shoot in Los Angeles which was pre-produced from Philadelphia. We not only had to find a wide variety of racial and ethnic models, but they all had to be victims of a particular disease using our client's drug. It took months to locate our 6 subjects.

While I'd initially rolled my eyes over the ethnic requirements imposed, as the art director I had the opportunity of meeting Angelinos from the richest to the poorest and found myself in neighborhoods that most middle class white men wouldn't venture only to be shooting in Malibu the next day.

As they were real people and not models or actors my cynicism over the initial multi flavored photoshoot melted as I realized that these people had everything in common as they'd suffered a debilitating disease that interrupted their lives and had seen that reversed (temporarily it would turn out) from this drug.

I passed a playground in Philadelphia the other day with three pick up games going on. One was composed of only Asian men, but the other two were a mix of white, black, Asian and one kid I knew to be Pakistani. I was kicking myself I didn't have a camera with me as it was multi-culti stock photo heaven.

Samy, great link. Thank you.

One thing that I've noticed in the majority of these replies is the constant phrase "typical white male" or "privileged white male"... Need I point out that Felix did not segregate the African American community into any sort of stereotype? He simply stated that he's tired of seeing an overuse of "political correctness". Frankly, I can understand his argument and I have noticed many of the same advertisements, TV shows, movies etc... I'm all for the advancement of any minority, creed, class or any other category of person who considers themselves left out.
What bothers me, personally, about these replies that contain said phrases, is how quickly the racism card is pulled out.

I know what the problem is. The current laws in our country are so loosely defined that any white person who utters a word about this same topic is humiliated publicly for being racist because if he's not then the Black community will rise up. Then Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson get to go on TV and make a huge deal about how someones civil rights were violated. Then some large corporation will have to pay out millions in settlements.

We, as the white race, apologize for slavery. I'm sorry... I truly am. I can tell you that as of right now nobody who had anything to do with it is alive. I can't change it no matter how hard I try and neither can anyone else. I'm sorry for intolerance... I'm sorry that while the media does not do you any favors as a race, many of you do not do yourselves any favors either. Look at the people you have representing you in the media... You have gangsters on TV singing about killing people, selling drugs and engaging in all ranges of illegal activity. If you want change, change the people who represent you to the world.

Ok bro, raised in kentucky ni**er was common place I have to say I always resented family racism. I now have firends of all races an hang out regularly desdpite what I was taught I some how learned to greet individuals as individuals. I'm white and love all my friends color no matter I treat everyone the same. That was tough to overcome however easier than making barriers learnt from generation stupidity.

To the original poster...You are right on the money,my friend.I couldn't agree more! I'm glad someone finally had the nutsack,to step up to the plate! I honestly don't remember,the last time a black person WASN'T in a commercial.Apparently,blacks are the only people who eat at McDonalds??????????? According to the television ads,they are! Apparently,blacks are the only people with Verizon wireless phone service??????? Believe what you see on TV,and that's the case!
I remember a Coors Light commercial from a couple years back,the "white guy" answers the phone,it's his buddy,"Brad"! ..."white guy" goes to comfort a "depressed Brad",knocks on the door,to find a BLACK "Brad"!!!!!!! Um,yeah.......Okay!!! Or,how 'bout the "Toyota" commercial from a few years back...where the black family are driving through the country side in their brand new SUV,with the little black kid in the backseat"we go for long drives and sing corny songs"!!!!! Gotta "love how they try to turn blacks into whitey!

It's thoroughly sickening,what the "mainstream media" has brainwashed "white America",with.Believe it or not,not all "white people" have black friends.Not all "black people" have white friends.In the "real world",blacks are more inclined to distance themselves from the "white man".And,the more the media portray "white America" as being stupid/foolish/ignorant/imbeciles,it'll only escalate.In the "real world",blacks treat white people like garbage.They look down upon,laugh at,and bully white people.I see it on a regular basis! Why not show this type of conduct in a television ad???????? Why,because people FEAR THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!

That's why all the "haters" on this post,chime in with their pathetic banter.Be afraid haters,be very afraid!!!!!!!!!!! The fact of the matter is,blacks hate white people,that's just the way it is! But,here's what I don't grasp,since the blacks hate white people so much,why in the hell do black men,have such a love/lust for white women?!?!?! A tad hypocritcal,dontcha think?! When's the last time you saw a black woman,with a white guy? YOU DON'T!!!!!! Yet,if you watch any NBA or NFL game,you see every black athlete,with a white woman!

And,I've noticed another horrible trend...All of the voice-over work in commercials,documentaries, now being done by black men.Actually,black MAN!!! Even shows that were originally narrated by white people,have been dubbed over with black narrators.There's a show called,"Bait car"...I believe it's on the "Tru" network.But,when it first aired,it was narrated by a white guy. more!!!!! Matter of fact,it's now narrated by "MR.COMMERCIAL/VOICE-OVER",himself.I've no clue who he is,his name,or what have you.But,it's a black guy,who seemingly does just about every single commercial,documentary narration,on television.He's the voice-over on ALLl the Verizon commercials,ALL of the ESPN commercials,the "NatlGeo" channel narrations. (which used to be done by white guys) He's got a very distinctive voice...not really tone wise,but because he is THE ONLY one,apparently,who's permitted to do voice-over work.

Sorry,"mainstream media"....ya gotta try harder than this! Stop lying to people,go into the "REAL WORLD" and shoot a commercial.Your candy-coated/fluffy bullshit,ain't a flyin'!!!

You've had the same thing against men for 30+ years. Where the men in the advertisement are like....duh gee george look at the bunny. I want to pet him and love him. And the woman has to set him straight. Then at the end shows the man with shrugging his shoulders with a sheepish grin on his face.

It's all about context! I've seen those Broadview ads and in all the situations I've seen except one, the perpetrator knew the "victim". I believe in one scenario, a jealous ex-boyfriend stalking his ex bursts through the door after she is dropped off by her date and the second, the "victim" recognizes the perpetrator from her dinner party earlier. I'm a professional black guy who DOES NOT wear baggy pants around my ankles and I still see people changing their path or clutch their handbags a little tighter when they see me walk toward them. Not to sound cliche, but live in the skin of a black guy and I guarantee your perspective will change.

Felix, this is a great article. You should be proud of yourself for writing something millions of white males in the country have been wondering.

Whenever I see this BS present in any ad, I just don't purchase their products. Hit 'em in the pocketbook, and they won't do this crap anymore. When they see sales in a tailspin, they'll then wake up.

You don't need equality when you have status quo in Affirmative Action. Some real crime statistics In Washington D.C. one out of every two black males is a convicted felon, fifty-six to fifty-seven percent of the black males are in prison, on parole, or have pending charges. FBI statistics 2006 but I guess us pretending that it isn't true makes unreal. White Anglos take our country back. I god intended for us to be one big mixed race he would have made us that way don't you think. I want a world or colors not brown mud turds. Fuck the jews and the niggers killem all and put a real end to Americas problems or atleast a damn good start.

I think I saw that security ad or something like it and noticed some of what you are commenting on. I was happy to see it. There are plenty of other commercials, TV shows and movies that follow old stereotypes or act as if Black people do not exist at all. So now there is an opposite effect going on as well. I think it helps balance out perceptions a little and while there are definitely changes taking place I think you overstate them.

Showing White fathers/husbands as dumb, that has been happening for a long time. Married with Children and many other White comedy shows where the parents don't have any idea what is happening, the father is the most out of the loop and the kids run the house.

Your comments do not seem necessarily racist. I think you are a White guy living in a time when other groups are achieving some social parity and it is a bit uncomfortable and you are expressing yourself. The dialogue is good.

Thanks for writing.


Racist pig. That is all.

There is a reason why white men are portrayed as either dumb or evil.


You see smart African Americans, and dumb white men because African Americans are typically smarter than white men.

When white men are smarter than the average white buffoon, they are usually evil racist monsters who are downright evil. Just look at the Republican party! Evil smart white men.

Why do you think we have an African American president? Because everyone has figured out that white men are either STUPID or EVIL.

Some day, through continued mixed race families, we will finally be free of the white devil. Until then, we must continue to share the truth. Through ads, TV shows, or even this blog response.

There is no place in this world for the white man. Thankfully in a few generations, you'll all be bred out.

Everyone is racist. I don't care what color you are. Most people of a race naturally segregate themselves because we prefer to congregate with people that are similar. That is human nature and it's neither right not wrong, it's a simple truth. That being said, facts are facts. Blacks comprise 12.8 % of the population yet commit most of the crime. Advertisers are privy to this info, but because of recent pressure from the NAACP, they are being forced to portray blacks more frequently and in positions of superior intelligence and conduct. I am boycotting many of these products and services. Maybe if more white people stop using these products, they will realize how much our patronage contributes to their profits.

You can't win either way. If you make black guys criminals in the commercial they will complain that the media always portrays them as criminals. If you don't cast them as criminals in the commercials they will say will call racism when the black actors don't get hired for the job.\

@Ms.Black <-------------------(more than likely,a WHITE RACE TRAITOR obama supporter)

Okay,first of all GENIUS....get your damn facts straight!!!!!!!!!! Um,that FRAUD,RACIST,ILLEGAL ALIEN,INEXPERIENCED,DRUG ADDICTED,AIDS INFECTED,FAGGOT,CUM GUZZLIN',TERRORIST,is NOT BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST SO YA KNOW! That's the first thing!

Secondly,when the TRUTH is FINALLY revealed in mainstream media,this FAKE will be impeached!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find it quite amusing,how you insult the beautiful,white race! Think about this,moron....if not for the BEAUTIFUL WHITE MAJORITY (83%) in the United States,that idiot would NEVER have been elected,in the first place.Also,since you hold such an ample amount of hatred,disgust,jealousy,etc...etc...toward white people,why do you nasty BLACK/BROWN savages,try your hardest,to look/act/be like WHITE PEOPLE?!?!?! Tell me that one!!! I mean,you bleach your skin,wear your FAKE BLONDE hair,c'mon!!! Look,if you truly are BLACK,I feel for ya! I mean,deal with matter what ya do/how hard ya try,you'll ALWAYS be BLACK!!!!! STOP HATIN'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's HILARIOUS,the way these commercials portray blacks as being WHITE!!! I've NEVER known black people to drive a John Deere tractor,live in beautiful multi-million dollar home,in an ALL WHITE neighborhood,shop in the garden center at Lowes,drive through the countryside,singing "corny songs"....HAHAHAHAHAHA.....Take your SAD,VIOLENT,WILD,DEPRESSING,CHAOTIC culture,somewhere else.Believe me,no matter what the "mainstream media" attempt to brainwash white America with,it'll NEVER MATTER!!!! You'll FOREVER be BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll FOREVER be the MINORITY!!!!!!!! Tell Rev.Al I said,"what's good"?! Adios,you big ol' rubber lipped,ape lookin',gorilla!!!

OMG, I just saw that commerical with 3 baffled white people looking at cold and sinus products as this black woman very smugly walks over and grabs the perfect product, smiles arrogantly at them, then walks away. I see it in cell phone commercials, food commercials, and almost every commercial out now. If there is gonna be a bad guy like a burglar, it has to be a white person. If there has to be a smart person and dumb person in a commercial, the black person has to be smart and the white person has to be dumb. Folks, face facts, we now officially live in a world where politically correctness has made being white the butt of all jokes.

According to the FBI, white people commit at least twice as many arrestable crimes than black people. Here are your stats. (Convenient that you didn't include any in your berating of the these.) Where are you getting your facts from? For decades, black people in the media and film industry were the maids, drivers, cooks, and general lower class labor to white people without regard to their intelligence or talent. All of a sudden YOU are upset for a very few white people seeming not so bright in a very few commercial spots. Whom are obviously picking there target audience to your displeasure. Maybe the current media is going a little overboard. I am suspicious of our almost overnight inclusion into being acceptably intelligent. But don't whine. You seem starved for attention. I will put it to you the way it was put to so many black people for too many years. "If you don't like the way the commercials portray white people so much, don't spend your green with the companies they represent." Obviously, they don't want your money.

i think you guys should look at the research of violent crimes, rape, robbery, and then tell me who takes the cake.

this thread now makes denver look like a bunch of racists.

TV never depicts reality. The fact is that most violent crimes are committed by black men. The least are committed by Asian men. This is probably due to black men having the highest testosterone, and Asian men having the lowest. White men fall somewhere in the middle.

Testosterone is closely related to aggressiveness, violent tendencies and sexual promiscuity. Black men score high in all of those categories.

If Broadview really wanted to be honest they would show black criminals, but this isn't about honesty for them...only not being sued by Jesse and Al.

Obviously, you're just writing silly shit to get people to write silly shit back to you. Ok, I'll bite:

"Your mamma is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone!"

Hope you're happy.

You're a typical dumb white boy who thinks it your right to ALWAYS be positively portayed,so you can laugh at the simple-minded,buffoonish black man,which you folks HAVE ALWAYS DONE,and are angry now because you have an African-American President who's trying to clean up the messes all the incompetent(and criminal)white Chief
Executives have left him.)

I'm a black man and I agree with this 100%. Especially the part about black dudes being dumb-asses at home and in front of black women. Simply not the case in most black relationships. Most black relationships are much more balanced than what's portraid in these commercials. It's like someone in the media is afraid of a grown and intelligent! So, no brother, I don't think this is a racist post at all. And I'm glad to see somebody else out there is paying attention. They're trying to turn us into beer guzzle'n, slack-jawed, pansy-a$$, moma's boys dammit. Don't let'em do it.......................................Kato

It's also worth pointing out that all the victims are white women. If they really want to be politically correct, they should have some victims who are minorities or men.

Such is the mainstream media. Although,I'm happy to see that more of my white brethren are tired of either being vilified,or portrayed as morons. What I find even more infuriating is the white people with so called "white guilt". Get over it. Africans weren't the only people enslaved throughout history. Be proud of all of the accomplishments that white people have created. Or continue to destroy your own people and culture,it doesn't matter. White people are getting angrier by the day,and there will be a real "change you can believe in" in the not too distant future.

Go fuck yourself you idiotic naive thing. Your like a fucking stupid child, you don't know what to do or say! Racial barriers will always exist as long as people like you exist. You have no idea what it is like to be an African-american. When I came to this country from Nigeria, I saw opportunity and joined the Marine Corps. Unfortunately all I see and hear is racism. White people think their so great because they have no color. Thats exactly what the fuck makes you the fucking hideous mutants. Your colorless disgusting sub human things who think your better than everyone else. Open your fucking eyes and learn that before the fucking expansion of the europeans that they were the smallest populace of the human genus on the planet. But somehow you got everyone to want to be more like you. Beautiful people destroying their bodies with plastic surgery and hair dyes and perms to be more like "white people". The way I see it, white people should spend more time in tanning booths trying to get some color and flavor. They're like matza bread during a passover. Tasteless, not pure, just fucking tasteless...

Wow,and Marines are supposed to be the cream of the crop of our nation's military defense? "Paul" can't even form a cohesive thought. If you don't like it,head back to Africa. I'm sure they have some openings filling people's spam folders with ridiculous scams.

Thank you, i thought i was going nuts

I'm a forty eight year old male. I know that ads don't portray the truth so an ad like that wouldn't bother me. I find that many ads are entertaining.

I always crack up when the cave man gets upset .

Maybe a black male cracks up when he sees a moron white dude. Who knows or cares?

Listen to the blacks whine about how priviledged whitey is. Blame whitey. Whine. Moan.

Tiger Woods. Williams sisters. Oprah. Obama. Uh, they have more money - power - fame than how many whiteys??

Regarding distorted racial portrayals in ads -- leftwingers (and politically ignorant blacks) often spew some shit about, "well, the ads are just reflecting the face of America..." when blacks are painted disproportionately frequently in our media. Another lame argument is that ads should be a cultural "carrot on a stick" which help to give blacks something positive to emulate in life, not unlike the family that Bill Cosby fathered in the Cosby Show. Fair enough, if the media can be a positive role model for such a troubled ethnic group, I guess we all could theoretically benefit from it. But how does that particular argument apply to all the oriental females in ads?????? I don't think they're economically disadvantaged the way blacks are. Every frikin' ad seems to try to reflect the population of Oakland, CA or something with the mandatory bald black man and oriental woman, and yes, we see it out here in the real world and we say, "oh, God, please...."

And yes, you whiney, race-obsessed liberals, they are ORIENTALS, not "ASIANS." The Asian continent is overbroad as a description of what you KNOW we are talking about, so to describe someone from China or Korea as "Asian" is as inaccurate as describing them as "human." The term, while true, is not as specific as referring to them as ORIENTAL. Go look at a globe for a minute, you ass-clown liberals. What continent is Israel on? Uh, it's ASIA. So do you commonly refer to Israelis as "Asians"??

Go to hell.

And to the guy whose blog this is, Keep Up the Good Work.

Hey, all you whiney liberals and you blacks with inferior reasoning abilities -- consider this, if you even possibly could with your impotent intellects, as a possibility: I am a black person.

Now, would you liberals discount me as not thinking the way I am supposed to as a black? Are the Content of My Character or the reasoning of my argument not enough for you? Am I supposed to feel sorry for myself and blame whitey when I get a red light in traffic?

You hollow-principled liberal ass-clowns!!! You shout that we should treat each other based on the content of our character and the strength of our reasoning, yet let's read how many follow up comments to my posts deny that I am indeed black. If you had principle, what difference would it make? Ass-clowns!!!!!!!!!

Yet you all just can't accept that a black person like myself can be well reasoned, can be disgusted by all the condescention you liberals - of any skin color - dispense on blacks with your absurdly hopeful portrayals of the typical black in advertising, can be literate, and can have enough self-pride not to whine about all my failures and blame them on whitey.

Go to Hell. Go DIRECTLY to Hell. Do not collect $200.

Wow, I can't believe this post has been going for 3 months! It just won't die, so I guess I'll put my two cents in.

Thank you, Felix, for your wonderfully simplistic portrayal of race issues in the United States. And a special thank you to all of the "Bob Sugars" out there chanting, "Finally, someone said it!" (yes, I just used a Jerry Maguire reference, whatever).

You know, you're right. Television advertising is the clearly the proper platform to use when addressing the disparity of how people are treated in this country. White males have truly had it bad, what with the higher pay for equal work, ability to get into just about any country club they wish, and the general preferential's been a really rough ride for us.

So let's not stop at advertising, how about the TV shows, MY GOD, the TV shows. Can you believe that the makers of "24" actually cast a black person as president! At the time it was a 100% inaccuracy based on our country's presidential history! It's a good thing they canceled that one. And I was so pissed off when they cast Will Smith as the fighter pilot that saved the day in Independence Day. Clearly that was the part for Brad Pitt based on the percentage of black pilots in the Air Force. TOP there's a movie that got it right! (Shit! Another Tom Cruise movie!) But at least they're getting some other things right. I mean, they cast a 5 foot 10 inch tall white kid as the star basketball player in High School Musical. Disney really knows what's up!

OK, so you've formed your world view based on the obscene amount of television you watch. And the ads, especially the ads. That's where the true nuggets of wisdom come from.

PC has it's place (and not just referencing political correctness toward black folks and other minorities) but you're right about one thing—it has gone overboard. On the other hand, if I ever heard my kids using ethnicity as the butt of a joke, I'd kick they're little white butts. Unfortunately, you're using the same tired rhetoric that the people against affirmative action have used for years. Based on the responses you've gotten, I'm going to say it's an issue people are comfortable taking on mostly in anonymity (including myself I guess), but in the open it's a different story. So you think the mainstream advertising industry ought to tackle this issue? You think they should be "REAL?" In that case, you're the one that's not living in reality.

Plus, I really love the term "ass-clowns."

"Content of my Character...", you are a class-act! And since I'm whitey, I'll likely collect the $200 anyway. Thanks!

Your sarcasm fails to substitute for strength of reasoning, bleeding heart loser liberal. You see differences among people and (1) conclude that a social injustice has occurred, and that (2) it is a fundamental role of the government to correct that injustice. You pathetic, mentally ill bleeding heart.

Do social injustices exist? Sure. Do the economic, class, power and political discrepancies you focus on predominantly or even significantly come about BECAUSE OF social injustices? Well, you sarcastic, intellectually inferior "I care about blacks and minorities" liberal, I guess that's the real heart of the question. Your mental illness, which makes you feel good about yourself because you try to relieve the guilt (much of which has been instilled into your tin-plated head by the mass media) you feel about blacks and other minorities, blinds you to the real effect of you attitude: UNWELCOME CONDESCENTION.

Get the hell back into your Subaru, you know, the one with all your one-sentence political catch phrase bumper stickers plastered all over the back, and drive yourself to your local liberal hangout. Get back into a conversation about how all those differences you see among people are due to "SOCIAL INJUSTICES," and just continue to CONDESCEND to those groups of people you subconsciously feel guilt because of YOUR unintentional sense of superiority to them.

I understand people who feel concern about others whom they perceive as needy, but you pathetic liberals just don't get it. You just cannot understand how to distinguish between dishonesty, laziness, lack of character, or simply lack of ablililty, and real injustices.

Likewise, I agree that ultraconservatives DO spew bigoted race-based epithets and that there are those who ABUSE capitalist tools to achieve economic ends which really cheat others. But your view of the world is terribly unfocused.

You'd say that I overbroadly characterize liberals, while I say that you fail to see beyond the bumper sticker slogans your long-haired college friends LIVE as your very lenses to reality. Well, I would continue this discussion to any length you care to to establish that my focus on reality is one hell of a lot better than yours.

Quit condescending to me and other blacks and to minorities generally. As you mature, please reconsider the real world, and use those emotions you have towards ending REAL injustices, not the ones you mistakenly perceive because of the media and your closed group of friends.

@Content of my Character (I think that's how you do it on these social networking sites)

Thank you. I had expected a well thought out and eloquently articulated argument from you, and you did not disappoint. I actually hadn't mentioned anything political, I was just pointing out the inanity of the original post and the non-necessity of name-calling in the responses. I haven't mentioned my political persuasion (or what kind of car I drive)—I don't think it's germane to the discussion. Anyway, I don't mean to be condescending, but if you are going to use the word "condescention" in your rebuttal, please crack a dictionary beforehand. As for this ass-clown...the next time I drive my Hummer to the RNC, I'll think of you.

The reason there are more black people in commercials now is because "Obama changed everything". Dontcha know.

The ad agencies are just trying to climb aboard the "Everything's Different After Obama" bandwagon. But the truth is nothing has really changed.

As soon as Obama is gone from the White House the black people in every commercial syndrome will be gone, too.

This article is well written and is SPOT-ON ! I too have been amazed at the latest "trends" here in the USA. Like the Broadview Security ads that ONLY portray WHITE home invaders and rapists, yet the guy at the security company answering the phone is BLACK. Don't make me laugh. In the Atlanta area, the percentage of home invaders and gang bangers that are white is 0 freaking %. The percentage of blacks committing these crimes is 99.9 %. Yet some ad company wants us to believe that white people are committing these crimes. UNREAL !

Signed, Into Reality In Georgia

What's funny about this is the reverse: If it had been all black criminals and a white security guard, you would neither have noticed nor have anything to say about it. After all, the crime stats say that blacks are criminals and whites aren't.

Yeah, white people only commit .01 percent of the crimes in this country. Because we're such good, righteous people and those damned savage blacks are inherently evil. That's right, out of every TEN THOUSAND crimes committed, white people only commit one of them. We are SUCH angels! Poor, poor us.

I'm so sick of the prejudice against white people in this country. Everyone wants to unfairly take away our natural right to oppress. Damn them! Why can't they just understand and accept us?

I feel SO sorry for us. We're not treated well enough. It's so, so sad.

In a nutshell, black people think there is racism in everything, and white people think racism doesn't exist anymore. Both sides have fucked up views like that, and therein lies the problem.

you got your minutes of infamy, now go away and stop trying to add coal to the fire that burns for such a long time. If you want a supremacist country of only whites, then you should revive the KKK and give them more than one race to harass and maim without remorse.

not racist, none of us are. Just a bunch of people that hate others with different colored skin...hang on, wouldn't that be racism? get your sweater vest on and go ride on daddy's yacht sipping some sparkling cider with the other preppy socialites while you talk about how you would bang Paris Hilton or one of the Kardashians if two of them didn't sleep with black guys.

Just stop posting rants and blogs and save face.

Grow the fuck up (not verified), why don't you look out of your window and see how the majority of your people represent yourself. You don't like music unless "nigga" is mentioned on a 25:1 ratio with other words, any black person that dresses nice, speaks like they're educated and generally carry themselves well are ridiculed and labeled negatively by members of their own race for being “sell outs” or not being “real”. You want people to view your people better, then represent yourselves better.

Why don't they just base everything on statistical data. If a show appeared back in europe in 1500 then have 16 century european type people and all black and asian people or something. How about not using the word "cracker" on boxes of those small crunchy bread variety boxes because that word offends me. I don't like to made fun of for my race, I didn't choose to be white.

J/k, I don't care. But don't you see how annoying that is? Asian people aren't supposed to be cool but even though you never see asian people in stereo defying roles, or even normal roles you never hear a complaint? Or what about slave trading that goes on in russia or china? I never hear a black person saying, "That's wrong, we should do something to stop it" or we should give more points to white people so they can have a chance to get into our colleges because they're poor.

What about native americans? They got messed up. I don't hear any black people talking about how the poor native americans pretty much got wiped out. That's a whole lot different than having your ancestors enslaved.

Or what about making fun of Germany? Calling all germans nazis and portraying them in video games as "evil" because of a 6 year and 1 day war in which we were their villians. We bombed their cities and killed their civilians. But we don't see that in all the video games, movies or history channel specials that come out. Or about how lots of companies made tons of money off the war.

Coca-cola developed Fanta as a brand of europe so that they could have coca-cola be patriotic. IBM sold computers to the nazis. Many existing American car companies helped build european planes during the war.

or comparing George Bush to a monkey being ok but not Barack Obama? I don't even like George Bush but I don't get the double standard.

Or how the japanese will always have monkeys playing people, but if it just so happens to be a black person the naacp gets on their ass?

NAACP is just an overglorified PR company that gets wellfare from the government.

Are we just moving our hate overseas? Why don't we just make up a person to hate. Like a fictitious person who can take the outlet of our anger, like the Devil?


Why does it matter who the perpetrator is? If you want to be technical, members of the Caucasian race are the originators of crime in the U.S. People tend to use the fact that slavery happened a LONG TIME ago as a scapegoat to psychologically bully black people to "get over it". Just over 100 years is not a long time. Not all white people are racist, but some still treat Blacks like creatures of bad habit.

Felix, you are in denial brother. The fact that you are even pondering this screams racism. Should all other ethnic groups be concerned that a White person will steal there land and cultural identity?

I think the bottom line here is that ads over compensate on political correctness in this era of demand for equality on tv. I respect/applaud the efforts to bring a more well rounded cast to our tv viewing but there are some very shady ad campaigns and we just have to strive to make better ads that make sense... And to heck with those who can't just see the observations you have made as they are simply presented.

Nice observation, however you left out the Law Enforcement public service commercials in which the cops ask the drunk in the car, "Sir, have you been drinking tonight?", as the beer or wine flows from the window. ALWAYS, a middle aged white guy driving, black guy can be cop though. The sad truth I believe, is that Corporate America is scared to death of being boycotted. Blacks can not be portrayed negatively on TV. In fact, just the opposite. Sitcoms from the 60's and 70's frequently cast blacks to portray low income or uneducated roles. In recent years, most often they are cast to portray wealthy and highly educated roles,...doctors,lawyers,judges.We can have the dumb white guy "Earl" though.

This is a very heated discussion; I love it. It could never happen in a live forum about race. Few people would be willing to participate in a discussion group to vent their anger and frustration about their perception of the media. It probably wouldn't end very well. Thanks to the internet we can all express our honest opinions without fear of retribution. A lot has changed over the last decade in race relations, and I think we should continue to talk honestly and respectfully.

We all want the same thing. Fairness.

WHo are all the idiots who are commenting here? At least the person writing this is trying not to be racist, he's being "racial"...yeah right! Dude, you're being racist, come on.

You talk about the white intruder, that's a problem? What about the fact that the media has ALWAYS protrayed minorites as the's time you see what's it're now calling foul because it's YOUR turn. Minorities are slowing emerging to become the majority & you now want to call these "PROBLEMS" to light.

It's quite pathetic. I happened on to this link, seriously, I typed in "minorites being misrepresented in history" & it seemed like there was something that was speaking to this issue. NOT!

The reason that there are more minorities instead of whites in prison is simple --- because your majority is the majority....for now! But, the tides will eventually turn. We have an intelligent, amazing, African American man in office & a woman leading the House....the tides are turning on the white racists of this country. You want to know who is bringing this country down --- WHITE RACIST PIGS!! I have lots of white friends & they are great! They don't believe in the crazy trash speaking that you spout out.

It's time that the mirror was shown & put up to your's been the media portraying us as dumb & its you.

You KKK a**holes don't like the diversity of this country than get the hell out!!! THis is a country of different cultures, ideologies, races, religions & that's what makes it great!!!! You & your hate is what is bringing us down!! I can't understand how you don't see how stupid & pathetic you all are for your hate. But, it's going to come back & bite you....hard.

Jesus loves you all. Someday the real truth will be revealed. As a nation of different cultures, instead of bickering and fighting with each other, let's find solutions to deal with the troubles plaguing our great country.

Our nation is slowly dying because we do not have the courage to step up to the real threat.

We are losing our sovereignty; we are continuously losing more jobs. Our nation is somehow being overrun by leaders that are too dumb to find real, solid solutions. And while we are too dumbed down to ask real questions, they are slowly handing over our nation to some shadow government that will unfortunately get its global government if we do not wake up.

Felix's argument makes good sense and he is only questioning the moral decay of the advertising industry. We as people must take the good of the argument and throw away the bad parts of it. Felix isn't perfect nor is anyone else. But we must stop these trivial arguments and do something about what is going on in our country.

We owe it to our future generation. They will have lots of questions and we must have the answers when the time comes.

*A Hispanic American from New Jersey.


Your post is spot on.

One of your reader's comments suggested that you should not have the right to complain about advertising being too politically correct because minorities have had to endure years and years of discrimination in advertising.

While I shrug his comment off as beside the point, since your argument is that the white male is being portrayed in a negative light and has nothing to do with the white male's past behavior, I find it to be an interesting comment.

If minorities have endured years of discriminatory advertising, they would come to believe that it is normal to see their race/ethnicity/whatever put in a negative light on television. This would mean that once advertising shifted to view the minority in a superior position and the white in an inferior position, the minority would be surprised, since they were used to the opposite.

The same thing would also happen for the white. Since the white was used to not being discriminated against, once he was portrayed in an inferior position, he would immediately recognize a change.

Both, the minority and the white, would recognize an immediate change.
One went from inferior to superior and the other, the opposite position.

Now if one believes that EITHER situation is good, one believes that the categories of superiority and inferiority are ideal in the context of race, meaning one is a racist.

So basically, either situation can be viewed as racist. Reasons such as: we were discriminated in the past, and we have it harder in life, are just emotional, illogical, cries to justify it.

I believe in the author's post because I believe in a non-racist, equal opportunity society, one that judges individuals by their character based on their actions. This is what intelligent people believe.

One scary (half) black guy in the White House covers the whole kit-n-kaboodle. Nuff sed.

Bravo---very brave article and spot on. Found your post after doing a search for "white guys in ads" after the 3rd ad in a row showing a "dumb white guy" This is a tread well noticed by many of my friends in conversations and in private. It is of course taboo to talk about in this in public and especially if you are in certain jobs (ie education) . Most of my dumb white guys friends are doing what I am doing, boycotting what ever they are selling. If only the advertisers knew this.

"So please, before you tell people to "grow the fuck up" at least try something other than the "black people have struggled" argument. Yes, they have. And do you think pandering to them in a few crappy ads is going to make it all better? Really? I think they want equality, not bullshit."

Stop trying to claim reverse racism, and say that black people want equality, not ads that make white people look bad. The truth is that black people like ads that make whites look stupid just as much as whites like ads that make blacks look stupid. The former is just rarer, so you're panties are in a bunch, and your frustration inadvertently reveals that white people portrayed negatively is foreign to you, and it upsets you... I bet you don't write "racial posts" and have "truthful" discussions like this when it's black people being portrayed negatively, do you? No, because not only do you not care, you probably secretly like it, also.

Don't make it seem like you're just as upset as a black man would be that black people are being portrayed negatively in a commercial. Whites are still stereotyped as having power, whether that is defined as money, authority, or status. That's all racism is... jealousy. Once we see someone from a different team getting ahead, we get jealous, and try to discourage them... it's just like sports. That's why my parents who were black, said fuck racists, go to school, get degrees, make money, and never internalize anything they say into your mnd... just keep making money, and you'll be happy. It's all about money, status, and power... which all begins with money. America is borken up into different teams. We actually all love other races, until we see our own getting behind.

And as a black male who goes to a prestigious college in Boston, I know for a fact that even all white communitie that are "liberal" have the same basic instinct. They like black people, because there are hardly any black people there! And the ones who are are comfortable with themselves, their race, usually come from a decent, at least middle-class upbringing, and can intellectualize their way out of racism. However, I know firsthand as a black male that until people know my status (as in, where I go to school, what high school I went to, that my father was a lawyer and hard-assed parent), and other mitigating factors (aka similarities), like speaking standard English, haveing all-inclusive music tastes, and being well-travelled, they see me as a regular nigger. So please don't waste my time or anyone else's in the future trying to convince us that the public sees you differently because of these commercials.

PS- I can beat anyone at a racial discussion because I rely sheerly on unbiased facts, and also if you make me mad, I'll make sure you're at least as mad as I am. I'll be damned if I'm the only one who walks away angry or sad. So there! I'm not the one to try fucking with.

Excuse the grammatical and spelling errors. I really didn't have the patience to proofread this.

Political correctness doesn't exist. Over-representation of minorities in media, hesitance to attribute negative stereotypes to minorities, and other things that are sometimes labeled as "political correctness" do exist sometimes, but the term itself is an ill-defined buzzword. Most incidents of "political correctness" are in reality completely innocent in nature. I'm not going to make a judgement on whether you're a racist or not, but you do seem rather ignorant and priviledged to be so outraged by something so minor. Certainly racists do exist, as the comments touting black stereotypes as the norm demonstrate. It's not any specific words that cause people to suspect racism as much as the general hostility towards blacks, however. Looking over some of the above posts, it was really hard not to think "wow, what racist assholes" at times.

I do not think you're racist for that opinion.

However, where were you, when McDonald's aired their creepy commercial with a Black Woman who said "You better don't" indignantly when a White Male steward on a airplane took her chicken; and the other one where a sausage mcmuffin flies through the air and a well dressed, Black college student retrieves it from the ground and eats it? Or how about the commercial where an elderly Black couple in a big beautiful kitchen, mix their smoothie in the garbage disposal? If that isn't ignorant and offensive, I do not know what is.

So, I guess we are all even now. You all with your 3 or 4 Broadview commercials and we, African Americans, who have been portrayed as buffoons, criminals and generational welfare recipients (even though there are more whites on welfare than Blacks-since its inception) since the 1700's. Now you know what it feels like to be Black, welcome to our world.

The only difference is, while we do see the moronic white guy on these commercials, no one (of any race) would automatically assume that you, personally, are a moron or about to kick their door in...However, no matter that my mother is an English professor at an Ivy League College and I majored in English at another Ivy League University, when my White male co-worker-excuse me, subordinate, imitates my voice, he sounds like the Black Woman in the McDonald's with the terrible grammar.

When I am out in my best power suit, with my Prada bag, Jimmy Choo shoes, Blackberry and 2010 Cadillac DTS, White women in Malibus and White men in Dodge Neons lock their doors (I am 5'4 120lbs)...SO I write all that to say, when people start locking their doors when they see you, no matter your appearance, how you carry yourself, your educational background, car, salary, place of residence, etc...When the police follow you for no reason, when people start automatically assuming you are from the trailer park with a glance, women clutch their purses when you walk by, and when another White male president gets elected and the Black Panthers form a political group and start calling Senators derogatory names like, cracker, to their faces on national television, then I will feel sorry for you White males and your 4 Broadview commercials.

Thank You Felix! We have been wondering the same thing ~ why are all the white people portrayed as being dumb, criminal or inept.

There are twice as many commercials showing black people versus white people. In the commercials that do have white people, they have to be morons.

Why haven't the 'white' people started screaming and using the 'white card'. We are quickly becoming the minority. It's okay to have a Black Miss America but not a White Miss America?

Other minorities are now receiving promotions even if they are not qualified because of the need to promote a certain number. In lending, we are approving mortgages for unqualified buyers because of their race. We have to. You are required to have a certain percentage of each minority in each city.

If you were to take ( and this has recently happened) a black female versus as white female, with the same credit / debt ratio and all other considerations the same, we will approve the black female and deny the white female because she is a credit risk!

America needs to wake up ~ no one is owed anything from anyone. Just because you ancestors were oppressed doesn't mean that you are. GET OVER IT! If you come from another country, you have to work for what you want ~ just like the rest of us.

Hey, to you stupid white liberals with your sarcastic comments which imply that whites have no moral grounds to complain about reverse discrimination, here is my personal love note to you:

Hey, liberal ass-clowns, with your self-perceived superiority and your unwelcome condescention -- Here's some of my vacation video. Enjoy!!

As a black person, I am racially aware. I understand that people have preconceived notions of me based on my "race". But being racist is kind of amusing to me, cute even. All my heroes are white, all my favorite actors, singers, cartoons, are fuckin white. It's pretty hard for me to start hating white people just because I saw roots at age 11, or was called nigger my that white kid in his mom's SUV that one day, or because my arresting officers were white and they themselves being token racists made me feel right at home on my first arrest for resisting arrest in a foreign country.

LOL. Most times I don't even remember I'm black till I see that damn reflection in the computer screen (see no mirrors) But this all leads up to a simple point. I HAVE noticed the contrived manipulation of media to include black people in such a fashion that there are at least 2 to kill in that horror flick. I grew up with the demographic trifecta 1 white male, 1 female and 1 minority (usually black). Call it progress, call it a new world, Obama will always be the first black president no matter how half white he is and won't magically appease centuries of unresolved racial tension, which, if we're being honest is what this is all about. But to be fair, the second coming of Jesus wouldn't magically solidify all religious sects no matter how many iphones he brings with him.

I think you're overreacting. I am sure they're not thinking about this like you are.

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Fun city, USA.
Unwed mother.
Chastity belt.
Kroeger Food Stores.

Yellow submarine.
Outstretched arms.

Apple Computer.
Special K cereal.
Surrogate mother.
Helical galaxy.
Epsilon aminocaproic acid.


all you idiots who insist that this is nothing, really don't know how powerful the advertising media(and for that matter the news media)is compared to how weak it has ALWAYS been for those years that blacks were portrayed as lesser to whites and FAR before(back when people actually had real lives and got married to people they actually met at a social gathering first and not the internet).

How many of you can remember what the Progressive insurance lady looks like, sounds like and even her overall demeanor from the commercials she is in(notice how if anyone is shown to be stupid it is always the white male in progressive commercials too)?

In an age of youtube, and myspace and facebook and twitter, the media is God and you fools who think people are smart enough to ignore what goes on in that other world(the cyber world and the ad world) are seriously overestimating people to a large extent.

Just look how sick some of the people on here are(of course the obvious black supremacists are never called out, just the white supremacists).

as for the idiot who brought up basketball and High School Musical, which high schools win state championships?

The truth is that private high schools dominate football and basketball overall and almost always have with little to no black kids on their teams, so really is it that High School Musical(terrible crap btw)over -represents white kids in basketball or does the NBA UNDER-REPRESENT white male talent?

The truth is that basketball and football are dominated by anti white racist stereotypes that virtually destroy the white athletic talent before it even starts in young white boys.

How many white people are discouraged from dancing even at a recreational level because of the stupid stereotypes about that that are endlessly paraded?

Imagine that same amount of damage when it comes to young white boys who dare to join some youth league basketball or football team and try to move up to actual competitive teams while they are constantly told they 'can't jump' and 'can't run', there is a reason why white running backs are actually shrinking from already abysmal levels.

It is black people who have to be real here, as well as their dumbass white cheerleaders.

Bitter party of one? Bitter party of one...your table is ready.

the world of the white man is over! its time for another people to rule,...step aside cave man!

I wish it were just a few alarm commercials, but it's not. I wish it was only tv commercials but it is not. For some reason it has become the fashion to make a white male the bad guy or an idiot, better yet to just leave us out of the picture all together. I know that black people were portrayed negatively on tv, film, and print for the longest time. The early days of film and tv were disgusting to say the least. But as the old saying goes two wrongs don't make a right. Why are the group of evil bankers in the Washington Mutual ads all white and the good banker black? Why are all of the intruders in the alarm commercials white? In a credit card commecial a white guy stumbles and falls down a hill upon finding ouf he paid much more for his camera than the black couple standing near him. These are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Maybe I am "looking" for such ads at this time, but I swear they are getting easier and easier fo find. Just being honest, Mark.

"Superbowl parties are not filled with people from the United Nations."

I thought that line was HILARIOUS!! :)

yes, white men get the raw end of the stick these days and it's pretty stupid...but look on the bright side. Every female from every race group thinks you're hot and wants to date you.

Hispanic females - like white men
Asian females - like white men
Black females - like white men

So you're extremely desirable people.

(I'm a mixed race gal btw)

He's right. White guys are portrayed as jackasses in advertising. He never compared it to anyone elses struggle. He's right, so what if he makes good money writing, he can't say that white people get shit on in advertisements. no one denied everyone elses hardships, but look back beyond american history, white folks have been opressed as much as any other race (except native american tribes... that was genocidal). Any time you mention white people having ANY disadvantage, you get shit thrown at you. Y'all are beyond whack.

The best solution I can think of Alex is for whites to stop paying for tv. This will in turn make the blacks pay for their own image on tv and then the tv will come back to whites with its begging for financial support.


"The Truth" - LMAO...if you think it's time for the White Man to step aside you better be worried...who the he_ll do you think advances technology, develops medicines to cure disease, and pays your social welfare checks, BROTHA?!

I like your post and agree completely. Its so infuriating to watch tv any more, I seldom watch. As soon as I see any movie or tv show that has the white-guy black-guy duo setup, I just switch it off. I don't even have to watch it, I already know everything I need to know about it.

You covered most of the "un-real" character sets in your post. But I would add a few. According to Hollywood, Chicago, New York and Madison Avenue, all people in America fit into well defined hierarchy of intelligence, success, integrity, personal honor, etc. In the highest tier is the black man, followed by the black woman, then the white woman, and the white man is the lowest. All characters in TV, movies and advertising fit exactly in one of these tiers. On one end is the smart, successful, intelligent, law-abiding black man, on the other end is the dumb, stupid, fat, lazy white man who is probably a criminal. When a white couple is shown, its always the man who is the dumb, unintelligent one. When a black woman and a white woman is shown, the black woman is always the smarter, more informed, more practical one.

The only way a black man can be shown as a buffoon, as you said is in the context of his own all-black family. And amongst a mixed group of people, the only way a black man can be portrayed as a dumb, stupid, unintelligent fool, is if he is paired with an EVEN DUMMBER, MORE STUPID WHITE MAN. Its done that way every time without fail.

One advertisement in particular, I think of is of the handsome black police officer in black leather jacket, who pulled over a drunk motorcycle driver. He approaches the guy and says "have you been drinking?" The perp turns around and its a middle-aged white guy with his helmet full of beer. You see, blacks are all law-abiding, stand-up citizens. Its the white men who are the law-breakers and the drunk drivers. Now actual law enforcement statistics do bear out that majority of drunk driving convictions are of middle-aged white men, but you will never see a black man pulled over for drunk driving on screen.

The other Hollywood setup I'm sick of seeing is what I call "The Black Saviour." Its where the only one smart enough, intelligent enough, and brave enough to solve the mystery, get to the bottom of the problem, and save everyone (or catch the bad guy-who is almost always white,) is a black man, normally aided by a white woman Its been done to death. And I'm sick of it. Thats why as soon as I see that set-up I turn it off. I already know how its going to go. I've seen it done a hundred times already. Its been especially done to death with the smart black cop with a dumb white partner.

Now, I'll say this: my reply may sound racist, but as you originally wrote in your article, its RACIAL, not racist. These are racial observations, not racist statements. If you don't like it, then you can't see clearly what you are watching with your own eyes.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue's portrayal of life in America is so far from reality its not funny. But there is an agenda at work. With the way white men are portrayed on screen 24/7/365 its no wonder so many white women only want to date black men.

Larry and others here seem to have things figured out way better than me. But media and advertisements aside though, and I don't know specifically what the racial breakdown of the population is now and how that it may have changed, but it seems that it indeed has. I think maybe that has to potentially be a factor in the conversation also. Seemingly you can not as easily live in a "minority" free neighborhood as may have been able to even just a couple of decades ago. That said, the also seemingly increasing hispanic population doesn't seem to be perpetuated nearly as much.

Did I say Larry? I mean Richard, sorry.

Not all people have "jive accents" Aniee with two e's. Ugh.

This post is completely accurate whether or not you believe the author is a "pamper white guy"

Black is the new white. And yes, if black guys were constantly being belittled on commercials the black community would have their panties in a bunch (don't they always anyways?)

I once had to show a group of four black guys how to change a tire (which my sister, girlfriend, and mother can all do with great speed and accuracy), if this had happened in a commercial it would be deemed racist. Most black people are not investing at WaMu, let's just face the facts. If you have a problem with white guys complaining about this portrayal then you're just another naive or ignorant hypocrite who's opinion does not matter. Oh yeah, and when I helped those four stupid black guys who had no idea how to change a tire they of course DID NOT thank me. Why you ask? Because they have been taught that white guys only gained power by way of racist motives, not by being able to complete simple tasks such as changing a flat tire. These four bastards were all in college. Affirmative Action much?

wah wah wah wah wah, cry me a river whoever finds my post "racist"

And yes, my post above is actually somewhat racist. At least I admit my faults, whereas you like to think you're above the human condition of classification. On average, black people have little to no class, unless of course they went to school with a bunch of white kids.

I find it amusing that one white guy sounds off on what he perceives as pandering to minorities for the sake of political correctness at the expense of his race and people are shouting that he's racist for bringing it up, saying that he's privileged and doesn't have to endure discrimination. Yet anytime there's even the slightest noticeable discrepancy within society between any other race, particularly blacks (because they're easily the most vocal about it), it's all right for them to take up arms, protest, boycott and threaten lawsuits, even when such matters are well beyond matters of racism, such as so-called "job equality" where businesses must hire based on 'race equality' and not actual job qualification, or if there are less perceived black models than a focus group would like to see (though you never hear about the disproportionate amount of blacks vs whites in professional sports). This is a double standard to the extreme.

I've noticed this 'dumb, bumbling, goofy white guy' trend myself. Progressive has the dumb white guy asking, "What if mother won't let me drive?" which is immediately followed by the black women of the group glaring at him for being such an imbecile. Or how about all those Miller Genuine Draft commercials where the male is always a goofy, stupid, white neanderthal who is one-upped by the "smart" bimbo bartender (even though the premise of the commercials is absurd -- in reality, if a female bartender were to badmouth a male patron like that, she'd get a verbal ass-whipping at the very least). Speaking of which, in today's "smart" society, it's perfectly ok for the female to be sexist, but I digress.

There are too many issues with society as a whole and it goes beyond the racial divide. Blacks have to endure racism in the real world, much moreso than us whites -- that's just a fact. Not to say that sometimes it isn't the black person blowing something way out of proportion, but the fact remains. A black person walking through a white neighborhood is far more likely to be suspected as being 'up to no good' than a white person in a primarily black and/or latino neighborhood. Why is that? Public perception created by a paranoid media. As a direct result, blacks have to walk around with an air of unintentional paranoia.

And so it goes. There is and will always be things like racism and unequality of all sorts. You must develop a think skin and be a responsible individual who can look beyond the limits and agendas the media imposes on society, whether right or wrong, and, you'll find, become a better person for it.

I like the post. In fact, it reminds me of a Hungry Jack biscuit commercial that I had the pleasure of viewing years ago at about 1 in the morning. It was set up just like their pancake commercial with the White family sitting at a table and the loud mantra in the background, enthusiastically shouting, "Hungry...hungry for some pancakes..." Well, in this particular ad, it was a Black family sitting at the same table only the mantra was different. It was, "Hungry...hungry for some biscuits." Now, while that might not strike a cord for some folks, I thought it was hillarious because I could just imagine substituting "biscuits" for "chicken" or "watermelon". I'm from the South, so a Black family that's "hungry for some biscuits" just conjured up thoughts of watermelons, chicken and waffles, grits, and any other steryotypical food that Black folks eat a lot of (OK. I actually do think we eat a lot of chicken). Needless to say, after seeing this commercial and going to sleep, I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN. So I guess the ad was pulled. I just assumed that a Black family "hungry for some biscuits" and dancing around the table was probably just too much for Northerners to handle. We Southerners deal with racial bull from the cradle to the grave, and the biscuit commercial was actually hilarious in a racial way. I'm going to look for it online just to see if it survived and is posted anywhere.

The mere fact that you have a problem that there was white guys as the guys who break in a house ..shows that you are kinda racist!!! i mean whats the big deal?? as soon as they show white guys as criminals you have a problem with that??? it just show that you would like the way it was in the dumb ass 1940's or earlier!! you obviously was sh*t to be really f*cked up and ridiculous or else your not happy....if having a white criminal just once makes you mad..screw you!

KARMA, see you want all people to share in your insanity, but white people are they only cancer of this planet, soon they will die out and an we can all move on with our long whitey

Wow. Just popped back in on this, didn't think it was still going, but saw a link on the main page. Haven't gone all the way down the list, but this one is classic hypocrite material here:

You KKK a**holes don't like the diversity of this country than get the hell out!!! THis is a country of different cultures, ideologies, races, religions & that's what makes it great!!!! You & your hate is what is bringing us down!! I can't understand how you don't see how stupid & pathetic you all are for your hate. But, it's going to come back & bite you....hard.

V. REYNA (not verified)

Yeah, no hate from "V. REYNA". Classic, ironic, hypocrisy. Keep it up, "haters".

And yeah, Felix was right.

But shouldn't words like diversity and equality be taken a little more literally than the media and others are using it? It shouldn't so often be boiled down to black vs white. And there certainly are enough white criminals already without anyone trying to spin things around. And when were they planning on having just one of those "don't do drugs" commercials without a bumbling white mom in it futiley trying to communicate. Besides how exactly will that potentially going to help a parent of a young minority or anyone suffering from a drug problem anyway?

The article is absolutely true. The reason I came across this site is because I turned on my television and I saw yet another story about black people. I used to love CNN but now it is only about black peoples' lives. At first I used to just tune it out because I have little interest in it, I work hard to make sure my life is not like that. This afternoon there they were again and I had to just turn the TV off - and I got on Google to see if anyone else had noticed this trend or was it just me - and oh boy had they!
Someone should tell advertisers that when a white person sees a product advertised by a black person we think: "That is not for me, I do not need that because I do not live like black people do." And we tune it out. And the other way round: smart black, dumb white, we then know that we are being lied to, life is not like that and so we have no confidence that the product is as good as they say, as I make a note not to buy it.. I know this sounds awful but it is the way it is.
I left university having known just two black men, they were brilliant and we all respected them and accepted them in every way. Since those days I have been shocked by black behavior. While I came out of university "colour blind" I now make very sure that I live in a lilly white neighborhood where I do not get to see nor hear their ignorant way of living - and thanks to God and my hard work I have pretty much achieved that.

But what commercial products are even left that don't have a black face on them anyway? They're kind of off the charts with it. So at this juncture boycotting products doesn't really make much sense to me. Then there's the don't do drugs commercials which seems to indicate that the majority of kids doing them are white. Interesting message.

"we suffered so you have to suffer" is neither just, nor is it enlightened. Period.

You know, I never got to thinking of myself as a "racist" until Obama became president. Suddenly EVERYTHING became "racist". Over this past summer I even became convinced I really *was* a racist.

And by the way, by "racist" I don't mean-- "a person with slightly antiquated ideas", I mean "racist in 2010 = not much different than a foaming at the mouth homicidal maniac."

Anyway, I came to think maybe it was true. After all, I hated the Obama policies and I hate Affirmative Action (or at least its current incarnations). I'm opposed to illegal immigration as well, yet all of these things I'm against based on the principle not the race.

But I kept getting called "racist" for it. You know what that did? It fed my racism... it made me say "okay, fine-- you think I'm a racist? I'll let it all out..." and you know what I found?

Well, three things:

1- It's OKAY to be a little racist. I hate to say that because, it goes against what mainstream America tries to force you to think-- but a LITTLE racism is natural. If you're in line behind a black dude at the super market and he buys a bottle of grape soda... don't beat yourself up for thinking "of course he is."

Sometimes people do things that are stereotypical. If we can laugh about it and not turn it into a negative, it's not such an awful thing.

2- Following that point, dudes make fun of each other. If I make fun of my Hispanic friend and joke about him having a switchblade hidden in his sleeve, it's not like I really believe it-- we're just having fun with stereotypes. If I mention that it's ironic that my Asian nephew loves driving games... again, I'm just having fun with it.

In this day & age there is an absolutely stupid notion that "words matter." You know what matters SOOOOOO much more? Context.

3- Once my anger at constantly being barraged with the term "racist" subsided and I was able to really examine my feelings it turned out that there ARE people I truly hate... and most of them are the white people throwing around the word "racist".

Advertising plays the "safe" bet. They don't want to make anyone mad. It's assumed since whites (and specifically males) have been in power so long, they can "take" it. This is 100% true on an individual case by case basis. Nobody wants to point out the fact that when EVERY agency takes this safe bet it DOES end up looking like a new form of discrimination.

Worse though, look at local news teams (gee-- they "found the best reporters": one black, one Asian, one Hispanic, one white woman and one gay white man...). It's not so much racist as overly cautious, and as a result? Intellectually insulting.

White males all over tv are now being portrayed as fat, lazy, stupid, violent...etc.... This is all part of what I believe is goevernmental standards that are brainwashing this country and dumbing down the white male while putting blacks on a pedestal. What they understand it that is is 100% the level of discrimination they supposedly are trying to prevent. It is ridiculous. If reality it tv and tv is reality then someone is out right lying and black people are being portrayed in an unrealistic reality...(?). They have their own tv station as well but for some reason have to infest mine as well. Its all a ploy and white people need to start making the same stand that black people have been allowed to and put a stop to this foolishness.

Love your post Felix and I am glad to know that someone else has noticed. I think it's rediculous myself and I know why they are doing this, it's because of our president, to make him feel more comfortable to feel as though he fits (?) in. Well, I personally think it stinks. I remember how it was back in the 80's the "Make them feel as though they fit in," caused most places to eventually close down because they ended up taking over and there was way too much violence. I'm ready to turn my cable off and forget about it untill everything blows over as I am sure eventually it will.

Signed: Lesson learned

PS: Does this mean I'm racist??

I just have to do this because of some of these posts:

...White shines and in darkkness black hides,

White people are dying out. Blacks are being placed on pedestals when they've proven [they] can't run their own country (Haiti, Ethiopia, etc) and the sneaking giant is upon us - Mexicans. Who the Hell cares anymore. The Chinese are simply waiting for us to figure our own bullshit out and move in when [we] Americans screw it all up. We're almost there.

Canada complains about the same thing, except there is a low population of black people in Canada, so all they are complaining about is how men are being portrayed as bumbling and women as the strong ones. Almost exactly the same theme as this article, minus any racial. I don't think this is a racial issue, more of a 'lets pile on a perceived oppressor - its a proven theme', and the almost complete lack of a promoting of white pride (perhaps because of a shock of what happened with our white colonialist great great great great great great grandfathers).

I really love this debate. I only read half of it, but the fact that it doesn't resort to name calling or overt bigotry and actually is perpetuated by those who are informed, use proper grammar and statistics is remarkable. This is an emotional issue. There is an overall picture here though that Felix was alluding to. Wherever i go, as a white male, I'm sneered at and ridiculed. There isn't anything wrong with my appearance, the problem is that i live in one of the most freakishly liberal cities in the country, Portland Oregon. 30% of the women are lesbians, the rest are fiercely competed over and no white males ever feel comfortable, far from white privilege, The lesbians hate us, the minorities (I've been here for two years and their population as far as i can tell has doubled) hate us, though they all want to sleep with white girls, and you actually get messed with everywhere you go. Even worse, I'm not an affluent white male, so I've got nothing going for me. After forty years of institutionalised white guilt, every college in the nation leaving its white male graduates psychologically castrated, at this point you're beating a dead horse. While white males comprise about 35% percent of Portland's population, we can't get jobs no matter how many degrees we have, or how competent we are, they're all set aside for minorities and women and the ones that aren't officially set aside have hiring managers that hate white males- all minorities and women. Everyone in the city largely ignores that Portland was all white until about 1980, and its "slave class" was made up of 70 percent of its population being white trash who would do anything for a dollar and didn't benefit from any privilege, if you want to talk about broken people, I can immediately pick out the people of the lower class in this city who've been discriminated against for well over 100 years, because they neither benefit from affirmative action or inherited wealth, and they are DESPERATE. Still decent, but desperate. I've befriended people who've been here for generations, and the younger "white trash" can't get jobs period.

Alright, finished reading the whole debate, and there are Alot of very good points.

Here's another one. I grew up in projects in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but spent every waking hour doing charity work in the Badlands of North Philly. Its funny, I usually have better emotional rapport with black people when I get to know them, because I didn't have any white friends until I was eight years old. Regardless, black people make me really nervous. Know why? By the time I was eight years old I saw over thirty of them shot and stabbed to death, by other black people. I INSTANTLY have a reaction whenever I see a black male. Fight or flight reflexes, the whole nine. Every other day on my way to school though, it seemed I stepped over an African American corpse sans Reebok Pumps and eight ball jacket. I have that reaction from time SPENT around black people, not some crazy media fabrication. The only reason me and my blonde haired blue eyed mother were never harassed was due to some archaic African legend about a blonde haired blue eyed woman having a red-haired child who was the son of the devil. So that's what kept us safe. My father was the devil,..... of course, it all makes sense now. By the way, this is a completely true story.

Don't forget all the fat white people in the Jenny Craig commercials. As if there aren't more fat black people than white people in this country due to their inability to make rational healthy food choices. They're the reason why that half white muslim obama forced the death care bill down our throat. All the greasy food "his people" way. This article isn't racist or racial its the truth, the only thing I see racist or racial in the article are the black people calling names. Also, what makes anybody think I want to hearhip hop crap music in these commercials? That is some annoying music.

It's not just about what people here are saying about commericals which has truth to it. The racial population has changed possibly more than people care to admit or even document for that matter. (Census accurate much lately?) Generally speaking "minorities" have more children than whites do. Duh! I think that these commericals, TV shows, etc are likely just indicative of those changes than it might be of any kind of an agenda. And not implying that the stereotypes are not true or less problematic either.

How about you just change the channel? Commercials are not meant to show you reality, that's what "reality" is for. Ads are designed to make you believe this product is what you need, want, and must have. If the Ad did not do that for you, turn the channel. There will never be a balance of the races in advertising because the population is not balanced amongst the races in any country on Earth. In short, your argument is little more than a mutepoint. Be proud to be white and stop trying to find something to be complain about.

Most people feel like you but are too afraid to voice it. It is true, the only ones allowed to be idiots on commercials are white males. I always say that to my husband "oh here comes the stupid white guy again". I hate the political correctness and the fact it stands in the way of stating the truth about things. It's not racist to point out the obvious truths. It's reverse racism and just as wrong.

Hey, I grew up in a mixed-race neighborhood. The white folks stayed with the white folks, the black folks stayed with the black folks. everyone was very happy. Then back in the 60's. John Kennedy and Lindin Johnson did the Linclon thing by "freeing the negros" for a second time.

But now, since we have a half-black president, baseball,basketball, football taken over by black faces. apparently tennis, hockey, bowling, billiards and golf are next. Then, suddenly I see commerials with equally balanced blacks, whites and hispanics, and yes, the poor idiot white guys are the dumb-dumber jerks. Oh, and then I see a thanksgiving commercial where every white family has black friends in for a turkey dinner, a cookout on the patio where curiously the same black people show up. Of course the white guy fu*ks-up and is made the fool.
I cannot close without the fast-food commercials where, curioulsy all of the black guys either have white girlfirends, or white women drooling over them.

Have a nice day while you refer to me as a "racist".

Many of us white males are as downtrodden as those the commercials serve to protect. And the notion that today's male must be sacrificed for the wrongs of others - past and present - is psychologically sick. In fact, there's no rational excuse for this hateful treatment of the white male. The advertisers - and even classrooms - are gradually programming young people into an unrealistic and hateful caste system. The best study subject would be the full collection of six Angie's List commercials, which border on German propaganda films.

It comes down to this: are these commercials helping or are they hurting a progression towards equality? And honestly, if you think that this abuse is somehow acceptable, you really should open your mind. What exactly did I, myself, do to deserve this. I was born into poverty, bullied and abused, quite the opposite of my portrayal in contemporary rhetoric.

PS: The new Windows Phone commercial series "Really", shows white males intentionally hit by their (hero) wives and kids, and have their genitalia insulted by a black male (hero). And the black male coach even says he doesn't want to be like the white male coach.

We proudly refer to Obama as a black president - as if we find his white half irrelevant or embarrassing. Is it THAT wrong to be born a white male? Really...?!

The culprit in this conspiracy is the progressive
who has taken control of the media, the educational institutions, the written word,and the courts.
When blacks take over entirely, the resulting corruption will bring America to its knees in preparation for an anarchist takeover. This was conceived in the twenties as a sequel to the Russian Revolution.

Yu white dudes is just mad cuz yo bitches prefer the brutha these daze. Man i got so many white girls just wanna give it up and have little brown babies. Why? Cuz y'all aint real men just like in those progressve comershuls. Yuz rather bang each other than the wimmen. That's awite cuz i luv wite p@@@y. Id rather have wite p@@@y than be one!!!

Love the article, and I agree. Black female here, btw.

And Aiimme..... I guess that it would just shock the hell out of you to know that there are literally TONS of Black people out there that don't have "jive accents". You really do need to get out more. Guess you've never heard Oprah, Barak Obama, James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad, and a virtual shit load of non actor blacks (of course they can only speak well when cameras are rolling and when given a script!!) who also manage to speak the English language the way it's written and with the proper grammar and syntax intact. I have to wonder what part of the country you grew up in. I really do. Must suck to come from there.

Anyway, I see these types of commercials and they do give me pause. Yes, criminals come in all colors, but yeah, the thugs that seem to stay the busiest (according to crime statistics) just happen to be black ones. I wouldn't be the least bit upset if a black criminal was portrayed in one of these ads. I live in New York City, and to me, it would be quite realistic.

My pet peeve at the moment with commercials has more to do with the fact that they keep showing unattractive as hell fat guys with slim, pretty wives. Every frickin' company from Best Buy, to Campbell's to Progressive is repeatedly showing this gross misrepresentation of reality.
WTF is up with that?? I mean, it's like they're trying to coach women as a whole to lower their standards when choosing a mate. In the meantime, the message seems to say "even if you're ugly, fat and repulsive you can STILL get a hot babe, dude! You deserve it!! In the meantime, "you girls had better keep your appearance up by consuming low fat yogurt, Weight Watcher's, buying Victoria's Secret get ups and making sure that you don't miss one day at the gym!" The prize for that is the opportunity to settle down with any random fat guy who will sweat like a pig while on top of you and then demand that you go and make him yet another fat saturated, calorie laden dinner so he can become even fatter! Yay!
THAT shit offends me far more than anything else I've seen on ANY TV commercial!!

lol why u mad tho?

But seriously I don't see how that's this upsetting, the diversity in advertising is there because as people selling products appealing to as many markets as possible makes sense.

Actually this is a RACIST post.

I can't believe you watched those ridiculous commercials and the only complaint you had was there were not enough black criminals in them. The commercials are totally unrealistic. The scenarios are totally made up. Who does a home invasion in the middle of the day in that neighborhood with a house full of people?

The race of the perpetrator is actually the only thing that is realistic. The majority of white women are raped by white men. That is a fact. If you are going to make a generic scenario about a white woman being raped you would make the perpetrator white. So they got that correct. Secondly you would make it someone she knows. So they got that part totally wrong. Interesting how you missed that glaring mistake and instead went off on your racist tangent.

Well I guess since the commercial is obviously designed to be totally false you're right. They should have made all the rapists black.

Do yourself a favor... turn off Fox News, put down your copy of Mein Kampf, and go to the library and learn some real facts before spewing this hate.

And if you don't think a potential rape was what was being portrayed... don't get me started on white serial killers.

You are very racists it shouldn't matter which race goes to jail you fucking idiot.

I loved this! Thank you! Totally agree. I had to do a project for my communications class and it was pissing me off that my teacher wanted us to find racial profiling. I kept telling her that I just wanted to look at everyone as people, not of some color or race or gender.
It stinks that we live in a day where everyone is just looking to be offended.

The majority of Jerry Springer's audience and guests are white; am I then to make an assumption based on that?
12 people arrested in assault of white couple in Connecticut
White devils are sneaky!
They be everywhere!


Denver Police and the FBI say a series of arrests following a four-month investigation has uncovered a gang-related, bias-fueled campaign to attack white males on the 16th Street Mall and in the lower downtown Denver area.

"We have arrested 31 of 35 suspects on a wide range of charges," said Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman.

"These suspects say they are members of the Black Disciples and Rolling 60 Crips and they claim they have even formed a coalition to attack white men, who were alone in and around downtown. One suspect would hit the victim, trying to drop them to their knees, then the others would also join in, stealing money and other items."

Gang expert Rev. Leon Kelly says similar acts have been going on for more than a year in other parts of the country, and this summer the 'game' finally rolled into Denver.

"I am not a gloom and doom person, but when we see other gang members video taping these attacks in vacation areas like West Palm Beach to get money others will follow the lead," Rev. Kelley said.

"They would attack tourists who may have cash and might not report the crimes, then they would VIDEO TAPE THE ATTACK and SELL THE VIDEO TO MAKE EVEN MORE MONEY."

Not sure I see the point of the last post. There obviously will be some black on white crimes that overlap or whatever and also some that are even bias and not random. Point received. The reverse is true also, etc, etc. Like somebody said here; the media sugarcoats various things not just racial relations. Any other conclusions?

This is the part where you join the industry and try to fix it's wrongs. Can't be that hard.

im white/mexican. im really offended when i see white men constantly portrayed as stupid. the media shouldnt use any race or gender as a punching bag.

I challenge any poster here to identify a SINGLE TV commercial with a black perp.

I have been watching for one for over 20 years fruitlessly.

Google your city name and add most wanted.

View the pictures and wonder with me why not a SINGLE TV commercial in 20 years contains a black perp.

I've thrown the gauntlet, find me a single one and I will eat my words.

Not sure who or how one would have the gumption do that math besides you who supposedly did your own. But if that is actually the case that indeed would be sick. Very unfortunately we go from one drastic extreme to another in this country. Too bad.

....the planet of the apes had a much deeper meaning

This article is more true than anything I have read in a long time. Every commercial has a black in it, even though the are only 12% of Americas population yet make up over half of the US prison population. The vast majority of black people cannot even string together a simple proper declarative English sentences. This being so, I find it perplexing if not utterly comical that 95% of American commercials feature blacks as those that are the most educated and intelligent of all humans. They also show them living in homes that are right out of a Home Depot circular and driving beautiful cars. The fact is this is almost NEVER the case in real life. Most blacks live in slums, have bad credit & drive 30 yo cars with huge shiny rims and speak in babble. Most break-ins are committed by blacks (59.2% to be exact). However, every Brinks security ad would lead you to believe this is not so. The perpetrator is always a white male in these commercials. I laugh whenever I see these ads. These commercials are based in a fantasy land. And, they do turn a good portion of the public off. I will not buy a product that uses these fake ploys to be PC. The fact is, most black people are just bad news altogether. Any neighborhood the move into, the crime & problems are not far behind. Also, most blacks do not have good enough credit or money in the bank to buy these magical cars and home that commercials portray them to have.

This is so accurate. I'm glad someone was brave enough to say it.

I can think of a few other commercials depicting the white person as stupid, and the black as smarter as well.
(i.e. the Special K diet shake commercial, and the camera commercial showing the white couple who paid more for their camera, then the black couple who where smart enough to get a better deal.).

Personally, I find these commercials intentionally offensive.

STOP CALLING THE BLACK PEOPLE THE N-WORD B/C THEY'RE TRYING TO USE THAT NOW TO DROWN ME OUT ABOUT THEIR RAPE AND THE WAY THEY HIDE MOUNTAINS OF SCREAMING RAPE VICTIMS BY CALLING THEM RACIST : the black people working together : we fucked this man over and up and he's pissed off and now we have to call him a racist to bury him under the ol' mountain of buried screams in front of everybody as quickly as possible, so we can continue to take advantage of all those others who have yet to be used and backstabbed and fucked over by our race of man all secretly working together to rape murder and howl at injustice and pain with callous and insensitive heart and look good in front of everybody with a fake two-faced gloating pig smile that smells of pig ass rape to high heaven.

'Be American! Offend all minorities equally!' That's including white people, whatever that means. Happy 4th peoples. I am celebrating by watching girls dance in american flag bikinis on the spanish channel.

Thank you to Felix and all of you for this post. I love the fundamental question and have wondered about this for years. I even wondered at some of the same ads. But I am really only posting to thank the extremists who have posted. You guys are hilarious! Seriously I laughed so hard at many points in this very long string (may it go on forever)! Don't get me wrong, you are the cancer of society and stupid to the marrow, but incredibly funny. Good times man... I loved the abundance of the term "whitey" and the planet of the apes reference actually forced Sprite out my nose! Seriously, who still talks like that. I would pay good money to see a reality show with all of you on it. I think we all would!

Yes the commercials make the white guy the IDIOT guess what how many white guys are LIBERAL ? Now days 50% are Liberal and that makes them IDIOTS.How about the white girl being swept up what about love they sing.Swept up like dirt.White folks are in trouble and most don't have a clue!White Liberal are IDIOTS

I think it's just culling the herd. The wiggers, mudsharks and morons will drop out of the white gene pool, leaving the best of the best behind to rule. Did you know that better than average looking people are also more intelligent than average? Google it. And guess who they are? If you're white and support the "multicultural agenda," you're likely an evolutionary loser in this game. Sayonara!

Thank God there's still a realist with a brain. I think you brought me back some sanity with this.

When I watch television shows and advertising (commercials) there is very little Hispanic representation. I wonder when our Al Sharpton will emerge?

Hey, everyone bitching about minorities...I'm white. I was considered a minority at my schools up until I graduated highschool. I observed more racism towards white people than I EVER did towards other races during my entire education. Do I get to gripe about the suffering of minorities, since I was technically considered one? I could totally be all butthurt about these commercials, since I was oppressed growing up. Matter of perspective, my friends.

Good article, very true.
White American xenocentrism applied to advertising. Its all paradoxical.

I love PeopleToPeople!

You hit the nail on the head! Advertisers are afraid to depict ANY PERSON of COLOR as a criminal. Watch any tv ad and I'll guarantee you that the criminal will be a WHITE MALE. Direct TV, ALL HOME SECURITY ads, drunk driving ads, you name it, CRIMINALS ARE ALL WHITE MALES. I don't even give a crap about throwing actual stats out there. Just be fair. Don't want to hear about the past, because 2 wrongs don't make a right. To the morons who say "Grow the Fuck up" I say WAKE THE FUCK UP"! People like that think that only white people can be racist. You don't even realize that this is occurring on tv. Pay attention and post any ad in which you see a person of color depicted as a criminal. Good luck. You'll need it because you won't find it.

So funny that there are a lot of post by blacks that just don't want to face reality about the misrepresentation those commercials ring to viewers. From Geico to Progressive, KFC to Popeyes, and Citi Bank to american express. They all do not represent true ethnic ratio of the product or services offered.
I guarantee that if 2 of the 3 criminals in the Broadview commercial were black, Al Sharpton would be calling Broadview threatening a lawsuit!
Anyone can verify that blacks commit more crime than whites based on a ratio of comparative races.

Bravo Mark...Excellent point!

Thank you Proper responder! Nice to hear from people that don't have their head buried in the sand...or worse yet, in a place where the sun doesn't shine.

According to erectile dysfunction ads, all men who can't get boners are white, middle-aged--except that one black couple that sits in the dual bathtubs. LOL--great post. I'm not much of a racist but commercials are turning me into one quickly.

Good point on the E.D. ads. I'm not a racist either.

What does the ED accronym stand for? I think it advertises for posTvac. 'You can be all your going to be, or you can be all your not going to be, so why not be all you can be.' & that commercial meets all the racial status quo qualifications.

Rob, thought I was the only person who thought that the Hispanic issue or should I say lack of Hispanics was so ridiculously apparent not to mention just plain weird. And I'm Italian decent and am not married to one or anything so hypothetically it shouldn't really concern me much or supposedly shouldn't really care that much about it. But the fact that where I live in New Jersey and I assume New York also is I mean totally loaded with them especially northern Jersey doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Forgive me for getting off topic here. I think that's also why not only the way various peoples are portrayed but the amount of blacks in commercials appear a bit too contrived besides previously the other reasons people have mentioned.

The Race debate is ignert! America is a melting pot? Everyone has equal chance If not certain races more programs and supportive opportunities than others and that is the bottom line sophisticated. Be American: And discriminate all races equally.' If not everyone attacking each other and bringing others down purposely and non-stop to subordinate others.

I've seen different design from all over the world and if not through physically travel through media. There is equal opportunities and different local snobberies everywhere considerately for all genders and races or sexual orientation or status, it is not a reason to let design quality & standards go downhill or have no constraint in such a diverse facet of specializations in the trade. People hone their own niches and know their own weaknesses and strengths & what is a profession vs. hobbie/fun. It takes time and training and everyone needs money to get there. There are host guidelines when you are in in other regions and respect issues on different stages they are of equal considerations and mutual levels of respect and/or co-existance. It is not a competition between peoples, it shouldn't be, which is a sad and close-minded reality. People use their success and timing to stay as a leader. Which is great, if the honor it constructively and not abusively to subordinate contestants, workers, or peers, it should be common sense. Such as competition where you work harder on your own focus of work and keep your personal business yours and don't derail other people by scandal or manipulation. It can be a means to an end if you find yourself there and are interested?

I wish I knew WTH DesignBiennaleWorld? was trying to say.

I don't think you are racist i just think you are like a majority of the white people in America, you are bothered by change and the advancement of any race other than yours. It only the black and white people who make a big deal out of something that had nothing really to do with race. The commercials and ect. you mention i can explain a couple to you. Okay the fact that there are commercials with white criminals breaking into white homes i have a theory on that: today most racist white people are slick with racism they say they arent racist but they deny blacks who are qualified for positions of any job or career. You sound like a child whining.
I mean no white people complain when black people are dancing like a slave entertaining masters and rapping about a damn double cheeseburger or a dollar value fry but you get mad when a white guy gets denied for a loan b/c he has bad credit and a black man gets approved. Maybe that white guy gets loans to pay off credit cards in a never ending cycle and just maybe the black guy was approved b/c he wants to start building credit by using his car as collateral. You are sad stuck in the stereotypical world of races. Grow up man.

Everyone advances everyday & everybody continually celebrates that growth, being open-minded for a different future has nothing to do with profiling people as a vehicle to arrive there in a tangible mentality. If you buy into change, you are like a homeless person begging with your hand out, it is the reason you are personally held back in frustration and mis-understanding and you could give examples forever with no avail. The past wasn't perfect, it never is, but people transcend. It is about forgiveness, humility, and acceptance of transitioning programs that are continually implemented. It reminds me of the John Legend song that says,' Let them finally, so they can die;' I don't take that literally, but as personal liberation from past struggles. Personal growth of people getting over their own past barriers and moving forward. If it is a crazy fight out of vanity, humanity will not not advance, because of nepotism ,power, and control. That has nothing to do with being white and white people competively keep each other down everyday! Having a half-black president is not going to work like magic to bring that understanding into a quick fix reality. Clever, I like your E & L letter switch if that isn't a bigot judgment and personal slight as to why you are better than me, amongst other reasons i know,I don't know what is.

"America has invented some of the besest things in the world: McDonald's, gangsta rap, spaghetti, and swimming. But your country's got problems, too; there's been much sadness since the terrible events of 7/11, and also there is still racialism, even to the native peoples-you know, what's them called, the [makes Native American war cry]-them ones."

*Check Out Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazahstan, 20th Centruy Fox. 2006

**Also Check out Bruno, Universal Studies. 2009

Blacks are the real racists. If a black bumps into a white person, they say nothing and the white says nothing. If a white bumps into a black, they apologize, and still risk being killed. Let me ask you this: which person has the bigger risk: is a black man breaks down at midnight in an all white neighborhood and has to walk 2 miles to a service station....and a white guy breaks down in an all black neighborhood and has to walk 2 miles thru it...which stand the best chance of being attacked? The black guy wouldnt be touched and probably would have people saying hello as the passed. The white guy wouldnt have a chance to come out of there in one piece and we all know it. I could give 20 more examples, but we get it.

WHoo is the ganiter & whoy is da councilor? Me don't know what darling the football game on sundee stellar foobbee cable channknee? what green military ray is that bench? No raider watchee! No watch at all maybe. who gives a fAK? Mexican rules my world from now on.

I am white and I also think you are an overblown, due to die, fucking idiot for saying that. It depends where exactly you are, there are white neighbourhoods that are about the same in terms of dangerousness. I think you just dont have sense. This is 2011 WAKE THE FUCK UP! Shit like that isnt said anymore...

I am white and I also think you are an overblown, due to die, fucking idiot for saying that. It depends where exactly you are, there are white neighbourhoods that are about the same in terms of dangerousness. I think you just dont have sense. This is 2011 WAKE THE FUCK UP! Shit like that isnt said anymore...

Mr or Mrs CQQL,
Thank you for pointing out that I'm due to die. I would have never figured that out had it not been for your highly intelligent observation and commentary. I'd love to pick on your double digit IQ, which probably runs wild in your NEIGHBOURHOOD, with emphasis on the U in neighborhood, but you have enough problems.

Great melting pot? I guess that obviously still applies to some extent but I would venture to say that in the classical sense it no longer is anywhere near what it used to be regarding ethnic numbers. Now it's basically the cracker, collard green and taco pot pretty much.

You are absolutely correct. It is because the Jews, who practically own advertising, and the Blacks have gotten together to destroy whites. Very simple. Whoever cannot see this is dumb themselves.

I have kept my mouth shut too long and now I feel I can speak freely. My best friend is black, but that is not the issue. She is my friend, not my black friend. Intellligent people do you see the difference? I raised all of my children with just 2 rules: First treat everyone the way you would like to be treated and second NEVER touch anything that personally does not belon to you. However, in the defense of Felix, please explain why there is a Negro College Fund and not a Caucasian College Fund. In the town I live in, explain why there is an African American Picnic but not a Anglo Saxon picnic. Please explain why there was a FREAKNIK for college spring break, when any person in college could go anywhere to have fun? Explain why Freaknik had to be banned from Atlanta, GA because of the open sexual acts,vandalism, and all out bedlam. I 'm just asking. Also on tv when a commercial comes on say after "Everybody Hates Chris" only black people are in it. Last but not least please explain 2 things to me: why can black people call each other "nigger" but not a white person? Seems kind of ignorant to want to perpetuate a negative connatation. And second I am an American (Irish American), if you were born in this country, call yourself an American not African American, we can all see that, but if you were born in Africa, then that makes since. Thank you Felix for allowing me to say the things on my mind. I love all people and my daughters were brought up to see "the man in the green shirt" NOT "the black man over there". We all cry, hurt, bleed, love, hate, rejoice............Until all Americans embrace that then we will always be prejudiced. By the way Did you know there are two black class systems in Atlanta? Get right with the world folks and just respect and love one another.

One more thing, that guy named BILL sounds like he is a raving lunatic.

The bottom line is that the shoe is on the other foot for whites FOR ONCE and they cant handle it.

It is useless to "debate" with white people they just don't get "it". The world is changing white will have to get over "it". Isnt that what you tell any other group, especially blacks, when it comes to bringing up grievances.

Well Felix and ilk just get over it and suck it up like black folks have had to do for nearly six centuries. Its only good old innocent fun when a white person denigrates a person of another race and they need to just get the f-ck over it.

Well now you folks can do the same. The very ones who cry about racism yet turn around and spout off the stats about the racial demographics of the prison industrial machine show their own racism.

I am a recently retired homicide detective having done my time in several large California counties and if you seriously believe that the system is not racist and unjust then I have beachfront properties on Jupiter to sell you. It's funny some of you bigots could only see how the system "failed" when OJ "got off. Well blacks have been seeing the failure for centuries.

Its the law of karma and whites should be happy. You are only experiencing a tiny fraction of what blacks have had to put up with from you and your institutions for years. Funny how you racists weren't complaining about the "Jew" controlled media for years when they were churning out those great "American" classics known as Birth of a Nation and Gone with the Wind.

Stop your damn whining and man the f-ck up. You are acting like damn spoiled azz bratty children who dropped your icecream cone. Bishing over a few commercials. When blacks stopped being portrayed as thugs and criminals and buffoon in every other form of media then get back to me - when you return from your KKK meeting or Neo-nazi rallies.

Like someone else said, if all blacks had to do was whine over a few commercials in TV land we would be screaming that it was the second coming of Christ and his angels. Unlike you spoiled white guys, we dont have the luxury of being able to pick up a damn remote and turn off all of the problems we face in this screwball country full of ignorant screwball hate-filled bigots.

Face it, blacks are the most loving understanding race of people. White people need them more than ever to keep the country flowing. Blacks get most of the govt jobs at all levels per capita because they are more intelligent than other races. They don't have to strive in school because we all know that they are superior in all aspects of learning. They don't have to raise their young because society will have to deal with them and give them everything or the will burn our cities to the ground. If you can get a black in every home we will all be silenced to the bigotry of this great race. I know this is all true because television tells me so.

Gee, I guess the author of this post kind of understands how Black people have felt all these years.

Funny, that it only took a short while before white people started gripping about their representation in media, but all the decades that black people were doing it we were just "making something out of nothing", or "seeing something that wasn't there".

They're in every commercial with the boog-a-boo music and they're less then 14% of the population.

Lol. I think its HILLARIOUS that people would whine about about whites bieng portrayed in some commercials. As for the "balance" quote...the commercials that were named all had 1 black much for balance.

Unfairness to one is unfairness to all. The negative stereotypes of every criminal, school bully etc. is a white guy or white male adolescent. This is simply an unfair advertising practice.

If reverse discrimination is not being practiced against white people,
then what is AFFIRMATIVE ACTION all about?? When a person is
given an opportunity he hasn't earned by virtue of ability, the person
who has earned it is unjustly deprived. This is un-American, and it is
Aside, black crime against whites is 50X more likely to occur than
the reverse. Look at the prison population, eye opening, in spite of
the "special protection" blacks are accorded in US courts. One sees
that black men are America's criminal class, considering the fact
that blacks account for only 12% of the total population. Of course
young black men do not avail themselves of the many educational
opportunities they have. They likewise no longer enlist in the military.
Why should they, when instant wealth is available through illegal drugs
and other crimes.
All this being true, why the portrayal in Hollywood and Madison Ave.
depicting black men as our new leaders, and white men as boobs?
Because the progressives who control these industries want to undo
our capitalistic system, and understanding the innate corruptibility of
blacks, they strive to place them in control, so their ends are realized!
But not to despair. Obama is a mistake America will never make again,
and his defeat will sweep in a different sort of US Congress!

The racist profiling and circumstance debate is old and overdone for rehashing and change in presidential political race. That is all. YAWN.

It is worse now.

The advertising thing is clearly deliberate and whether lefties want to admit it or not it also very racist by design. When you see a white woman and black man portrayed as husband and wife in a commercial. They are intending to reach First all the white markets with their words and product placement and attract the black men specifically with this message, "If you buy this product you can get a white women." That's!! racist and insulting.
By the way, to the married black women out there, pay attention to the products your husband buys and restaurants he likes to eat at and watch their commercials. I think you'll be shocked to find out that he buys products that endorse his truest desires, if you know what I mean. By their actions advertisers are being the biggest racists of all with the sublimation sexual messages, and yet they would use the fact that they paired BLK MAN/WHITEWOMAN as proof of their lack of racism. .
To the black women out there, why are there almost no Blk woman White men paired in films except in the case of Very light skinned blk women like Zoe Saldana and rarely even then. The reason is because they have the least to fear from you because your black MALE leaders have you convinced that you are victims and they are looking out for you. You know like the rich and famous BLK men Rappers who preach all their suffering in the HOOD, and yet the pursue and date and marry white women. BIG Hipocrisy!!. ICE-T, Puff and countless other who as soon as they get their paycheck they don't pursue Black women nearly as much if at all.they. They only pursue white women Asians and Hispanics for the most part. Aren't they by their actions the biggest hipocrits.
ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS!!!
To the BLk women again. Remember AL Sharpton and the Tawana Brawley case that he created that wasn't even true. That's how Al Sharpton became famous as a Blk Leader??? he was a fat t-shirt wearing slob who used everyone including a young black woman an named Tawana Brawley and ruined the lives of everyone involved including the so called Victim. just to get the publicity he needed and then after destorying her life he moved onto the next issue. His Fame came at the expense of a Black woman. Why do Black women accept so much crap from the men of their race. Sharpton and to a lesser degree,like Jesse jackson, (Who Cheated on his wife and sent HIS kids to private schools while claiming the public schools were good) get the success and the rest of you continue do the heavy lifting of life. Why are they called Reverend, They are anything but, yet one station gave Al Sharpton his own show??. that's an insult to Black people and race baiting at it's worst. He can barely articulate a sentence never could. There are Man Many intelligent Black men and women in America who present incredible arguments,. but the media chooses Al Sharpton because he Makes the most inflammatory unsubstantiated comments.
It's called stirring the pot,
My point is that the media worries about the Black men, like the aforemnentioned "Reverends??? and) and not the Black women because you have been led to believe that all prominent blacks fight for you. Trust me in all the years Jackson and Sharpton have been complaining their lives get better and yours gets worse. The reason is because if your life got better they would not have anything to rant about and get rich off of.
Black women are usually used when they want make to make a white man seem ignorant, but not in a relationship. In that situation they are actually insulting Blk viewers by showing the black society, a smart BLK woman just showed up whitey for you so buy this product. They are forming a subliminal message because of the prevailing race baiting in this country that has created a weakness in people who want to exact the smallest vengeance or pay back scenario and by associating their product with a little vengeance for you, Then the product is placed in your memory. You don't even know it's happening. Wake up. These are just some of the true real racisms being perpetrated against black people and other minorities by the media and they do it with a defendable Magician's slight of hand.
BIG MESSAGE. "WE"RE NOT RACIST LOOK AT THE PEOPLE IN OUR COMMERCIAL". Real Subconcious message,BLK MAN BUY OUR PRODUCT AND YOU CAN GET WHITE WOMAN" That's insulting!!! But it's their real message.
BLK WOMEN DON"T FORGET, Make a list of your man's products and see if some or all feature Blk Man Wht women ads.
The racism is not in that people point out what the media is doing. The real racism is that the media holds themselves up as crusaders of racial equality but by their actions and intentions, they treat Black people as ignorant. Media is all about MESSAGES.
They wormed their way into our hearts with TV shows like Bonanza and Gunsmoke where good always won over evil and the message was. "You can trust us". in the next breath they manipulate people in their commercials with subliminal/ subconscious strong imprints that people follow when they shop.
To Black Americans and Americans in General wake up, Cultivating racism brings profits and success for the hipocrits in both races. WAKE UP!!!!

Although sometimes the better half of myself thinks it's 1962 or the 80's, it is in fact 2012 and Barrack Obama is the president of the United States of America. I'm not scared of him and that means there are no more scary half-blacks or blacks from whatever origin race or gender. As much as the media has prepared us for this by imitating this role in movies and on 24 for years, it what we thought it would be as a reality? The future?

This radical reform of the past was brought back diluted with an agenda as were old issues that were made too much of and treated as new.

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Is there anything to be affriad of anymore? Afraid, is frankly not good enough! One makes ones decisions and faces them and deals with them!

Hiding behind made-up ad pyschology. Which you should know all about, how to deal with, and the general public and problems the Internet churns out.

No, there are no scary black people anymore, and Black History Month, February, is not scary either. It took me a week or so to be able to publicly say that after the MTV 2009 Music Awards in which I won Best Female Video for ,'You Belong to Me,' and was rudely awakened in the first award awarded in the show by Kayne West jumping on stage, grabing my mic, and saying Beyonce should have won.

I realize he was cognacing on the red carpet and is fervent about his musical influences and tastes. But non the less am I scared. We all celebrate who we are.

And not forgetting the ABMA for music since 2005; The BMA's and abff that was started in film to celebrate their cultural progression since 1997.

This is a two year old blog, but is right on the fact, the advertising has only gotten more racist in it's use of many...MANY....more negroes in television advertising than whites.

As was pointed out, the racial make up of America is about 70 percent white, with negroes about 12 percent. So....WHY the tremendous imbalance in negroes getting about 75-80 percent of the actors in ALL television ads now?

I guess this is just another example of the liberal lies about wanting "equality" for negroes....they do not want "equality", as they claim, they want domination.

No other group has been more willing to SHARE political power with minorities and women, than has the American white male....NONE!

All other groups....negroes, women, gays, latinos (even the illegal ones, which most of them are in this country now), and even muslim barbarians...all of them....will NEVER share power once they get control...they ALWAYS do everything they can to exclude the white males...from racial and sexual quotas...with a bottom limit, but NEVER an upper limit on the percentage or number of negroes and females that can make up any particular group...whether it is admissions to law, medical, or veterinarian schools, ALL government office jobs, to television and acting jobs for commercials.

The white males need to stop fearing being labeled "racist, sexist, homophobic"....since no matter what we do, we are falsely labeled those things anyway....and start taking every single case we find...and there are hundreds of thousands of the way, where's the LIBERAL ACLU, or the LIBERAL and RACIST EEOC when white males have a verifiable complaint?....answer..."You're out of luck...white boy"....

This is why the Kenyan born socialist, obama, is tearing this country apart...not just with his anti-American, unconstitutional "decrees" of his own version of law...but by his racist, the negro is always right, racism and pushing of his anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-American, socialist agenda.

Obama is a disaster for America....and we are seeing it being destroyed in every new "kingly decree" from obama, and each new television ad.

Television programming is crap along with black advertising. The simple solution is to cancel cable and read a book. Try to live without television for a week or better a month and you will realize that your life is better. I rarely see a black in my daily routine let alone one so talented as T.V. depicts.The true talented blacks that really give a damn will never be seen on CNN anyway. The best CNN could hope for would be a race war. They love long coverage.

Pam Grier is not scary! She is a sexy badass, and in a movie she takes of her shirt and shows herself. In contrary to the assumming idea that she does it in every movie.

Hey, I have an idea...why don't you all.....just shut up? Black this, white that. This may be beyond some of you but, about trying to love and accept people? We're all going to be dead soon....

youre exactly right. Im black not from America but i have noticed the overrepresentation of blacks in tv ads considering they are only 13% of the total population. I find the trend disturbing due to the fact that it is dishonest and divisive. Maybe the ad agencies are trying to rebrand blacks and other minorities as not different or "scary" but we all know this is a farce.

The fact that you wrote this article and I have already thought almost everything you wrote, validates the point! My google search to find this article was: why madison avenue compensates for the way blacks were treated in the past? and your article came up 3rd. The Broadview commercial is hilariously fake! But just remember, if an ad like that did put a Black man robbing the home while the white lady is scared out of her wits and calls the White customer service agency, You would have Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton coming down on you so fast, your head would spin. So, basically the advertising comes down to fear. It is what it is. America has "White Guilt" for sins of the past? It's just my observation. Good article.


Prejudice is not black!

I'm a HARD comic!

Broadview Security is chopped liver. Actually in lackluster of putdowns it is much more suckier, because I like liver a ton even though most people do not and that saying is meant to be poo-eh looked over and left out beyond and behind comment.

Broadview is not 'fake', in an existence of Real made, created material. They are fake in the sense of being a legitimate company in business, but their themed channel of production is not BAD in a bottomless pit and abyss of this spoofre online. This type of content is endless in a plethora where few leading gems stand out strong.

Why just keep making crap to make crap nothing changes and while you fall asleep druling some young hotshot sneaks in with a new fresh idea that works when you thought there were none no more not even phesable and possibly mind blowing that BOOMed breaking everybody and everything up in disorder to settle again to a like functioning order?

Anywho? Thing 1,2,3,or 4? Broadview Securities is old Internet video humor of a spoof..., *IN A BRICKED UP DUNGEON DEAD-END !!*
Internet channels have moved on! If they are any good, have a future and have squeaked by to larger prospects - with a little help of a friend?

Small video media companies should be marketing online. Freelancing to people who need videos for online and don't do it all themselves for bigger entities, besides hacked videos that are an unedited mess. People are still trained today and are more talented than this. There is not such a huge a schism between the top movie editors and the pitt; talented people and inDesign use the Internet too and there are environments and designs of all types: neutrality.

Their is more opportunity! There is especially more opportunity out there on the web. And lack of quality.

It is fun to play and create channels and projects? They get left in the dust of inexistence and hardly remembered by those keeping with and following the swiftly moving direction of the major game changers on the net! Paying clients take precedent and void time.

In my journey through the introductory Broadview Security Skit Video I didn't even conceptualize the ends of my mouth curling slightly upward or fathom being pursed.

I moved along as though it were absolutely nothing, but the fact that I like this editorial and the writer and it is fun and it is the longest running commentary on the Egotist to date.

Typecast: Broadview Securities...
Are they gonna pull it of - as employees?

Black or white background? That is the question?

I wouldn't want to link to BS either, as to endorse their Internet traffic and attention just by mentioning their name!

What color is that finger at the end? Turkey feather?

Can't even leave your women home alone these days. Or let them use the internet at night alone because of psychological trippers and referential perves. Better put a ring and a Mrs. on that quik Mr. just non changing Mr.

Blacks are now in 70% of all commercials. 70%! This trend has been growing for the past three years since Mr. Obama became President.This is simply the advertisers pandering to him and Michelle. She, in fact, met with advertisers/broadcasters in 2009 and made a few "suggestions" involving diversity in ads. No negative images of blacks would be greatly appreciated. The unfortunately reality is that 2/3 of black families are fatherless but in these commercials all black families have a father and mother. What's up with that? White males are portrayed as helpless, dumb and inept and are counseled/rescued by a black person. Say what?

Advertiser, no doubt, are getting front row seats at the President's weekly concerts at the White House.

Did Michelle do that? Everyone in public view has public scrutiny and would appreciate not being portrayed negatively or in the exact way they want, however particular, although that might not be the reality. I suppose unprecedented, being the first 1st African American 1st Lady* makes reason, but it is respect from all peoples - not just media advertising. Everyone went through some iteration.

There is a dichotomy of no acceptance; a level of unreasonable overbearing, not encouraging, and by no means acceptable and not good enough!

Not just saying fuck a-ass-ton-alot for any sake - design sake - not even breaking acceptance for the transcendence of by four seconds of frontal nudity in forms that differ slightly in variance by oscillating present time release of dual films presently.

A dichotomy of those that need to crawl out of my cunt, that is not accepted there! And I'm referring to the personal online attack that you think you can blur into confushion, that will not get you shit, is not your respectful place and will only result in further frustration.

Oh SHIT. I deleted it is a right of passing. Did I do that?

Thanks for saying BROADWAY

ONJ there is black 'help' in the Alamo!!! How did the black get to Texas, by hoping a boxcar? There was only half of the whole popularion of mexicans down there raising the border boundaries. No, were not going to reopen operation amerisuck iworld just for that U heard someone say mexicans are better workers than americans, because they stay to themselves and Americans require more attentive hassel.

I understand the point of view and that it seems unfair because I'm black and the media and commercials have portrayed us like that for years. You become aware that an image is being given to you and you get tired of being portrayed as such all of the time when it's not 100% the truth.

Thanks so much for writing this. Good food for thought. Gives an excellent look into the neurosis that is American advertising. And television for that matter. The only reason I found this is because I was doing research on portrayal of blacks in the media. I was interested to see if there were any statistics on how often black men were portrayed as criminals. The Zimmerman fiasco is a perfect example of a neighborhood watchman walking around with an episode of COPS playing in his head. He needed to pursue a black man who looked like he may be on drugs and had his hand on his waistband, and then basically chased him and shot him. The youth was unarmed.

I think you need to address this incident, and take inot consideration everything else you stated above. I look at those alarm ads, notice what you notice, but breathe a sigh of relief because its not showing me the black guy as always. Makes me think I might make it another day without being harassed by a guard or sheriff for simply walking with a skin colour of a darker hue.

This stuff impacts people's lives everyday! It's not just about ad dollars. Hope advertisers get it some day.

The above link describes how the show COPS often portrays an image of crime activity that is NOT at all accurate, especially when compared to actual crime statistics.

Reality is relative, and words should be used responsibly. Thanks....

Sherri on DWTS is scary!

I would rather see Elizabeth grace the show?!?

This is the reason the black girl has to go first. YUCK.

Bottom line is that there are an awful lot of white,asian and hispanic commercial tv actors on the unemployment line these days. Question is why the obvious disparity?


LOL re: Broadview, but one thing no one seems to have mentioned. One of the commercials they did that is NOT on youtube is one where the robber is white, but the people in the house are black! Yeah, a white man is going to break into the house of black people...!

I can't imagine why Broadview yanked THAT commercial!

just one more comment. This idea relates to the reverse of white and blacks. What if OJ Simpson was a white guy and he killed a black woman and young black male. I believe we would of had a national riot! Why, maybe blacks want to use any excuse to to blow racism out of its true proportion. Yeah racism is a human thing but rarely will blacks give any thanks to whites that have made sacrifices for human rights. Too many haters looking to use the "race card". The Zimmerman case is a good example. No kid deserves to die, but how about this kids character? Martin Luther King said others should be judged by this. Forget his color, what is his character, what happened? Too many angry blacks assuming racist murder. They don't care about facts, they will continue to hate.

Great article. Loved it.

I don't the domographics of a white majority are quite as people here indicate or even the go as far as to say the census indicates - Or at least not the extent of only 12 to 13 percent black. And I don't believe that most of the countries of the world are of caucasian origin anyway. With all different immigrants from those places which seem to be constantly coming in ( and theyr're not just hispanic ones) it stands to reason that America is not what it used to be racially. Not to mention our women and men are currently having a lot of babies pretty regularly with them so can we please just for a minute take a break from the we don't need to like eacher other, you stay over here and I'll stay over there stuff?

Keep it rolling, Blogger. I'll stand with you if you will stand with me. I myself am pretty much a coalescence of the various ethnicities that make up America. We must stand together as one, Nordic, African, Asian, Native America. The Holocaust is the end result of racism: Hitler was killing pure Germans, Poles, white Americans, Jews, etc. He would have killed black people too if he had the chance, Greeks, Arabs, everyone, for racism is a cancer that, like The Blob, will swallow anyone it touches. Death strikes all, hunger strikes all, pain strikes all. Everyone turns back into black dust when they die, and you cannot discern a difference between dead humans.
Stand with me, my fellow human being. I'll get your back. Will you get mine?

The real point here is if only 12% of the poplulation is black then only 1 out of 9 people in a commercial should be black. The point regarding the security adds is that 4 out of 5 black men are incarcerated during their lifetime therefore they should be depicted as the criminal in the add. Also its strange how until Obama got into office the black population of the country was 8% and now all of a sudden it's 12%.

Again, things are changing which some people seem to have a tendency to downplay for some reason. And going by that theory then I guess we should rarely or not very often see Asian people in very many commercials which pretty much does seem to be the case and I think that's a drag. And since we're throwing numbers down here I understand that the latest birthrates indicate white babies make up about 49%, tops. Even considering that it being because of an increase in other races as opposed to any dramatic decrease in white, it still shows definite changing demographics. Anyhow, one should take any stat thrown in their faces by the media or by anyone for that matter with a box of salt. We can see with our own eyes who is walking around out there, thank you.



Thank you for saying what I have been thinking for sometime now!

Let us ignore the fact that if it weren't for black on black crime,that this cou try would have the lowest crime rate of any country On earth ( justice dept statistics ). Let us ignore the fact that blacks make up over 40% of the prison population while making up only 13% of the general population .let us not take note of the fact that blacks born out of wedlock are now at 76% which has been determined to be the biggest barometer that is harbinger of future criminals. Yeah keep showing the Jewish accountant breaking into black people's houses and CSI where every killer is white boy only after determining that the previously suspected black man is innocent. It's okay. No one really believes this lame-ass narrative but some PC obsessed producers keep shoving it down our throats . How many black guys do you know who wear argyle vest sweaters and drive Volvo station wagons? That's what I thought.

You are so right. I am a white male, and I can't count the number of homes I have broke into. Wait. I can. None. And the statistics would show that most of the home break-ins and invasions are committed by black males 16 to 25. You sure won't see the commercials with them in it.
I have written to ADT and Broadview. Do you think I got a response? Not only no, but hell no. I refuse to use their services. If I had been a black, oriental, latino or other complaining, they would be kissing my a** with apologies.

I hate the security commercials also that always portray white males as criminals. Unfortunately the reason this is done is that there is no backlash if they portray a white as a criminal. Advertisers are scared to death about being accused of racism by blacks even if they portray one out of every five security commercials with a black. The fact of the matter is that this will continue until enough whites protest and stop buying their services. Until that time this type of unbalanced portrayal of whites as criminals will continue.

Typical angry,stupid,bigoted,likely FAT white boy who's afraid of
handsome,boyish black lad such as Yours Truly because you feel so inadequate compared to us.Join a Tea Bagger site and whine and complain with the rest of you a**-clowns;NOBODY ELSE CARES!!!!!!!

If you need any confirmation of the "stupid white guy" agenda then you should check out the State Farm insurance commercials where the white characters are so buffoonish compared to the cool, collected black guys.
Remember "Kevin", the commanding black guy who was covered by State Farm and "Jimmy", the bumbling and stupid white guy who lacked State Farm insurance? Jimmy panics because he was too dumb to buy proper insurance and fumbles for words to call an agent but is answered by his "Jewish mother" type of character who is living in an outdated typical "white person house" of the 1970s who blabs in a grating voice that others are ahead of them on the phone. Take a good look at his sin, who is dressed up like a geek with silly glasses. The whole "white family" is stupid and outdated whilst the cool black guy has it all together and is capable of making sound decisions.
Or how about the State Farm insurance ad where a normal black agent covers a normal white female client but the normal Asian female isn't covered by State Farm insurance so she has to contend with a ridiculously dressed old white guy who fishes for a dollar. He is so mentally retarded that he affects a Dumb guy voice right out if Loony Tunes when he proclaims "I got you a dollar", which disgusts the Asian female character because it is way too inadequate,
Get it?? White males are stupid buffoons who cannot compete with tuned-in black males or white women. Not just a fluke. The total juxtaposition if white male as a throw away idiot compared to everybody else is very telling and typifies State Farm and Progressive Insurance commercials.
Really getting tired of this false narrative that is supposed to push the notion that white males are subpar to the rest of society.

It's not just the ads on tv..I began watching about 8 tv programs in the new 2013-14 season. Each program was a cast of all white characters and three had an Asian looking character in the mix..but each program introduced in the second season a black character and (surprise) four of them added a gay..yes there is an agenda here..gays equal maybe 1 to 2% of society but writers seem anxious to include them ...If you were to watch tv and were not aware of reality,you'd think that everyone has a friend from every nationality hanging about with them on a daily basis as well as a couple gay buddies in the crowd..'modern family' is one of the best examples regarding this kind of thing .this isn't reality.recent studies show that most people still hang with and eventually marry their 'own'..interracial dating is nowhere near common as what you see on television and in movies. we used to see television portray blacks living in the ghetto and even their speech was equivalent to such(different strokes,etc)now ,however,the unreal side is being broadcast nighly.. we're now seeing blacks written into programs wherein their living in large posh,expensive homes or very expensive apartments equivalent to penthouse status...the reality is that even though African americans are doing somewhat better than say 20 years ago,most are on the walmart level in regard to their wages./believe not what movies and television depicts socially whether ads or tv series..there's an agenda that exists.

Honestly, don't care about the advertisement, just want products and services that work. Don't care if sophisticated dark Kermit pretending to be from the hood with I shed a tear if my beemer rims are scratched or trailer burglar redneck Joe shows up in the commercial. Both of them then get their asses kicked by a bunch of biracial ninjas that show that your home is well protected. There are surely bigger and more important things that we all struggle to solve. If I want to sell my products to more Chinese Americans, guess what, I will have dragon boat load of them in the ad.

So, I am a black male, educated beyond HS and married. My wife is also educated beyond HS. We are considering making an online business. However for the website splash page, if I were to place a picture of anything but a White woman, I would surely lose potential business. Do your own research. Look at multiple business that market online and you will see that they display predominatly white females. However, when you contact Customer Support, you get someone perhaps in another country.

So, to close with this article. I see what you are saying Felix, however you do not know what it is to be looked at and stereotyped before you even open your mouth. Kudos to the ads that actually placed the minorities in a role of anything other than a criminal or idiot.

Felix, congrats to you for being smart enough to start a fire that has lasted over 4 years on the internet. I have been fighting this same fight my whole life, over 40 years.

If it so happens that you have a keen sense of observation and your points of such are entirely accurate, I applaud. Advertising and marketing have a no-holds barred success formula on-going. Their ads are in the least concerned about any product or service. All spokespersons smile-on-cue pitches are certainly fueled heavily by cash money. That goes true also for news-reader types unless they may be totally de-facto brainwashed.
Next point: In all advertising, note the instant all-accepting references to any and all sports, plus babies and puppies! that have not the slightest relevance to whatever product or service. (Never fails.) But by any means must be included in valuable $50,000 per minute messaging for some reason.
Last: The last thing any auto-service company wants in a customer is practical knowledge of any kind relating to the actual mechanical functioning of a car. Just "trust" their "expertise" and bring all your money. In other words, the more stupid or "trained indoctrinated smart consumer", the more welcome.

It's not just commercials anymore, but has spread to television shows too. Almost every "white" show seems to have the mandatory token black in it now.
I don't mind blacks on tv, honest. Yet when the depiction of them in commercials and television shows is so unrealistic and so utterly blatant in progressing the liberal PC agenda (blacks=good, whites=bad), that it yanks the viewer right out of the show.
I happily cancelled my cable for good last year partly due to this offensive and lopsided liberal agenda. I now only receive broadcast channels with rabbit ears and don't pay a cent.
I mean really....who wants to pay money to be offended?! It's become so offensive that when I see an instance of this blatant reverse racism being shown, I immediately change the channel. I won't even give it my attention anymore until it changes....and I believe it will once this current president is out of office and relegated to just a bad memory for America.
As I said earlier, I have no problem with blacks on tv as long as their depicted in a fair and equally balanced way. Making the implication that they're smarter and savvier than whites is offensive and extremely unbalanced.
I enjoy watching two old black comedies from the 1970's on Antenna TV...."Good Times" & "Sanford & Son". I enjoy both because they're a real depiction of the race, they're funny, and most of all, there's no obvious PC agenda to either of them.
Sure in both shows the whites are made to be buffoons, but it's not nearly as bad as it's being done today.
I believe this ironically only fueling racism even further and having a huge backfiring effect than the one intended. More people are getting offended enough to cut their cable and stop watching TV altogether!

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