Wednesday Late-Day Poll #18

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BoingBoing’s posts on the Denver of yesteryear got us thinking about our youthful days spent here at the foot of the Rockies and made us wonder:

What’s your favorite memory of growing up in Colorado?


Looking out at the brisk North Sea, eating hot fish ‘n’ chips with my folks and…oh, my bad. I grew up in England.

Living the first 10 years of life thinking that I actually was born from the Great Sand Dunes. Man, my parents were a couple of liars.

Hitting the water slides and vids at Celebrity Sports Center. Until I saw a damn dookie in the pool. Mom wouldn’t let us go back after that.

funplex. nuf said.

Yum Yum Tree.

Roller City. Orange Julius at Villa Italia. The Christmas Train at Westland Mall. The old REI on Alameda. The Organ Grinder near the old REI on Alameda.

Oh, and all those mountains and stuff, too.

the golden gate bridge, three seasons, redwoods…

What the hell was that ice cream parlor at Cinderella City called? They had that mountain of ice cream with sparklers.

Oh, and there was Zezo’s Magic Castle in Cinder Ally.

Casa Bonita

I didn’t grow up here, but I can tell you what will never end up in the “fond memory” pile: Casa Bonita. That place is a shit hole, and no I’m not one of these people who mistakes a shit hole for a place with ambiance and character.

Finally being old enough to ride the RTD with friends to Celebrity Sports Center. It was like a ginormous nightclub. For eleven-year-olds.

That one time when Casa Bonita gave me cold sweats and explosive diarrhea.

Living across the street from the ocean, bodysurfing, the glow and chatter of boardwalk arcades (Skee-Ball!), streets lined with the lush green of old-growth trees, crisp, colorful autumns, and heavenly Italian food…in NJ.

alas, i grew up in columbus, ohio, in the shadow of THE ohio state university.

don’t hate me because i’m midwestern.

Yeah, I’m with Maley. Celebrity was the place to be. And, for me living down South, going to Cinderella City was pretty rad too.

I grew up in Bailey, rarely went to celebrity or funplex, but I built tree houses, played in the river and went fishing. Now I stare at a computer 10 hrs a day…I wish I was 10 again.

Sprint car racing in Lakewood and Englewood, North Woods Inn on Santa Fe, Celebrity for sure, the Naked Edge in Cinder Alley (where one would get sweet throwing stars) and thunderstorms almost every day in the summer before the damn GOP caused global warming.

Shit, forgot about the Naked Edge and North Woods Inn.

The Cooper theater on Colorado Blvd.

I broke my jaw in Bailey when I was 6 flying off the side of a mountain. Celebrities was the shit w the barracuda. The old Elitches was the spot.

understanding what a high plains drifter is. oh wait. i still don’t.

clint? beasties?

nevermind. i’m from the prairie peninsula.

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