Wednesday Lunchtime Poll #17

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We had this really nosy ex who would make it a point to root through people’s medicine cabinets and then judge them based on the contents. Now that we think about it, this is probably why she kept all her various meds in a kitchen cabinet. Regardless, over the years we’ve developed a less intrusive and more amusing way to get a feel for who someone is. We’ve decided to share it this week, so we can all judge one another on something besides our work. It’s easy to play, simply tell us:

What you have affixed to your refrigerator door?


Bills and magnetic canisters with beer tops and random toy legs we’ve found… weird.

Pictures of Friends. Postcards from Friends abroad and vacations. Pez Magnets. My kids first painting.

In addition to the usual photos and grocery list, I have a photo of Karl Lagerfeld torn from a Time Magazine piece written by architect Zaha Hadid. The guy is such a strange inspiration — and he’s known for losing 92 pounds.

There’s also an image of the infallible Pontiff inside a Popemobile flanked by a dozen security guards. And Sasha Baron Cohen, as Borat, on the beach in a goofy fluorescent swimsuit that comes up over his shoulders like a singlet.

sandra’s art/show postcards
photo booth pics
our friends art postcards
little 3d magnetic birds that always fall down if you slam the fridge too hard
orange acrylic take out menu holder
vintage and handmade magnets
mighty magnets
postcard from buddy in germany

Food particles. My cleaning lady is on strike.

“We had a girlfriend”? What, do you share girls? DId one person have her Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the other got Tuesday, Thursday, and the weekends?

Be honest, the only girl that would agree to be shared by a couple of ad geeks is the kind that blows up, and she’s not going through medicine cabinets.

Oh, as for the fridge, the only thing affixed to it at the moment is a smudge in the shape of my blow-up girl’s left ass cheek.

A whiteboard for intra-house messaging, a couple of wedding invites, a shit ton of food magnets (silvermine, every pizza place within 30 miles, etc), a dilbert cartoon, a legendary drawing from the board game “luck of the draw”, and a couple of pictures.

I keep a collection of newspaper headlines that are appropriate to our family. Usually they come from Dear Amy/Abby.

“Mom’s time in mental hospital open ended.”
“Dad afraid son will ruin life.”
“Grandma’s a bad influence on the kids.”
“Three year old may have serious problems.”

A gym workout class schedule from 1987 and misc. kids crap.

Nothing. They should be made of Teflon, so no-one can stick anything to them. And that goes double for cars, too.

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