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Sheima Hassanlou, freelance motion graphics designer who sometimes edits and sometimes does print (her words), sent us her new portfolio site to review. But we thought we’d toss it out to the rest of you Egotists to analyze and provide feedback.

Some of our friends from the outside will also be chiming in on the work – a team from Tequila, LA, TBWA\Chiat\Day’s in-house interactive arm and a team from McCann Erickson, NY. We’ve also lined up two new teams from Creature, Seattle and an editorial team from Chrome, Santa Monica.

Sheima was educated at CU in Boulder and at Crispin Porter + Bogusky as an intern. Did it stick?

Check out her site. Then check back in and let her know. Her reel is linked below to whet your appetite.


Having trouble navigating her site on Firefox. Is there more print besides the sketchbook collages?

Good job on the new site Sheima

very nice work. i wish my sketchbook looked that nice in art direction class.

Cool stuff – love the Scion piece.

I dig the styles of all the works.

Check out Sheima’s art show at Tee & Cakes April 4! Details on our site.

that collage motion intro is off the hook. love her work

I just watched the shut my eyes video and dozed off and smashed my head on my wacom tablet and cracked it.Does anyone in this town do high end work?

Good to see the reel come together as well as the site! Nicely done!

The collage work is off the hook. I wanna see all your books in motion. Nice work.

I took a peek at the portfolio.. I didn’t think it was all that bad. I don’t think it’s groundbreaking work, but I do think it’s a different style than I’ve seen on any other reels. I think thats what won most of the points for me. I know she has skill, I would have liked to see a little more interior diversity…

It’s kinda funny, I think it’s hard to honestly critique anyone’s work in Denver. I always get caught thinking about how shitty a lot of the work is out there. It makes having a mind blowing portfolio a lot harder than others generally consider. What is there, like a dozen places to work in Denver that have good work or any culture. If you do motion work, like 3?

Overall, good stuff Sheima keep it coming! Rep your community and show em what you got!

Secondly, what the hell is Palmer talking about.. High end work?? Like he would like to see BMW and Chanel work in there? High end… Bring that work into town and I’m sure you have plenty of talented people to pick from.. Keep America’s designers employed! haha

And this reminds me… Jeremy Lindenmier (Stileloot) you should all take a peek as his stuff too…More Denver talent..

Dig the work. Sketchbooks are cool – vid pieces show you have talent. Is there print work that is for a client instead of personal art pieces?

you need to expand the hit state for your buttons in Flash. Right now clicking the text is kind of annoying. Pretty good otherwise. It isn’t laggy on my crappy work computer.

Thank you for all the positive feedback.

I’m planning on making another website to showcase print / advertising / design in the near future.

ONE more thing – maybe I can manifest some HIGH END work by driving to my studio in a BMW while totin’ a Chanel handbag…

I too had trouble navigating the site. I had to expand the window super far right to view all the collage stuff and reel. Very personal work, intimate. Motion work is cool. I wish it had the same intimacy as the collage. It was going so fast I couldn’t absorb all the cool stuff you did.


Way to go Haus! The reels look really great. Thinking you should take some of those sketchbook ideas to the canvas… Some interesting stuff going on in there for sure!

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