The Colorado Agency of the Year

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For their craft. For their pride. For their humility. For their ingenuity. For their clients. For their client wins. For their intelligence. For their breadth. For their staff of 70-strong. For their sincerity. For their flava. For their attitude. And for giving this town a serious fuckin’ injection of all that magic they got going, Factory Design Labs is The Denver Egotist’s Agency of the Year. We bow our heads in awe.

Reader’s Choice: Cactus
Serious Contenders: TDA, Sukle


Congrats to Factory. For all of the above.

yay. i still agree more with the 1st post the egotist ever made about factory a few months back.

i mean, how can you seriously go from that article to them winning “agency of the year”? because they got north face? that’s all that’s really changed since then.

pretty beats substance i guess is the message here bs and gs.

Congrats, Steve!

Is there an award for this or is it another “Denver 50” type deal?

Congrats to Factory. Can’t wait to see the new North Face campaign.

So who gets national?

woo hoo

you gotta admit, all that flashy pretty stuff goes a long way on the dingy streets of d-town. i think factory forces everyone else to step it up a notch. even if that means “make it more L.A.”

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