What The Fuck Were They Thinking, #1

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If you ever got Adweek’s email blasts in the past, you’ll know who we stole this idea from. (Actually, one of our brilliant readers suggested it, so we can’t take all the credit.)

In this new running series, called “What The Fuck Were They Thinking,” we’ll randomly pull a piece of work from one of the agencies in town, post it and then allow you to attempt to dissect the thinking that went into its creation.

Our first selection is this outdoor board promoting an event at Aspen Grove shopping center.


I can only imagine the rejected Doggy-style headlines.

Mass doggie weddings? I think the Moonies are involved in this one.

I guess my question would be, “What’s the brand strategy here?”

I had no idea the women in Littleton were that ugly.

This is a great idea.

People are too affraid to have xmas, halloween, and other non-pc events. So why not invent a fake day for all of those single heavy set women to bring there dogs down and have a starbucks pumpkin latte and a non-fat blueberry muffin.

This message is actually to the editors of this blog regarding this new series. I’ve become an avid reader and visitor of The Egotist, but I have to question why they would lower themselves to the level of offensive language. I understand that comments and certain pieces of content will have profanity, but to push it as part of the language used by The Egotist is not really raising the level of thinking in Denver, now is it? Some of the finest musicians may use this language in their personal lives, but it doesn’t make it to the recording. Same for design, writing, etc. So, why use a small and uneducated vocabulary for a site that’s supposed to set a standard or teach Denver a lesson. I see a lack of professionalism here.

Hey S. We can respect your point. We’ll reserve the gratuitous language for when it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks for the gut check.


So J. David McSwane moonlights at the Egotist…

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