Creative Crackdown, McDonald's Outdoor

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McDonald’s needed to let people know about its freshly prepared breakfasts and gourmet coffees. Karsh\Hagan shot high-style photography for these boards and put them in high-traffic areas.

(Click images for a bigger view.)


They are bold, easy to read, and to the point. Nothing overly clever, but would be considered safe outdoor marketing.

The top one, with the raw eggs doesn’t do much for me. I think a consumption ready photo would have worked better there.

I would have to agree with Joe, i think a different photo for the top one would have helped… BUT overall quite refreshing from the expected…

Im not feelin’ the type really though.. center justified type is so last year…

The type is in accordance with some national directives. Having said that, the national CCO and our local client leadership have been instrumental in clearing away the clutter, and allowing us to use local photographer Richard Feldman, which has elevated the work…and hopefully, distracted you sufficiently from the type. =)

There work he’s done for us can be seen here:

It’s too bad there are so many restrictions on U.S. McDonald’s ads because some really brilliant work has been done overseas.

Gotta like that logo on the bun. I agree with the egg comment above.

That last ad makes me hungry. Nice work, Richard.

Did mcd let you choose the food stylist? If so, who was it?

These are so bad it’s insulting to put them in “creative” crackdown. This photography is “high-style?” and I’m all for out of the box thinking but “Breakfast too good to pass up” is not a bowl of raw eggs. At least not for me. Was there even creative direction on this?

There really are not so many restrictions on McDonalds advertising that creativity is destroyed. Leo Burnett did some nice outdoor recently didn’t they? Blame the client, blame corporate, blame the agency, blame the timeline, blame the budget, blame the media buy. Just blame something. Horrible.

Is it also a McDonald’s corporate mandate to write really bad driving puns as headlines? Come on, Karsh, there’s no way you’re going to be able to hold onto this account forever doing work like this.

In fact, I challenge every mid-sized agency in this market to go knocking on McD’s door with some new thinking. The McDonald’s brand is watered down and lost, but you’re as much to blame as the client for letting this happen. You are your own worst enemy right now. Pull your heads out of the dirt. Do something inspiring.

Thank god. I was watching this and the discussion and just thought that my ability to judge work had gone out the window.

If these showed up in a beginner’s book, I would send him/her back to put fresh thought into it.

I was wondering what “high style” meant to. Are they “high” up on a billboard?

McDonald’s teasers for breakfast burritos was very colorfull. I liked that one. Some head about the age of a new dawn, etc.. I wondered what up… MDs tried burritos in the past and failed.. so perhaps, this is their time to make it work.

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