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This new site courtesy of Xylem CCI promotes a drink called 3G (Guarana, Ginseng, Green Tea) from Jamba Juice that you can only find out about by coming to this site after receiving an email – the drink is not on any store menus yet.

(Click image to visit site.)


I think people like having a sense of being part of an elite group, knowing something the general population does not. This microsite seems to convey that emotion.

I would have liked to see an actual product photo, to get the taste buds jazzed a bit more, but overall it compliments the rest of Jamba Juice’s online branding.

I was at a Jamba in Bradenton, FL on Wednesday. They had a Jamba newsletter on the counter that described the drink and said it was available in stores, now, if you asked. It will be added to the regular menu in January. We didn’t notice the newsletter until we had already gotten our smoothies :-(

this isnt a microsite, it is the payoff to an email…really more of a teaser than a campaign.

Great work Xylem. The whole Jamba site looks amazing.

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