• << New Designer/Art Director Position Posted

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    5 Stone Advertising wants a Creative Gunslinger. You got any silver bullets?

  • Steve Dolbinski Launches Site

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    Recommended freelance writer, Steve Dolbinski, has just launched a new site – further cementing his recommended status in our book. Check him out.

  • Hero's Holiday Card

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    Hero Production Services Studio took the time to send us a holiday card, so we’re taking the time to show you what they sent. Never too late to spread the cheer. In fact, we plan to do it all year long right here on this very page.

  • You Should Know About Terry O'Leary

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    We don’t know what dingy bar all the Denver art directors are passed out in, but this is the first one we’re talking about in nearly six months of running this site. And we’ll be damned if he ain’t cooking up some serious bangers and mash. Terry O’Leary is his name, and he’s played ball with the big dogs in the big apple – including OgilvyNY, DDBNY and BozellNY. (You’d drool over his client list.)

    We appreciate that he can convey a concept with purity and without having to over-decorate. Oh yeah, he was in The Denver 50 last month too, which few others can boldly tout. He’s searching for freelance or a full-time place to sit every day. We’re adding him to our list of Recommended Talent. What can you do for him, Denver?

  • New Domino's TV Via CP+B

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    It’s interesting how Crispin Porter + Bogusky consistently uses the strategy of taking brands back to their roots in the work they do. With BK, they brought back the King. With Orville Redenbacher popcorn, they brought back Orville. And with Domino’s, they brought back the 30-minute guarantee. They also brought back Cinderella (the hair band). Maybe, we’re onto something here. Check out the Pizza Builder that goes along with the campaign.

  • New Colorado Lottery TV Via Cactus

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    Hmm, hmm, hmm. When we found out the lottery account was headed to Cactus, we were hoping for a giant leap ahead for the account (similar to the brilliance they’ve been producing for the youth anti-tobacco effort.) This spot feels more like a baby step.

    What do you think of this new work?

  • The New Denver Egotist Essay Contest >>

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    You should really get in on this.

  • Thanks-O-Matic

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    It’s late-breaking, but Creativity finally unearthed the holiday card CP+B sent around inside its shop and to clients. It’s cool. You can dial in the type of of greeting you want from Alex Bogusky (expensive, personal, shiny, etc.), enter your individual code and he’ll give you a personalized message. Try the code 547WERT. Creativity thinks that’s Burger King creative director Rob Reilly. Do these guys go this all-out on everything they touch?

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