• Image Fulgurator

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    The days of spamming your photographs with advertising and culture jamming messages are here.

    Berlin hacker Julius von Bismarck invented and patented the Image Fulgurator, a device that can remotely insert images into other people’s photos.

    The device uses a standard 35mm camera body and lens as a projector. Instead of undeveloped film, the camera is loaded with exposed, developed slide film. A flash is built into the back of the camera, sending light backwards through the body, past the slide and out the telephoto lens. A light sensor is used to trigger the flash when another camera’s flash goes off. Thus, when someone else takes a photo, the Fulgurator zaps its slide’s image onto the object for a few milliseconds.

    The device is aimed at the same subject that another person is photographing, and when they snap a photo the resulting image will be manipulated with a separate, overlayed photo. The person taking the photo will have no idea anything happened until they examine their photo.

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  • Truth In Advertising

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    This has been around for two years, but it’s excellent and worth another look.

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  • What is Garnier Selling Here?

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    Saw this ad over at Lunar BBDO in a post about an entirely different subject. Hard to believe.

  • Dexter: Guerrilla Campaign

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    We haven’t checked out Dexter on Showtime, but we have checked out a crapload of great ambient for the show floating around the interwebs. Some examples below.

    (Via Comunicadores and Scary Ideas)

    Headline on poster above urinal: “Do you see blood everywhere? Then this season is for you!”

  • Two Killer McD's Bus Shelters

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    Two different shops. Two different parts of the world. Two equally fantastic executions. The first is from DDB, Sydney. The second is from Heye Group, Munich.

  • Retro Games, Real Backgrounds

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    Takes us back to happy days. Check out the rest of the set over on The Ad Mad.

  • Old Spice: Centaur

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    Can you believe this idea got sold in? We can’t.

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  • Man vs. Banner Ad

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