• FilthyLuker

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    So simple. So super. Check out more here.

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  • Lotus: Faceless People at Wimbledon and Elsewhere

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    These two faceless humanoids were sitting in the audience at Wimbledon over the weekend as part of a viral marketing stunt. The stunt was for car maker Lotus and it’s meant to make a statement about the anonymity of humankind in the information age. (Uh?) The stunt is paired with a website, FacelessPeople.com, featuring a clock ticking down to the release of Lotus’ new ride. We think Britney Spears and Mel Gibson are actually under those masks. But that’s yet to be confirmed by any reliable news source. Except ours.

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    And here they are at the opening of Harrod’s, upstaging Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City.

  • Delightful New Honda Spots

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    The first spot was developed at Villar Rosàs, Barcelona for the Honda Civic. The second was created by DraftFCB, Melbourne for the Honda Accord.

  • Rubik's Cube: Still Going

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    Our favorite from a series of three. Check out the others here. Agency: DDB, New Zealand.

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  • Happy 4th of Jerly

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  • VW Print

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    Fun and effective little print piece from Volkswagen, featuring the Park Distance Control functionality of the VW Golf.

    What we really enjoyed about this piece was the matter of fact expressions on the passengers’ faces.

    The only complaint is that the type is a bit hard to read on top of that miniature paver stone backdrop, other than that, brilliant.

    (via ffffound.com)

  • Recruiting The Next Generation By Nick Parish

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    Awesome article from Creativity on how agencies can compete with the likes of Google and other tech wonderlands for the top interactive talent. Read it.

  • While We're At It... Walmart

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    Walmart (previously hyphenated) is introducing a new logo that surfaced by mistake over the weekend when The Wall Street Journal reported that the Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development had received documents from Walmart with the intent of opening a prototype store there. An artist rendering on those documents showed a new sign over the facade of the proposed store. And that’s when the new logo was (un)officially introduced to the world.

    Read the whole story over on Brand New.

    What’s up with this jacked up rendering? Hilarious. Should have called this guy.

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