• Pepsi Looms Over New Jersey

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    First it was Adidas’ soccer-inspired installation at Vienna’s Giant Ferris Wheel; and now, Pepsi is bringing this new-school billboard style branding to the States in a big way. The Meadowlands’ Xanadu Park is the next generation of malls, and its globe-bearing ferris wheel – at a staggering 287 feet – will be America’s largest.

    So tell us, what do you think? Is the vibrant red, white and blue monolith a shining beacon of American pop-culture? Or is it just another pockmark of consumerism on the national landscape? We want to know: you are GeneratioNext, after all.

  • The Bullet Ice Cube Tray

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    Makes a clip of 12 bullet-shaped ice cubes ready for your rocks glass cocktail. Pre-order yours here now with a release of the product expected November 4th.

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  • Solo Strong: Unbeatable Men

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    Oh my, so wonderfully weird. Follow the campaign online at this incredible site. Agency: The Furnace, Sydney.

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  • Crappy McCain Campaign Signs

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    We’d love to cover some great McCain-inspired creative over here, but everything worth showing you always seems to come from the other side. For instance, in Venice Beach, someone has been putting tiny McCain campaign flags in the dog poo left on the streets. Equally good because they allow you to avoid stepping in turd piles. See the whole Flickr set here.

    (Via Urban Prankster)

  • Adidas Impossible: Goalkeeper

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    The Goalkeeper is an eight-arm 138-feet-tall version of Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech, placed on the Giant Ferris Wheel in Prater Park, Vienna to celebrate the opening of the EuroCup 2008. Agency: TBWA\Germany.

    (Via The Inspiration Room)

  • Nike: Fate

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    This spot was all over the place during the NFL games this weekend. It’s the story of the destined rivalry between LaDainian Tomlinson and Troy Polamalu. Nice work. Director: David Fincher. Agency: W+K, Portland.

  • Ogilvy & Mather's Fujifilm Underwater Ad

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    It’s work like this that makes us want to cash in those remaining vacay days and head for the reef – especially since we just spent twenty minutes scraping ice off of our windshields this morning. Oh, fall…how we thought we’d missed you.

    (Via I Believe in Advertising)

  • Must Visit: Tokyo

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    Especially after seeing photographer Shintaro Sato’s incredible shots of the Tokyo cityscape viewed from emergency staircases at dusk. Do yourself a favor and hit up his site for the full gallery experience.

    (Via Pink Tentacle)

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