• << 3 New Mondo Robot Posiitions Posted

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    Boulder’s Mondo Robot is looking for a Senior Interactive Media Designer, a Project Manager and an Art Director. Go now.

  • Play Ball!

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    Came across this gem from 1990. Please enjoy the kid’s expression at the end. “Hey, where’d that ball come from, Jimmy?!”

  • Boulder Design Project Build Tomorrow

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    If you’re looking for some design inspiration of a slightly different ilk, check out the Boulder Design Project Build tomorrow, an event series dedicated to supporting Boulder’s creative spirit through design and development. From the press release:

    This event will feature architecture and interior design with a never before seen Architect Challenge where top architects explore problem solving design tasks for three well-known Boulder buildings. Exhibits by local designers, visual presentations focused on architecture, and an after-party lead by Communikey’s very own DJ and crew! Community Cycles will host afternoon bike repair workshops in conjunction with bike rack building demonstrations by local artists and community members in preparation for the Bike Rack Design Competition finale in June 2008. For more information, check out: www.Boulderspace.org/

    The Egotist’s better half has us tied up with spring cleaning this weekend. If anyone attends, please drop us a line with your thoughts.

  • Get Schooled

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    The good people at Ink Lounge Gallery have a couple of workshops coming up worth checking out. On April 13, you can learn solar plate printing. Then on May 18, dive into a beginning course on the basics of screen printing on paper. Space is extremely limited – 10 per class – so you might want to get over there pronto. And may you get some skillz to pay the billz.

  • 30 Amazing Days

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    Last month we told you about David Schell’s project 30 Days 30 Pieces. Schell is the creative head at texturemedia. The goal of the project was to jump start the creative energy in himself and in other artists. It finished on the last day of March.

    Visit now and see the utterly amazing breadth of work by a wide range of talents. Below is a piece by emerging artist Josh Fenn entitled “Spring.” By emerging, we mean six years old. Josh is an Autistic child living in Boulder. His dad decided to get him involved in the 30/30 because Josh displays a talent for reading, writing and drawing. In his dad’s words:

    You shouldn’t expect to see any beautiful works of art or fabulous displays of technique from Josh. What you will experience is a unique glimpse into the mind and creativity of an Autistic child.

    We beg to disagree a little. Josh’s contributions are beautiful works of art.

    Beneath Josh’s piece are three random selections from Schell, Lisa Wharton and Ryan Casey. Hats off to all involved.

  • You Should Know About Gwenda Kaczor

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    Everyone, say hello to Gwenda Kaczor. We’re delighted to add Gwenda to our list of recommended talent. First, because Gwenda has some beautiful illustration and design work. Second, because Gwenda is a nationally recognized talent we’re proud to have living in Denver. And third, because “Gwenda” is just plain fun to say aloud. Try it. Gwenda. Gwenda. Gweeendaaa. Nice, right? Okay, that’s enough. Don’t ruin it.

    She has an impressive resume, having done work for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Chronicle, AOL, Nickelodeon, Disney and more. Check out her site and enjoy some of her additional projects, including gwendaheads, a collection of products and characters. The first statement at gwendaheads is “We are strangely happy.” Indeed, we are.

    Find her happily residing on our list of Recommended Talent.

  • More Fort Collins Logo Drama

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    Puke. Hack. Gag. Burp. The latest in the Fort Collins logo tragedy may be the most depressing development thus far. On the remotely-visible bright side, the city has listened to residents’ explosive complaints about the previous monstrosity created by Tennessee consultancy, North Star, and reacted by sending out an RFP for firms to redesign it. Thirteen agencies responded with the winner being the shop that offered to do the work – wait for it – for free.

    Not only has the city embarrassed itself by paying a Tennessee firm gobs of taxpayer cash ($76k) to mess up the initial branding, but now they’re smearing it in the face of every Fort Collins firm by telling them the value on any further work put into the mark is exactly zero. We need to have some larger balls in this industry when it comes to client-side lameness of this magnitude. Good luck to the winning firm, Linden Common Sense Marketing, in resolving this fiasco with grace.

    Thanks to our friends at Shannon Marketing Communications up North for cluing is in on the story.

    Read more here and here if you want.

  • You Should Know About Runrobot

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    You know what’s cool about Adam Espinoza other than his motion work? He’s the first to acknowledge other people who are killing it in the space he shares. Adam sent Runrobot our way, and it’s pretty damn clear the guy’s got taste too.

    Runrobot is Jean Pichot, original founder of Denver’s Spillt, who broke off from the firm and began his own thing again back in 2007. Anchored in what they call “complicated simplicity,” the firm impresses on a level rarely matched in these parts. Check out their reel right now. And when you need them to turn one of your projects from Who? to Who’s Your Daddy!, you’ll find their info on our Recommended Talent list. Welcome.

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