• Jurassic Park Live

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    This freaked us out a little bit at first. Pretty cool stuff happening at The LA Museum of Natural History.

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    Extinct, my ASS! from The Original Joe Fisher on Vimeo.

  • The Public Finally Says 'Eff You' To A UGC Ad Contest

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    We here are personally pleased as punch that the American Public is finally telling the marketing world that, just like fake viral videos, the consumer generated ad/design contest is not a “Build it and they will come” magic bullet marketing solution. If we could, we’d buy every one of the 25,000 people who looked into this contest and decided not to enter an Einsteins Bagel Dog.

    From the What’s Next blog:

    Denny’s Contest Has No Entries. Dear Denny’s: We Won’t Work for Food.

    From the how not to create a viral campaign files:

    Denny’s kicked off its America Votes 4Real contest on July 8th and, so far, it has no entries – despite 25,000 views of a sample video. In the contest, Denny’s wants John McCain and Barack Obama look-alikes to submit a video of themselves advocating “real breakfast.” The prize? Big whoop: “Two lucky consumers” win a free Denny’s breakfast once a month for a full Presidential term.

    Dear Denny’s and Fleischman-Hillard, (Denny’s PR firm): if you want people to take the time and make the effort to create great content for you – as people have proven time and again that they can – you need to offer great prizes. Hint: that would not be 48 breakfasts at Denny’s.

    Some delusional commentary from Denny’s press release:

    “Elizabeth Geer, senior director of advertising and merchandising for Denny’s, said, “Denny’s ‘America Votes for Real’ campaign allows the nation to express its opinion by casting its vote – as is the American way, supporting real breakfast and spreading the word that they aren’t going to settle.”

    Geer continued, “Our research shows most consumers would prefer a real breakfast. They appreciate the fresh ingredients and made-to-order preparation and, of course, the delivery of being served on real dishes with real silverware by a smiling server. Now all of America can stand for real.”

    I couldn’t make this stuff up folks.

    (Thanks to Ivy for the link.)

    Here are the sample videos:

  • Our Favorite New blog

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    The blog of Jack Shedd, multi-talented designer and developer, has really been floating our boat lately.

    We encourage all of you to check it out on a daily basis. It’s a lot of like Kottke in the sense that it contains a wide smattering of industry-related issues, political topics, and general miscellany; the key difference being that BigContrarian has got a lot more to say and says it more often.

    I mean, really, how can you not appreciate this kind of insight?: Talking about your blog is the social equivalent of talking about your dog. It’s a dull conversation for everyone but you.

  • Lapel Pin Concepts for Obama

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    Steven Heller recently put out a request to rethink and redesign the political lapel pin for Obama.

    Some of the results are better than others.

    The designs from Oliver Munday (shown below) are certainly the most graphically attractive, but the whole thing seems a bit half-baked, really, (though we have to admit the Office Space “flair” comparison by Rick Landers is pretty spot on.)

    Is Denver gonna do better with its DNC stuff?

  • R.E.M.: Man-Sized Wreath

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    Nice to see a band that was almost dead proving the music video is alive and well. Get the full story and see credits behind the video here.

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  • The 20 best Flash sites of all time?

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    We stumbled across this link on the FL-2 blog this evening, and couldn’t help but take a stroll down memory lane.

    It really is amazing to see how much the industry has advanced over the past decade.

    We even saw that some Audi work earned top honors. We know Factory is heavily responsible, for much of the Audi work, but we also know they work with some other agencies on some of the international interactive. Can anyone at Factory confirm Factory’s involvement in the featured Audi R8 site?

    Take a look, and let us know which is your favorite. Definitely some old-school fun on the list.

    (via FL-2 )

  • Comfort Nudists

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    As part of their (really nice) review of Friday work over on Creative Review, comes this wonderful piece from Ogilvy, London. See the rest of the good work goodies from Creative Review here.

  • Jace Treasure Chest

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    Diggin’ this for many reasons. More work from Jace here.

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