• For Your Viewing Pleasure

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    Roxorloops show part 1/2 french beatbox championship 2006.

  • Pepsi Pulls a Palin

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    Pepsi officially unveiled its new brand today. The design has been hotly debated for the past week or so, with Brand New at the lead, leaking designs and guiding the conversation.

    We were presented with this design. No explanation given, no background.

    A couple days later, a few more designs get leaked, each one worse than the last. Everyone knows that the Pepsi brand is a bit weak, but these were bad comedy.

    And finally today we’re graced with the “real” designs in all their glory, sexed up and PR-friendly like a new Nike campaign.

    Well we’re here to tell you that it’s all a sham. If Apple can keep the most eagerly anticipated cell phone under wraps for four years, Pepsi can keep a new logo from the public for 7 days. There’s no doubt in our minds that Pepsi pulled a Palin.

    You may remember that after the Katie Couric interviews with Sarah Palin, there was speculation going around that the whole “she’s an idiot” schtick was done on purpose by the GOP to lower people’s expectations for Palin in the VP debate, “if she doesn’t drool or speak in tongues, many millions still open to persuasion will be impressed.”

    Someone over at Pepsi was smart enough to realize that the new branding didn’t quite hit the mark, and that by leaking some worse-thans beforehand, they’d lessen the backlash from the industry. Case in point, when these new cans came out, our collective reaction was “phew, at least they’re not as bad as that Gatorade logo.”

    In the end, Pepsi will continue to suffer market share due to its constantly changing brand, just as the McCain campaign has suffered for its inconsistent messaging, scattered marketing and conflicting aesthetics. In the end, this whole new push makes us want to reach out and grab an Obama.. erm.. Coke.

  • The Simpsons Meet Mad Men

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    Pretty fun little intro. Homer goes retro. Kick it.

    (Via Videogum)

  • Like Music Videos?

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    MTV just made every single one they’ve ever played available online. Click through for days of Thrillerin’, Bowie-in’ joy.

    The user interface is a bit weird. It’s as though they slapped a YouTube-sized video player into a Hulu-sized panoramic experience. The effect isn’t entirely pleasant, but we don’t blame them for wanting to make their videos look larger than they really are.

    Either way, once again, we want our MTV.

  • The Economist: Ostrich

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    Copy: “Get a world view.” Agency: BBDO, New York.

    (Via Coloribus)

  • How to Cure a REALLY Upset Stomach

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    These new prints for Alka Seltzer are helping to mitigate the ugly pit that Guitar Hero ad put in our tummies. Agency: CLM BBDO, Paris.

    More bigger version via the clickthrough.

    (Via I Believe In Advertising)

  • Advertising We Hate: Guitar Hero World Tour: Risky Business

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    What the eff is going on here? First, the scene they’re ripping off is from a film that the new generation of video game players will not have seen. Second, they’re appealing to young boys with older men in underwear. Third, this game should be positioned as badass rock star, and that certainly ain’t the attitude coming off the spot. Fourth, why waste all the money on these big-name celebrity athletes for a game that’s not a sports game, then just make them look like a bunch of panty-wastes? Fail with a capital “F.”

  • Whasssuuuuppp... Eight Years Later

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    Man there are some smart people working on this stuff. The Left is absolutely killing it. As with most campaigns which are too clever by half, we have no idea if this kind of marketing will actually make a difference at the polls, but it sure is fun to sit back and watch it roll out.

    Here’s the original for comparison’s sake:

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