• Mindshare Goes Brain Dead

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    Here’s another stomach-churning self-promo similar to the one created by Ogilvy Athens recently. This time, it comes from Mindshare. It was awarded Most Shameful Industry Gimmick 2005 by Campaign Magazine, so it must have been around a while. Can’t say we’re sad it was hidden from our eyes for the last three years.

  • Listen to the Music the Cool Kids Like

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    The folks over at Sydney’s Conversant Media – the very same people responsible for Lost At E Minor – have come up with a compelling new joint called My Secret Playlist. Basically, it’s a place for people like you to go and find out what your favorite musicians (like Tilly and the Wall, below) think of when you ask them, ‘who are your favorite musicians?’

    We’re thinking this will help boost our cred a little bit, at least when we’re rolling down Colfax in our ’64, with the windows lightly cracked and the bass down low.

  • Gnarls Barkley Wins at Life

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    A few thoughts on Gnarls Barkley for no other reason than that we’re big fans.

    Apparently they’re coming out with a digital EP on Nov.11th with a new track and some remixes. Cryptic trailer for the album below:

    Their video for Going On has some of the best art direction in a music video that we’ve seen in a long time. Directed by Wendy Morgan, who apparently is a total badass. Read a quick interview about the video here.

    ..she knew she could find some amazing dancers in Jamaica following her experience working in Kingston late last year.

    We saw a lot of fantastic people but our absolute favourite was Sashi Empire, a dance crew of six guys who comprise the core group of talent in the video including the lead guy, Kemar.

    ..covering Radiohead’s Reckoner, (which also has a great video)

    And finally, if you’ve ever been curious as to who did the cover art for The Odd Couple, it’s Icelandic designer Siggi Eggertsson. The guy is no joke.

  • Berlin Viral Video Awards

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    The Short Film Festival Berlin has a category for awarding viral videos. Here are some of our favorites we found on the site. Vote for yours until November 6th.

  • Weeds: Bouquet Delivery

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    Bouquets of hemp plants (the kind without the THC) were sent out like a flower gram to press and media agencies to promote the premiere of the TV series, Weeds. Agency: Le Bureau, Stockholm.

    (Via Scary Ideas)

  • Palin: In Her Own Words

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    Once again, Goodby Silverstein & Partners & Biscuit Filmworks USA director Clay Weiner join forces to bring you the very best of Sarah Palin. We hope we’re nearing the end of political advertising for a while. You?

    (Via Glossy)

  • Microsoft Ad Campaign Crashing Nation's Televisions

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    WASHINGTON—According to an FCC report released Monday, a new $300 million Microsoft ad campaign is responsible for causing televisions all across the country to unexpectedly crash.

    The Microsoft ads, which began airing earlier this week, are being blamed for generating critical system errors in more than 70 million televisions. In addition, thousands of frustrated Americans said that the ads have caused their TVs to become unresponsive, their screens to turn blue, and a small box with the message “terminal application error” to suddenly appear.

    Continue reading this classic article from The Onion.

    (Thanks, Mike)

  • The Pepsi Penis

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    We just couldn’t pass up showing you this one. Eventually, we’ll let this new Pepsi branding go. In the meantime, anyone thirsty?

    (Via YesButNoButYes)

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