• The Clink for DNC Protesters

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    Since Denver’s jails are already overflowing with creeps and weirdos (wonderful), the city has developed an alternative plan if mass arrests happen at the Democratic National Convention. This northeast Denver warehouse owned by the city has been outfitted with dozens of metal cages made of chain link fence and topped by rolls of barbed wire. Watch out, bad men. Obama comin’ to your town.

    More story here.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Pedro Saldarriaga & Macana Studio

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    Pedro Saldarriaga is a local artist and freelance designer who has invited you to talk smack about his site and work (or just the opposite, if you feel differently about it). He’s worked on projects for brands like Microsoft and Avaya Telecommunications under shops like Faction Media and Mondo Robot in Boulder. But he’s more proud of his paintings, just don’t tell his clients.

    The Macana Studio site also contains sculptures and paintings by Pedro’s wife, Patricia. Check it out and let Pedro, and us, know what you think.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Brent Ward Photo

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    We think these are fantastic shots from Denver’s Brent Ward who has his studio in a 100-year-old firehouse up in the Highlands. Go see them full-size, and check out the rest of his work here.

  • National Repertory Orchestra 2008 Season Collateral Via Hero & IdeaSource

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    IdeaSource and Hero Design Studio have partnered to create the 2008 season collateral for the National Repertory Orchestra. The NRO, a long-time client of IdeaSource, is a preeminent intensive fellowship in Breckenridge that equips young musicians for orchestral music careers. The design work tries to capture the excellence and classicism of the music in an approachable way, also highlighting the beauty of the NRO’s Summit County, Colorado location.

    Pictured below: Poster and two event program covers.

  • BaM Behind the Mojave Experiment, Not Crispin

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    According to Agency Spy, the New York firm of Bradley and Montgomery developed the Mojave Experiment video promoting Microsoft’s Vista, not Crispin Porter + Bogusky. CP+B’s work for Microsoft is still to come. But when? The world is anxious.

  • Colorado Lottery: Instant Fun Via Cactus

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    In our minds, the Colorado Lottery campaign is definitely evolving for the better since Cactus took control of it. Here’s the newest spot in the campaign, proving “the quirkiest forms of entertainment can’t compare to the rush of scratching for big bucks.”

    “This spot reminds consumers of the instant fun that comes with scratching a lottery ticket,” said Joe Conrad, Cactus founder and strategic director. “We’re reminding consumers that when they play Scratch games from the Colorado Lottery, they can dream big, win instantly and have fun playing.”

    What do you think of it?

    Agency – Cactus
    Production Company – Backyard Films
    Director – Don Rase
    Director of Photography – Kevin Emmons
    Executive Producer – Blair Stribley
    Head of Production – Peter Steinzieg
    Producer – Sharon Groh
    Post Production – Post Modern
    Editor – Eric Crowe
    Sound Designer – Chuck Biddlecom

  • New Editorial: The Tuesday Rant: Advertising Awards; Self-serving or What? >>

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    Do you care about winning awards? Should you? Here’s Felix’s point-of-view on the matter.

  • Focus on the Family Goes Old Testament on our Asses

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    Our favorite nutters from down south have posted a video asking their members to pray for rain of biblical proportions to flood out the Obama nomination at Mile-High stadium. (They have since taken the video down.)

    Sounds like those Idaho Stew posters better come laminated.

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