• Bonkers

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    As you may or may not know, The Egotist moved to a bigger, badder server a few days ago. And as these things do, we had an issue or two in the switch. Namely, the work and job submission forms are not processing correctly. So, if you submitted either one within the last half-dozen days, please resend it Tuesday afternoon or after for our consideration. Cheers.

  • What Would You Ask Sean Adams?

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    Our friends at AIGA have helped hook us up an interview with Sean Adams from Los Angeles based AdamsMorioka who will be here in Denver on Wednesday speaking about Lessons in Fear. What to you want to know from him before his talk? Throw it below.

  • The Denver Egotist Cracks The Ad Age Power 150

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    In a huge 30-place jump, your very own Denver Egotist is officially ranked #149, cracking the prestigious Ad Age Power 150 – ranking the top advertising, marketing and media blogs in the world. Proof positive we’re onto something here. We couldn’t have done it without the help of our faithful readers and the submissions of great work by those willing to share their ideas with the widening audience we capture. We promise to keep fighting the suck, and we hope you’ll continue to help in any way you see fit. Check out our spot on the list here.

  • New Editorial: Aquent Snubs Every Decent Designer on the Planet >>

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    For a company that’s supposed to represent the best interest of the creative class, they sure did blow it on this one.

  • 5280 Magazine Has Taste

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    First piece of evidence.

    Second piece of evidence is below – ie. hooking up Shepard Fairey to illustrate the latest cover on newsstands now – outlining the ins and outs of the Democratic National Convention and, overall, making Colorado look like an amazing place to be. Nice work.

  • << New Positions Posted

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    Cactus is searching for a Street Team Leader, Traffic Coordinator and Production Artist. Details here.

  • 5280's Best Blog – In Print

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    We got bumped from the printed issue of Top of the Town (pathetic), but we’re officially online as 5280 Magazine’s Best Blog in Denver for 2008 – where we’ll live until the end of time. Tight.

  • New Editorial: Beer Review: Avery Anniversary Ale - Fifteen >>

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    Boy, can our friend at New Belgium spin a romantic tale about a bottle of brew. Read on then please drop a comment to let the author know you appreciate his work.

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