• New Editorial: Creative Crackdown, Honest Bros. >>

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    The Honest Bros. want your honest take on their work. Give it to them.

  • Illustrator Shaw Nielsen Rocks the SF Chronicle

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    Check out this fantastic illustration from Shaw Nielsen – one of our own right off The Egotist’s list of Recommended Talent. Under the eye of art director Dorothy Yule, he created this work for an article in the San Francisco Chronicle about a ghost writer who doesn’t have a problem with never getting credit, because he’s helping important people craft their message. In a billion years, we couldn’t illustrate this well.

  • Conscious Alliance Poster Via Table2press

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    What you gotta love about the crew at Table2press is not just their unreal talent, but their propensity to share that talent with worthy causes. This piece was developed for Conscious Alliance, a nonprofit that trades posters for food at concerts and festivals. The poster will be available at the Wakarusa Festival in Lawrence, Kansas this summer. Killer, kindhearted work, fellas.

  • << New Positions Posted

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    :: 5280 Magazine is searching for a Marketing And Public Relations Director.
    :: Malenke | Barnhart is searching for an Actionscript Developer (Full-time or Contract).
    :: ChilsonRoth is searching for a Webmaster/Mistress.
    :: Direct Connect Marketing is searching for a Head Graphic Designer/Webmaster.
    :: Pure is searching for a Designer.

    Come and get ‘em.

  • New New Belgium Print Via Cultivator

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    If you’ve been leafing through any national magazines like Rolling Stone recently, this new round of New Belgium print from the talented crew over at Cultivator has likely caught your eye. This is by far one of our favorite ongoing campaigns coming out of Colorado – with each new iteration of the campaign getting more refined and more loving crafted. Poetic copy, meticulous art direction and a definitive brand identity. Buy some New Belgium beer, if only to support this stunning advertising.

    From creative director, Monte Mead: “The goal for this campaign is unchanged from last year. We are still trying to honor the unsung tinkerers who are trying to make a difference in the environment—people who follow their follies. But the creative has become even more dimensional and dioramic. At first, it was layered. Now the boxes we construct, then photograph, are as much as 9” deep. Having that extra space to include more stuff—recycled stuff—helps push our story forward. And they’re more fun to build. We’re calling them a new art form: ‘Recyclism.’”

    There’s even more to enjoy at followyourfolly.com.


    Client: New Belgium Brewing Co., Fort Collins, Colo.
    CD/AD: Monte Mead
    AD: Adrian Matthew Glasenapp
    CW: Melyssa Glassman
    Photo/Illustration: John Johnston, Denver

    Editor’s Note: We put this campaign up yesterday, then got a note from Cultivator to wait another week to post it. We took it down, but in the few minutes it was up, other sites had already grabbed the content and put it on their own blogs. So we went with the flow and put it back up. Sorry about that, Cultivator and New Belgium. But this campaign really is too beautiful not to show off right now.

  • Izze Print Via Vermilion

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    At first blush, these new Izze print ads from Vermilion seem to be simple, graphic, appetizing visuals. Okay, nice design. Upon reading the copy, however, you find there is a conceptual idea in them. You can turn the print ad (not the ad itself, but the design you see in the ad) into an iron-on at the Izze Iron-on Designer site we posted up yesterday.

    Here are two things we think are worth contemplating about the campaign. Is the iron-on offer too hidden at the bottom of the copy to be discovered and taken advantage of? Will anyone iron on the pattern they design when they realize they have to go buy transfer paper at a craft store to make it happen? Your thoughts please.

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