• Beautiful Losers Movie Review

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    We sent our friend Heather Crank to the film’s premiere at the Mayan Theater in Denver last night on us. Here’s what she had to say about it.

    Beautiful Losers is a remarkable personal look at 11 artists (Thomas Campbell, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Mills, Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine, Stephen Powers, Jo Jackson, Geoff McFetridge, Ed Templeton, Chris Johanson and Barry McGee) that created an artistic subculture movement in the lower east side of N.Y. in the 1990s.

    Focused completely on creativity, leaving the world behind, the artists congregated in a 2,000 sq foot storefront that became a place of social gathering, a crash pad, a place for artistic exploration without judgment or the pressure of money. Each artist adding to the other’s experience supporting and influencing each other without competition. The group became an organism unto itself.

    Anyone fed by creativity, any artist, anyone teaching art MUST see this film. Beautiful Losers is an authentic look into the creative process, what living to create truly means. As well as an inside look at all the pressure and conflict fame can bring. You might find it hard to walk away uninspired.

  • << New Project Manager Position Posted

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    Boulder’s Mondo Robot is hunting humans. Check it.

  • McClain Finlon Pranks Qwest?

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    Ex-McClain Finlon employees are on the loose (not really) enacting their own kind of revenge on Qwest for taking the account to Chicago and continuing to do the world’s worst advertising. This “experi-stunt” had pranksters collect stacks of Qwest phone books that Dex routinely abandons in the lobbies of offices and apartments throughout Denver. Then they built a sculpture which was 2 feet, 6 inches high and rectangular in shape, approximating the look of an enormous phone book. Go get ‘em, McClain.

    (Via The Latest Word)

  • Windsor Tornado Footage

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    Holy crap, man. Read the full report from someone at the scene and check out some video footage on Justin McCammon’s site.

  • Photo Caption Contest

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    Winner receives verbal praise for their wisdom.

  • The Mighty Swoosh Is Running Away

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    Over on AdScam, George Parker is reporting that CP+B has lost its portion of the Nike account and it’s headed back to Wieden. Damn. Read it here.

  • << New Design Director Position Posted

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    Boulder’s Vermilion is searching. We consider this a very rare opportunity.

  • Designers, Here's A Chance To Give Something Back

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    Elysia at Liquid just sent us some details on an AIGA-sponsored poster project in which designers work with disabled artists. Below, is the poster she designed last year.


    Teens (ages 14-18) with a disability and commitment to bettering their lives and the lives of others with disabilities will visit the Access Gallery for four consecutive Thursdays this summer.

    During these sessions, teens will learn about the Access Gallery and participate in a workshop about the art of the Protest/Educational Poster. Teens will learn to communicate and express concepts by designing a poster. Each teen will be asked to describe their biggest frustration or everyday obstacles they encounter related to accessibility.

    After the concepts are fleshed out each teen will meet with a graphic designer that will take their concepts and ideas and translate them to a 24 × 36 inch poster. A total of five to six hours over the month-long session is the graphic designer’s commitment.

    Each finished poster will be framed and shown in the Access Studio during a show August 15 – September 6, during the Democratic National Convention.

    Please contact Rori Knudtson, roriknudtson[at]gmail.com or 303-552-1939 for more information.

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