• Even Fact Writers Get Blocked Some Days

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    Sometimes it takes a little tension to find that “Dianne you beautiful a-hole” breakthrough moment.

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  • Interpol: Rest My Chemistry

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    Director: Blip Boutique, featuring visual programming by Aaron Koblin with editing and visual effects by Roger Scott.

  • The Lenovo Spill Resistant Keyboard

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    OK, we get the whole, “Let’s show how great our product features are by creating a funny, unrealistic alternative theater of the absurd execution,” but we have to say enough already. Especially if it is as weak as this. If you’re going rehash an idea that’s been done numerous times before, please do it better or do it differently.

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  • Floating Movie Heads

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    If you’ve ever stayed up all night like us and wondered who made all those floating head movie posters… your prayers have been answered. Funny or Die wants to explain the process.

    See more funny videos at Funny or Die

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  • Last Time in Clerkenwell

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    This animation is based on the track “Cloud Cuckoo Land” from the album “The London Book of the Dead” by British band The Real Tuesday Weld. The film shows what happened to the Royal Legion of birds from the animation “Bathtime in Clerkenwell” (2002) after they took over London and came to power. The Bird Empire expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances. The piece was made in Flash.

  • Mehrzeller Camper

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    The Mehrzeller (multi-cell) caravan concept from Graz, Austria takes faceted design to whole new level. An online application generates the design based on a customers specifications resulting in no two caravans exactly the same.

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  • Panties by American Apparel

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    They certainly love pushing the limits at American Apparel.

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  • Mini: Demon Carts

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    Super Fantastic.

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