• Cadbury Remixes

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    Both of these remixes were actually overseen by creator Juan Cabral, Fallon’s wonder phenom CD. Gorilla is re-cut to Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. Airport Trucks is retooled to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer, rumored to be the agency’s original preferred track. Both spots will be played out in full length, taking up an entire ad break during the finale of Big Brother on Channel 4, at 10.30pm in the UK.

    What do you think of these versus the originals?

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  • Posted Without Comment #1

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  • Oh Email, You Vile Technology

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    Struggling media agency Carat is planning a major restructuring of its U.S. operations, including an undetermined number of layoffs – news it accidentally released today via a memo the agency’s top New York-based HR executive e-mailed to the entire agency that appeared to be intended only for senior managers.

    Keep reading article.

    Read the memo.

  • Norwegian Lottery: Lucky You

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    Always like seeing lottery work from around the world, but this solution’s pretty easy and cheesy.

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  • R.I.P. Don LaFontaine

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    Neglected to mention all-time voice-over master, Don LaFontaine, passed away at 68 this week. Pretty huge loss.

  • Hide Your Giant Flies and Your Children

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    Commuters arriving at Liverpool’s Lime Street station were greeted by a 50ft (15m) high mechanical spider clinging to a nearby redundant office block. The 37-tonne beast heralds the start of a five-day piece of street theatre as part of the Capital of Culture year. It has been built by French company La Machine, which in 2006 brought the streets of London to a standstill with the Sultan’s Elephant.

    The spider is believed to be “waking up” on Friday. It will descend from its current position on the side of Concourse House on Thursday to be moved to the city’s new arena, before coming to life on Friday. The creature will then begin exploring the city later that evening.

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  • Fontastic Alphabunnies

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    Pretty damn fresh font set for all your pornographical needs created by Airside for purchase here.

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  • Sarah Palin, You Old Bag

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