• The World's Top Advertising & Design Blogs

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    As ranked by Alexa. The Top 25 Ad Blogs here. The Top 90 Design Blogs here. Lots of exploring to do in these two lists.

  • The Far Side Reenacted Through Photography

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    This Flickr set features Gary Larsen’s The Far Side cartoons reenacted using photography. You can even create your own and get it posted. It’d be nice to see the original cartoon they’re mimicking next to the shots.

  • Asics: Pursuit of Perfection

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    The story of Asics told through origami.

    Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

    (Via Fubiz)

  • Heineken: Walk-In Closet

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    This is what great advertising does best, taking a common occurrence (excitement over a new walk-in closet) and flipping it on its head. What a brilliant idea.

  • Chrysler Thanks America with a Huge #@*! You

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    In the last two weeks, Chrysler and GM have accepted $23 billion dollars from Americans as part of their bailout plan (yeah, you). In return for your gratitude, Chrysler ran two full-page ads in USA Today and The Wall Street Journal with a ‘Thank You, America’ message – costing more than $500,000 in media (and not counting the cost of agency creative development or media placement). Here’s Fox Business Happy Hour co-anchor, Cody Willard, calling them out today during an afternoon broadcast. How badly does this piss you off?

    (Via AgencySpy)

  • World's Radest Parking Garage

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    Located in Kansas City. It’s for a library. So excellent.

    (Via A Life In Focus)

  • Pepsi's New Logo Dominates Times Square

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    In case you haven’t already had enough of Pepsi’s new logo, they’re taking over Times Square from now through New Year’s Eve to shove it further down your throat. Along with the new spot below, titled “Wordplay,” which will be playing on screens around Times Square through the 31st (anybody else feel the motion work is incredibly weak in the piece?), they’ll also have a pop-up store take over the Good Morning America studio on the 31st from noon to 4 PM – where they’ll give away free Pepsi Max and swag. Oh goodie.

    (Via Great Advertising, Clever Ads)

  • Obama's Stomach Aches

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    The internets are alive today over this spot created by TBWA SMP that depicts Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo overfeeding Barack Obama at her presidential palace, then offering him Domperodone Motilium – an over-the-counter capsule for indigestion.

    At the close of the spot, “President GMA” assures “Barack” that he’ll be fine in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, she offers him “kape barak,” a strong Philippine coffee bean variety, a double pun to mean the coffee and Mr. Obama’s nickname. It’s a lot to catch in 30 seconds. Read more about it on Ad Age.

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