• New Wednesday Poll #17 >>>

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    It’s a day of afternoon meetings here at The Egotist campus, so we’re launching the poll a little early. Fire up your keyboard and participate in The Denver Egotist’s own personal version of the Rorschach test with this week’s poll question.

  • Fingerprint Bob Spot Via Futuristic Films and Launch Advertising

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    There are a lot of poop-smelling turds on-air during election season. While the script in this spot is about what you’d expect for a political ad (covering all relevant points), the visual treatment is quite stunning – doctored by local mo-graf whiz Adam Singer.

    “Fingerprint Bob” is part of a series of League of Conservation Voters advocacy campaign spots highlighting the atrocious record of Republican candidate for US Senate Bob Schaffer. This specific spot focuses on his deep connections to the oil and natural gas lobby.

    The campaign was created by Launch Advertising. The broadcast spot, including the shooting of live-action elements, was directed and produced entirely in-house by Futuristic Films, in collaboration with Adam Singer.

    Art Director: Suzette McKinnon (Launch)
    Writer: Martha Peck (Launch)
    Director: Jasper Gray (Futuristic)
    DP/Editor: Frank Pickell (Futuristic)
    VFX Artist: Adam Singer (Adamator)

  • DJ Z-Trip Live at DNC

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    We’re a little delayed getting this beauty up sent to us by our friend Jeremy Pruitt. But here’s a tasty little clip of DJ Z-Trip’s set at the Unconventional ’08 show. The set was all about Obama and was said to be ‘off the heezy.’

  • The Tuesday Rant Turned Praise: Nice Going Denver >>

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    This week we get to see a kinder and gentler Felix as he shows a little love in another dead-on rant.

  • Denver 50 Entry: Sneak Peek #1

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    Here’s a Denver 50 entry from our friends at Integer. So you don’t jump down their throats, they specifically asked us to tell you that Rob Schwartz – one of the judges in this year’s show and a CD at a TBWA\ sister shop in L.A. – will exclude himself from voting on this entry. Wouldn’t want anyone pulling favorites like every other award show in the world. Here’s what Integer had to say about their entry:

    In honor of World Environment Day, our parent company [Omnicom] launched the Carbon Neutral Challenge—a competition among agencies to come up with the most creative way to reduce total carbon emissions. The challenge was extended to 300 [TBWA\] agencies across 75 countries. Participants documented their efforts, and the agency network voted on the winner through the Intranet. There were over 40 finalists, representing some of the hottest agencies in the world. Simply put, our film was about waste—made from waste. And we won. Pretty cool.

  • Denver Community Museum: Get Your Entry In Now For This Original Concept

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    On the website, the Denver Community Museum is described as a pop-up gallery. It’s a simple, yet brilliantly original idea; a temporary museum that will exist for less than a year, displaying rotating exhibitions consisting exclusively of call-for-participation submissions from Denver locals. This not-for-profit project is the brainchild of Denver local, Jaime Kopke.

    Here’s how their vision will work: A Community Challenge notice will go out a month before an exhibit is scheduled to open. At the end of the month, the results will be collected and put on display within the Museum. Depending on the nature of the Challenge, exhibitions may include objects, videos, drawings, stories, etc.

    Thanks to East West Partners and Riverfront Park, the DCM have secured a location for their first exhibition at 1610 Little Raven St., Suite 120. This means the process for securing submissions has also begun.

    The Missing Map is the theme for the first Community Challenge. Simply, create any size globe, using any materials you wish and sharing any narrative you desire. The DCM ask that you take into consideration how your globe will be displayed (i.e. stand or suspended) and incorporate any necessary hardware, etc. into your design.

    A few more details according to the DCM website:

    Participants can interpret and solve the Challenge as they please. There is no minimum or maximum age limit, nor is there any particular skill level required. Contributors must be residents of the City of Denver. Participants will be required to sign a waiver form to enter their work.

    At the end of the month, the results of each Challenge are collected and put on display within the Museum. Depending on the nature of the Challenge, exhibitions may include objects, videos, drawings, stories, etc.

    Submissions for the first Community Challenge will be collected on Friday and Saturday, September 26th and 27th, from 12-5 PM at the Denver Community Museum gallery site. There is no charge for submitting work, and work will not be for sale. According to Ms. Kopke, the museum’s curator, “This is purely a community sharing project that will only be as good as the submissions we receive.”

  • Get Toofy Wid It

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    Don’t know about you, but you’ll find our butts in seats at the 5th Annual Toofy Film Festival this weekend at the Boulder Theater. The event, that claims to be more party than film festival, takes place on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14 – this weekend – showing the finest independent flicks from around the world. And if you stick around late enough on Saturday night, you can also enjoy the Toofy After-Party Fashion Show. Sure to delight in some strange and entertaining way. See ya there.

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