• New Editorial: Beer Review: Old Scratch Amber Ale >>

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    Beer, music and Colorado pontification from our friend Josh Mishell at Flying Dog Brewery is available for your pleasure now.

  • Sean Adams AIGA Talk Recap

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    We sent our friend Amanda Cordsen to hear Sean Adams of AdamsMorioka speak last night as part of AIGA’s speaker series. Here’s what she thought.

    Failure. No ideas. Criticism. Change. Bad clients. No clients. Scared yet?

    What is the thing that frightens you the most? For Sean Adams of AdamsMorioka, it’s ending up in a shanty in the desert. But what Sean shared last night was this: instead of running from our boogey-men, we need to trust ourselves as designers to make good decisions and do kick-ass work.

    It’s always a little reassuring to find out the guy who garners so much admiration and fuels more than his share of self-doubt among young designers has the same feelings about others. That he, too, wakes up sometimes without an idea in his head, no matter how hard he tries. And he even has doubts and worries about criticism. Hurray! It’s not just me.

    Most of the time, when we see the work of others on display, we see the polished successes that make us quake in our little designer booties. Along with some amazing work, Sean shared a few of his disappointments as well, including a slew of struggles to find the right direction for Sundance Film Festival.

    The best part (at least, in my eyes) was finding out he liberally quotes Rogers and Hammerstein’s musicals. Some of Sean’s life mantras are pulled from classics like The Sound of Music, Carousel, South Pacific, and Oklahoma.

    For those of you who think this in some way should affect some of his credibility, never fear. The albums were driven into his brain through years of childhood torture. Ok, not torture, but let’s say there was little to chose from at his grandparents’ home in terms of music – and an annoying poodle wasn’t good at providing entertainment for long. Nonetheless, the quotes he shared were true and rather inspirational, albeit a little on the mushy side.

    Here are a couple that really spoke volumes:

    “Try not to be scared of people not liking you, just you try liking them. And just keep your faith, and your courage, and you’ll turn out all right.”

    “The world belongs to you as much as to the next fella, so don’t give it up.”

    For the president of an organization that has had its usefulness questioned by many Denver-area designers recently, he’s definitely a guy worth learning a little about and spending some time with. Who knows, you may decide to join this organization. And judging from Sean’s talk, I’d say we’re in for a great year with the rest of AIGA Colorado’s events. Felix Sockwell is next, so mark your calendars.


  • Thursday Ponderings

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    This issue can be viewed in multiple ways. But it’s on our minds, so we figured we’d throw it out for everyone else’s thoughts on the matter.

    We live and work in a small community. And when an agency finally gets the confidence to show off their work to the rest of the city via our site, there’s often someone on the other end poised to bash it without constructive criticism or logic – more like someone green than a seasoned ECD. At that point, said agency decides not to send their work to us ever again. And we all lose out for not being able to check it out.

    We’ve gotten to that spot with several shops in town, but we don’t want to get there with any others. Maybe we give shops the option of having us turn off the comments under their posted work? Or is that a cop-out? Do obvious douchebags get banned from future commenting? Do we force people to use their real names when commenting? Maybe shops need to be aware of the high standards expected by our audience – and take the good with the bad when it begins to pour in? We welcome thoughts on the issue. We battle it every day.

    P.S. Before you start to accuse us of similar thoughtless bashing, we’re working on that whole thing over here as well.

  • New Editorial: Ten Reasons Spec Hurts Everyone >>

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    It has been a great discussion so far on a very important topic for our industry. We don’t want to leave it at that, especially after reading Neil Tortorella’s article on the topic. Read it in it’s entirety in this editorial.

  • Papa John's Pizza Crop Circle Ready to Serve

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    Hmmmm…. what do you think of the impression Denver’s going to be giving all the Obama fans who see this extra-large advertisement as they land at DIA in the coming weeks ready to root at the Democratic National Convention? Greasy.

    More story here.

    (Via Adfreak)

  • Backloggy Poo

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    Right now, there are 147 emails in The Egotist’s inbox and counting. We wanted to publicly acknowledge that we are human, we (barely) have lives outside this online presence we’ve built and that if you’ve sent us something and we haven’t gotten back to you yet – well, we’re working on it. We promise. Right now, we’d ballpark somewhere between 50 and 75 individuals and firms we intend to add to our recommended list in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned and keep piling it on. Sleep is for pansies.

  • Wednesday Lunchtime Poll #12 >>

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    Fire up your iTunes and answer today’s poll question.

  • Built Green Homes Campaign Via Thomas Taber & Drazen

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    King of acronyms, Rick Rosenberg, the ECD at TTD, sent us this campaign his agency recently completed for Built Green Homes. The work broke this month and will run throughout the Democratic National Convention. Fitting, since the dems are so into this whole green movement (whatever that is). The campaign consists of outdoor, bus shelters and bus sides.

    A quote from Rick: “Few companies can compare themselves to Mother Nature and get away with it. Built Green Homes can.”

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