• Karsh\Hagan Interns Promote The Denver 50 Show

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    From local Karsh\Hagan interns Justin McCammon (copywriter, UNC graduate) and Camille King (art director, CU graduate, camille.king[at]colorado.edu), here’s a promo for the upcoming Denver 50 show. About the piece, Justin said, “We tried to work with the established theme of “Death to the 50” and sort of a Sin City aesthetic established in the call for entries video released earlier. Camille drew the entire cityscape by hand and I think it looks pretty amazing. She also made my words look pretty good too, which always helps.”

    There’s also a Twitter campaign going on for the Denver 50 that’s counting down the 50 days until the show by giving out a clue every day as to what work made it in.

  • Write for The Egotist, Get a Job at The Barbarian Group >>

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    Benjamin Palmer, CEO of The Barbarian Group, just said this in Adweek: “We review people’s portfolios here quite often and one thing that stands out is how few advertising copywriters actually blog. It’s really amazing. An entire copywriting Web site might consist of 500 words. What’s needed now are copywriters who not just write entire Web sites, but actively blog. Hire based on someone’s genuine personal motivation to be part of the current social fabric.” Submissions to become a contributor on our site due by midnight tonight.

  • In-House Vs. Agency SEM Panel

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    Is there a difference between an internet marketing campaign created by an in-house marketer vs. an agency marketer? Are the challenges different? Which is more likely to be successful?

    Learn the perspectives from both sides of the fence. A panel of six search marketing professionals will be taking questions from attendees and sharing their professional knowledge and experience in establishing, growing and maintaining their search marketing campaigns.

    In-house SEM:
    • Everett Sizemore – Manager, SEO Strategy, Gaiam
    • Jim Brown – Online Marketing, Quark
    • Joe Gira – Asst. Director of Online Marketing, Regis University

    Agency SEM:
    • Steve Riegel – Co-founder/Director of Search, Faction Media
    • Jason Lehman – SEO Manager, HyperDog Media
    • Nicholas Yorchak – SEO Director, LeeReedy

    When: October 23, 2008, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
    Where: The Tivoli at Auraria Campus, Senate Room, 3rd Floor
    Cost: $25 per person, $15 SEMPO members

  • Economy Taking Its Toll on Denver Agencies?

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    A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend heard a couple long-time Denver shops may be closing soon, including MilesBrand, Communique and maybe even Karsh\Hagan. We heard rumors ourselves about a few of those agencies. Anybody out there have more info than we do? We’re bummed to hear it, if so.

  • Death-defying Pizza Stunt Via TDA

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    In a parking lot event, designed by advertising agency TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN to raise awareness for the opening of its client Pizza Inn’s 360th store in Denton, Texas, agency copywriter Joe Nafziger dressed as JoJo the Pizza Man and jumped fifty pizzas on a motorcycle. Why? “Because it just seemed ridiculous,” Nafziger says.

    With approximately 120 in attendance, Nafziger, in JoJo costume, hopped a tiny, borrowed 110cc dirt bike, took one high-speed run, aborted at the last second, followed by a slow test roll up the ramp (“Evel and Robbie Knievel-style”)… then nailed the death-defying, fifteen-foot jump. Reportedly, asked afterward if her heart had been lodged in her throat, one spectator replied, “umm, ok, yeah.”

    Although Nafziger, 29, has been riding motorcycles for 15 years, he had never before jumped until taking a practice run on the day before the staged event. Will he now be a regular crowd-pleaser at each new store opening? “There are no plans,” Nafziger states, “though of course, when a client asks, one always listens. But just so they know, that wheelie afterwards was totally by accident.”

    The big-headed Pizza Inn mascot, with his parted, pencil-thin moustache, had been retired for nearly twenty years until his reintroduction this past August, part of a brand relaunch. For the jump only, his normal white apron was tucked in (as a safety precaution), and over the shoulders went a more daredevil-worthy black cape.

  • Sharpen Your Acuity >>

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    Mental? Yes. Physical? Not so much. But everybody knows chicks dig smart over athletic. Discover the power of mental exactness by joining The Egotist. Contributor submissions due tomorrow.

  • New Editorial: The Egotist Interviews: Jonathan Schoenberg >>

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    Ask a thousand people which agencies they admire most in Colorado, and TDA Advertising & Design will inevitably be on their list. The reasons are many. We caught up with Jonathan Schoenber, TDA’s Creative Director/Partner, to talk about those forces coming together in perfect synchronicity at his Boulder shop. Read it.

  • AIGA: Craftwork 1 With The Magnet Mafia

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    AIGA Colorado presents Craftwork, a new social event based on the idea of getting together and making things with “off the clock” creative projects. Spend a night in the RiNo art district making custom magnets, viewing images of street art crew Magnet Mafia while listening to Matt of TMM spin some tunes. There will be eight work stations where you can learn to wheat paste, use type stencils, paint, layer art and create a 1’ x 1’ magnet you can take home. It’ll be an evening of fresh ideas and new inspiration.

    When: Wed, Oct 22, 2008, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
    Where: Jeff Navarro Photography, 1330 Twenty-Seventh Street, Denver CO 80205
    Cost: $5 for members and non-members
    RSVP: Here

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