• Talented Creative Manager on the Market

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    I am the Director of Creative Services of a large national company based here in Denver. Due to current market conditions, like many other companies, we’ve recently experienced reductions across many of our teams. Good people.

    I am writing because one of those people is a talented Creative Manager. This individual possesses not only design and art direction skills, but is incredible at managing creative, art direction, trafficking projects, managing accounts, and client relations. If you are in need of this type of talent, and are interested in cutting through the candidate search process I will put you in touch with a solid candidate. Please contact me at alanbarryhesker[at]gmail.com, and I will provide you with her contact info.

    Anybody out there on the search? Grab your chance.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Chris Jenuine

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    Local freelance ACD/Copywriter Chris Jenuine emailed asking us to help give him some exposure. So, that’s what we’re doing now. Chris has been on-staff at some really good shops in Dallas (The Richards Group), Los Angeles (Dailey, Rubin Postaer) and in Denver (Karsh\Hagan). We went through his book online, and it might just be us, but we found the work in the “Classics” section of his site, done at some of those household name agencies, to be the most interesting. Pop over to his site, then pop back and give us your take.

    Headline: There is no Japanese translation.

  • New Editorial: How In God's Name Do You Write An Estimate? >>

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    Share your knowledge and help us make it less painful for everyone.

  • Tonight, The Beer's On ADCD

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    The Art Director’s Club of Denver is taking social media old-school by celebrating with a good ol’ mixer complete with free beer. We can’t wait to see the pictures of Denver’s creatives making out in the photo booth. Who knows, it might just be The Egotist you’re in there tongue wresting with. Click on the image for details and directions.

  • AT&T Taps The 1st Movement For Olympic Website

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    If you haven’t already seen the breaks for AT&T’s Team USA Soundtrack website be sure to keep an eye out for it, because the site was created by The 1st Movement over in Englewood. Not only are they helping bring more high profile work into the area, they were also kind enough to share a behind-the-scenes peek into the project.

    Designed exclusively for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, the AT&T Team USA™ Soundtrack was a truly once-in-a-lifetime interactive project. Featuring exclusive videos, music tracks, and interviews with renowned recording artists, the site benefits Olympic athletes by creating genuine emotional cross-appeal among sports and music fans. But creating something so ambitious for a time-sensitive event like the Olympics, posed unique challenges. The site needed to attract as many viewers as possible in the short weeks leading up to the 2008 Games.

    To meet this high-profile deadline, The1stMovement took a strategic interactive team approach. Collaborating with agency partner, The Marketing Arm, we developed a multi-platform viral campaign that leveraged every available device—from a QuickTime- and PHP-fueled iPhone site to a Flash widget designed for use across social networking giants Facebook and MySpace. For the microsite itself, T1M created a rich destination filled with videos, promotions, and exclusive content built in PHP, CSS and JavaScript. A soft-launch initially built momentum in the weeks leading up to the Games while the main launch successfully fulfilled the site’s promise of seamlessly combining sports and art in a unique and meaningful global context.

  • New Editorial: Wednesday Mid-Afternoon Poll #13 >>

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    If you hadn’t noticed yet, we like booze. Where do you like to drink yours? Weigh in one our Wednesday Mid-Afternoon Poll.

  • Defend Denver T-Shirt

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    You know how the weed you buy funds some terrorist organization in some far off place? Well, now you can fund a terrorist organization right here in Denver. By buying one of these T-shirts. According to Demver, Westword’s DNC blog, a few local anarchists who are helping coordinate planned disruptions of the convention have been raising funds by selling off these militant tees.

    Grab your gas mask and head down to Fabric Lab next week to buy your own. Or wait for the week of the DNC to get them at a booth that will be set up in Civic Center Park next to slumbering bums.

  • Denver Shops in Communication Arts Online

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    By chance, two separate sites designed here in Denver have been featured as a CA webpick of the day over the last couple weeks. Fat claps to both.

    On 07.29.08, CommArts chose the Crocs Cities by Foot site as their pick of the day, developed in partnership by Red Robot and Motive.

    On 08.12.08, CommArts chose the Riverfront Park site as their pick of the day, developed by FL2.

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