• Colorado Lottery: Instant Fun Via Cactus

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    In our minds, the Colorado Lottery campaign is definitely evolving for the better since Cactus took control of it. Here’s the newest spot in the campaign, proving “the quirkiest forms of entertainment can’t compare to the rush of scratching for big bucks.”

    “This spot reminds consumers of the instant fun that comes with scratching a lottery ticket,” said Joe Conrad, Cactus founder and strategic director. “We’re reminding consumers that when they play Scratch games from the Colorado Lottery, they can dream big, win instantly and have fun playing.”

    What do you think of it?

    Agency – Cactus
    Production Company – Backyard Films
    Director – Don Rase
    Director of Photography – Kevin Emmons
    Executive Producer – Blair Stribley
    Head of Production – Peter Steinzieg
    Producer – Sharon Groh
    Post Production – Post Modern
    Editor – Eric Crowe
    Sound Designer – Chuck Biddlecom

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    Do you care about winning awards? Should you? Here’s Felix’s point-of-view on the matter.

  • Focus on the Family Goes Old Testament on our Asses

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    Our favorite nutters from down south have posted a video asking their members to pray for rain of biblical proportions to flood out the Obama nomination at Mile-High stadium. (They have since taken the video down.)

    Sounds like those Idaho Stew posters better come laminated.

  • NDAC & Citizen Pictures: Death to the 50

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    Alright, this film to get shops to send in their work for the New Denver Ad Club’s annual show (and promote the event) is visually very cool. Like worthy of a 2008 nod as a Denver 50 selection for Citizen Pictures – for the production alone.

    But we’re struggling with the concept a bit. Why are last years’ winners being killed off? Because the show has no pity? Wouldn’t that mean this years’ applicants should be dying? Last years’ winners already conquered the show that has no pity.

    We were hoping for a big payoff on the NDAC’s website. But all we found were more loose ends. Is there more to come with this story? Are we missing something? Help?

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  • New DNC Posters From Idaho Stew

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    It looks as though the Democratic National Committee is aware of the talent here in our fine city. They showed their respect by selecting Idaho Stew to design the DNC poster. What started as a single poster ended up being three different pieces, two for the DNC and one for Obama. Here’s some background on the designs in Idaho Stew’s own words:

    After we were selected to design the poster for the 2008 DNC, we presented two concepts. They liked both of them, but asked us to present one with mountains that were prominent in the design. After the second presentation, they decided they liked all three and asked us to take all of them to completion. The buckle version and the mountain version will be printed traditional offset, and we’re screen-printing the leaf version. We even get to attend poster signings at the convention.

    The DNC let us know that the headline was too political, but that it would be good for the Obama camp. So who were we to say no to that? We’re going to screen print a limited edition to bring a personal touch.

    Even though there is strong resistance in Denver to our western heritage, we decided to play off the rodeo buckle and embrace our heritage. Especially since this is the 100th year anniversary of the DNC in Denver. We created the illustration ourselves to be whimsical and approachable.

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    Here’s what we thought of this documentary following the lives of teens in Warsaw, Indiana.

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