• New Movie Review: Rock'N'Rolla >>

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    The soon-to-be ex of Madonna just came out with his latest film. We were there for a screening and this is what we thought.

  • << New Interactive Art Director Postition Posted

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    Mondo Robot is searching for an Interactive Art Director. Details here.

  • << New Graphic Designer Position Posted

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    The Booyah Agency is searching for a Graphic Designer. Details here.

  • Fuser Missed Message Campaign Via Sukle

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    Denver’s Sukle Advertising & Design is back with the sauce for Fuser. Fuser is a free email aggregator, which allows you to access all your email and social networking messages in one place – thus preventing important messages from being missed or received too late.

    The campaign launched with a bi-coastal out-of-home effort. Sukle scattered urgent missed messages across San Francisco and New York City neighborhoods, as though lost. The messages began appearing during music, film and other high-foot-traffic festivals. Additionally, a microsite was developed, nevermissamessage.com, where visitors can create their own missed and lost messages, as well as check out an archive of missed messages – some of which are depicted in the rather irreverent animated videos posted below. Lovely work out of an agency that continues to shock us with its greatness.

  • Spyder Venom Yakuza Graphic Novel Print Via Cultivator

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    In addition to the expected big-air ski shots, the ’08/’09 Venom print advertising features an ongoing, textless, graphic story of a Japanese mob transaction gone bad. The campaign is the first work by Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver, for their new client, Spyder.

    Covering approximately the bottom quarters of six spread ads, appearing monthly, a serialized novel plays out in black-and-white silhouette. The first episode depicts a face-off over a briefcase. The second, a shooting, and a man taking off with the briefcase, on motorcycle. Over the ski season, six new episodes will run once each per magazine title. No explanation of the story plot, nor of why it appears a skiwear ad, is offered.

    Is there a reason? Just barely. The graphic inspiration for this year’s Spyder Venom collars, cuffs, pockets, etc. came from patterns found in Japanese organized crime (“Yakuza”) culture. And the advertising’s stylized, black-and-gray floral patterns, the backgrounds to the crime story, are from “Hanafuda” cards, used in oicho-kabu, a blackjack-like game popular among Yakuza.

    CD/CW: Tim Abare
    AD/CW/Illust: August Sandberg
    Photogs: Erik Seo (Yakuza face-off ad), Dan Carr (bike and helicopter getaway ads)

  • Moxie Sozo, Oh So Aptly Named

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    Boulder design agency, Moxie Sozo, is on our list of Recommended Talent. Among the many reasons why, is the enviable culture they’ve created there. Example A-Z – An email we received yesterday from the agency:

    At a staff lunch about one month ago, the news was released to the designers of Moxie Sozo. Leif Steiner, Founder/Creative Director, would be taking them on a 2-week trip. Where will they be going? No one knows. Armed with a packing list, Yellow Fever vaccinations, Malaria pills, and a few other items from sponsors like Sierra Designs, the designers will be boarding a plane to a third world country.

    Here’s the original email Leif sent his cohorts:

    November 2 – 16th

    I’m not telling you where we’re going.

    You need a passport. You may need to expedite it. If you don’t have it before November 2nd, you won’t be able to go. This means take care of this as soon as possible. Like today for example.

    I’ll be paying for flights, basic food, shelter, and transportation. Snow cones and beers are extra.

    We’re going to be traveling rough. If you want the four seasons, this trip will not be for you. This won’t even be a motel 6. We will most likely be staying in cheap hotels, hostels, and possibly sleeping in close proximity to each other and possibly other people. In fact, we’re going to seek this out.

    Expect to be hot, cold, tired, sometimes hungry, cramped. And there may be flies or other bugs. There may be other inconveniences and annoyances. Like lack of toilets and showers and certainly hot water. And maybe even lack of privacy.

    We won’t be relaxing on a beach or sitting in one place. We’ll have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.

    We’re not seeking out any danger, but we won’t necessarily always be in the safest places. If you want to bring pepper spray, consider bringing it. I doubt you’ll get killed.

    So be ready not to complain. Most of you are going to be outside of your comfort zone, but every one of you can handle this.

    In the coming weeks, I’ll let you know what you need to bring. It won’t be much — we’ll be traveling light. Everything in one backpack.

    You don’t have to go if you don’t want to go. You are absolutely welcome to stay and work. But you’ll be missing out on an excellent adventure. ;)


    To find out where they’re going, we’re to email the author of the message on November 3rd. Sweet.

  • The Cigarette Is Dead

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    The Cigarette Is Dead. That simple message is the proclamation of a new social movement, born in Colorado, created by ad agency Cactus for their client, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The movement marks the demise of a fatigued and deadly icon, whose day has come and gone.

    If you’ve been traveling the cityscape, you’ve noticed The Cigarette is Dead movement has made its mark across Colorado by taking over billboards and bus shelters; painting murals, hanging large outdoor banners and projecting images on highly visible buildings; and stenciling sidewalks.

    The hub of the campaign is QuitDoingIt.com, a website that Cactus partnered with FL2 to produce – with Cactus responsible for concept and copy and FL2 for design, development and programming. Featuring an incredibly well-crafted motion intro by Adam Espinoza, the site allows people to share their quitting moments, as well as personal stories about when the cigarette was dead to them on a ever-increasing timeline of cigarette hatred.

    Find free posters, stencils, artwork and other materials for download on the campaign’s blog, a slew of campaign photos on Flickr and some assorted videos on YouTube. Superior work, Cactus + FL2 +Espi. Congratulations on a fantastic campaign.

    The Cigarette Is Dead from FL2 Interactive on Vimeo.

  • Tom Joad Was Here

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    Tom Joad Was Here is a self-initiated street art project by a Denver-based artist and graphic designer. The purpose of the project is to spread awareness of the financial crisis by using various forms of visual communication and self-expression.

    Everyone can be a part of it. You can submit posters based on the economic crisis to info[at]tomjoadwashere.com. The only requirement is that the posters relate to the economy. Chosen pieces will be posted on the accompanying website. The “Best of Show” poster will receive a $50 (usd) prize. Everyone has access to download the posters as pdf’s via the site so they can paste, post and distribute.

    Who’s Tom Joad you ask? He’s the protagonist in Grapes of Wrath who you can learn more about on the site.

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